Shoe Tips : How to Make Shoes That Are Too Big Fit

Published on Mar 2, 2011 452,065 views

You don't necessarily have to throw out a pair of shoes that are too large to fit your feet. Learn how to make shoes that are too big fit with help from a visual merchandising expert in this free video clip.

Expert: S. Princess Warren
Bio: S. Princess Warren holds degrees in Visual Merchandising & Marketing and Design, and has been in the industry for more than 10 years.
Filmmaker: Cris Thorne

Series Description: You can care for a variety of shoes in many different ways depending on exactly what type of shoes you own. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about shoes with help from a visual merchandising expert in this free video series.

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    maria martinez 3 года назад I like how she talks
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    Sherri Solomon 11 месяцев назад LeLe W I was thinking the same thing!
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    LeLe W Год назад maria martinez reminds me of Kelis
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    ray jay 5 лет назад Your pretty
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    Baiba Saybe Kukute 4 года назад what if the shoes are not sliding but are still too big and job back when you walk?
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    Terri Chintersingh 2 года назад this vid borderline saved my life lol
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    irene angelucci 4 года назад You are so cool and funny, thanks for the vid! I have a pair of shoes I love so so much but could never ever wear because they are 2000 sizes bigger...stupid me :/ XD
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    SuperHugs4free 5 лет назад I love her! She is too funny! Great video, thanks!
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    Diamondhottty 5 лет назад I have short rain boots that I got recently and there a little big on me.. How do I fix that ?
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    Alicia Pedroza 5 лет назад Thank You! I have super small foot and can never find any heels or wedges in my size. The size 5/5.5 almost fit but are still to big. I'm gonna try this!
  • Mikasas Waters
    Mikasas Waters 5 лет назад Basically just adding another insole
  • Heather Van
    Heather Van 5 лет назад Do you have any tips if the heel area of the shoe is too large? Or should the small grips you've shown in this video help with that problem as well? thanks!
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    Latasha F 5 лет назад what can i do for flats?
  • Julianne Hackman
    Julianne Hackman 6 лет назад You are funny, beautiful and smart. haha. I am size 13 in kids sandals and 2 in boots and sneakers. I struggle alot to find pumps, stilettos and any heels that fits for me. So this is helpful
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