My Top 5 Favourite Winter Parka (Women's Edition)

Published on Feb 27, 2015 42,272 views

Ello, ello! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the winter in some way shape or form. This list I managed to put together in a matter of minutes thinking through everything I had seen this winter. It's been a crazy winter with the weather being on and off, along with how much stock got sold out so quickly.

But it's almost over! Keep toasty, and if you have any questions or want to reach me all of that will be down below :)



Women's Trillium Parka - Canada Goose:

Women's Long Bear - ParaJumpers:

Women's Patera Parka - Arcteryx:

Women's Tremaya Parka - The North Face:

Women's Kay Coat - Mackage:

  • gudrun emilie benjaminsen
    gudrun emilie benjaminsen 3 года назад I got a parajumper yesterday 😱
  • Absolut3lyYoutub3
    Absolut3lyYoutub3 2 года назад Hello can you do a review of Triple fat goose
  • Ricardo ShillyShally
    Ricardo ShillyShally Год назад It would be nice if you liked coats that weren't made of multiple dead animals
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 3 года назад I'm pretty sure the North Face "Tremaya" was remade into the "Shavana" parka, same price and mostly similar style. And they added snaps to the hood so it won't fall off!
  • Reviews By the Blonde
    Reviews By the Blonde 3 года назад @yubbadubbadubba yubbadubbadubba. The Tres parka would make for a great option as far as what your looking for a couple of reasons. One the three in one option is one of them because your getting a shell that otherwise would cost you a couple hundred bucks so that's one. The down piece as well alone would cost you a couple hundred bucks and has the benefit of keeping you warm as well it looks pretty decent on it's own. As far as the environment your in this would serve you better just for the fact that this parka is waterproof which your Goose is not. That's my major bonus with pieces like this because they give your the versatily for both cold and wet weather. With any sort of a thick fleece underneath, that can make any coat and cold weather a more comfortable experience.
  • Anchi Liao
    Anchi Liao 3 года назад Hi Carolyn, I'm looking to buy my first winter coat for my move to Kingston next month. I come from a tropical island and after watching your videos am trying to decide between the Canada Goose Trillium and Arcteryx Patera. If I had to buy one first, which would you recommend? Any advice appreciated!!
  • Nank Kostik
    Nank Kostik 2 года назад (изменено) Hi. Is the Parajumpers Kodiak waterproof or it is like Canada Goose? p.s. Thanks a lot for your reviews)))
  • yubbadubbadubba yubbadubbadubba.
    yubbadubbadubba yubbadubbadubba. 3 года назад Do you have any info on the Patagonia Tres parka? granted I don't suffer from Canadian winters (I'm in New England), it still gets pretty cold. I already have a CG Kensington, and was thinking of the Tres as an autumn/early winter option.
  • shirley luong
    shirley luong 3 года назад i own the parajumper kodiak its more expensive but its a lot nicer
  • christmas9lights
    christmas9lights Год назад Do you like the TNA by GOLDEN PARKAS? It is a Canadian company as well I bought one today but I feel like I might regret it
  • Reviews By the Blonde
    Reviews By the Blonde 3 года назад @Anchi Liao I have heard that it can get a little wet in Kingston, so what that I would look into the Patera more then the Trillium. The big difference between the two companies is that everything Arcteryx, as far as their shells and coats go, are waterproof. Where only Canada Goose's shells are only waterproof. So, find out what the weather is going to be like first and then decide from there.
  • Victoria Ivanova
    Victoria Ivanova Год назад Thank you for recommendations! I bought Parajumpers long bear coat and absolutely love it
  • mata hari
    mata hari 3 года назад Loved it
  • Marcus NL
    Marcus NL 3 года назад Airhead
  • mildred
    mildred 3 года назад Hi Carolyn. I bought the Arc'teryx Patera, it's light and the shell is not as thick as the Canada Goose, which got me worried if its going to keep me warm this winter. Is the Arc'teryx Patera as warm as Canada Goose Trillium? I hope you could help me. Thank you.