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  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 1 месяц назад @0:33 - Only an idiot would carry an open cup full of liquid. LOL.
  • Fun Kids . TV
    Fun Kids . TV 2 года назад You should know this life hack:- If you ever get cold, just stand in a corner for a bit They're usually 90 degrees..😜
  • SonnyGTA
    SonnyGTA 8 месяцев назад HAHAHAHH 10,000 points!
  • Gloria Panadero
    Gloria Panadero 11 месяцев назад Ahmad Tayyab . BBVA
  • Andrew Brandt
    Andrew Brandt Год назад can you make a life hack for cars how to get rid of car scratches or somethink like that ?
  • Sam Hagene
    Sam Hagene Год назад I know I've heard this before... who said it?
  • Sunanda Gupta
    Sunanda Gupta Год назад Kids Land on
  • Ed Freeman
    Ed Freeman Год назад Kids Lan
  • יעקב אקהאוז
    יעקב אקהאוז Год назад The G בבבבבססבבבבססס
  • Marshall Dawson
    Marshall Dawson 2 года назад Room Craft if your don't go inside on a corner go outside where it is 270 degrees
  • Lihoudi Ja3znen
    Lihoudi Ja3znen 2 года назад Room Craft Get cancer
  • Ahmad Tayyab
    Ahmad Tayyab 2 года назад Room Craft lol
  • Fun Kids . TV
    Fun Kids . TV 2 года назад 😜
  • Martin Maier
    Martin Maier Год назад Nice powerslide at 3:43. Of course powerslides at slow motion are a genius idea for a miraculous parking manoevre.
  • Duke N
    Duke N 3 месяца назад I didn't know the rear wheels can be turned like the forklift too.
  • Ray Jennings
    Ray Jennings Год назад Don't you just love the 'Perpendicular Parking' clip? At 03:46 the rear end of the car takes on a life of its own when it miraculously slides into position!
  • Akamjahma epbjab
    Akamjahma epbjab 2 месяца назад @Deja Drakes That's EXACTLY what I thought!
  • Doug Chappell
    Doug Chappell 5 месяцев назад While you are doing all those moves you are in a live lane and will probably get hit by another car.
  • Deja Drakes
    Deja Drakes 8 месяцев назад I just start from the second point automatically. I don’t understand why the 1st part was necessary
  • Mistah J
    Mistah J 9 месяцев назад Best time to try this maneuver is when the roads are icy.
    ANDRIA 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Ray Jennings I saw that too 😂 I was like, "Uh, nice drifting mate! haha" I wouldn't mess around with a bloody 3+ point turn to get in there.
  • GetLikeBecca
    GetLikeBecca 2 года назад I like how this youtuber always uploads the same life hacks and puts a different name for the title
  • Natsuko_Saeki
    Natsuko_Saeki 4 месяца назад 一般常識をあえて動画にしちゃうところがすごいな!
  • ZzZ
    ZzZ 2 года назад Please rate my Life Hacks, thanks:)
  • Zachary Jelle Cruz
    Zachary Jelle Cruz 1 месяц назад The sign with explanation point is not yes! Its should be handbrake
  • Megan S
    Megan S 2 года назад 7:08 all of those sign descriptions were jokes, right?
  • I liek Aphmau
    I liek Aphmau 2 года назад 😂
  • I liek Aphmau
    I liek Aphmau 2 года назад Nope they were all true
  • Lars De Vos
    Lars De Vos Год назад Considerable impossible do ratio admire stiff maker organic somebody.
  • Irishdrivingbloopers
    Irishdrivingbloopers 3 месяца назад 6:39 is the teapot light FFS!! Lol ;)
  • Ashleigh Glen
    Ashleigh Glen 2 года назад say I spell map say nes
  • Hughie Boss
    Hughie Boss 9 месяцев назад 06:00 Do not ever start a modern car with on board computers without both + and - cables attached! It will fry the electronics!
  • scooby squad
    scooby squad 2 года назад I love all your videos but what's up with the car signels at the end?
  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers Год назад Wot is the cure for foggy windshield - 1:13?? No commentary or sub titles, just thrown a couple of ??sachets??
  • Jason's Journeys
    Jason's Journeys 6 месяцев назад No commentary at all.
  • rickj13
    rickj13 7 месяцев назад Sachets if you want the car to smell nice. Silica gel packs if you want to defog your windshield. Also, you can turn the dial to the "windshield" setting.
  • Priti Chaurasia Shaikh
    Priti Chaurasia Shaikh Год назад SILICA GEL
  • LaughingPsycho
    LaughingPsycho Год назад Silica jell bags. Usually given away with all sorts of things.
  • Radu Michael
    Radu Michael Год назад Mike Rogers Those little bags are exactly the ones you find in any new shoes to keep the moisture away from them. Grains of silicate. You can find them anywhere and they are great for absorbing humidity.
  • Jamael Nettles
    Jamael Nettles 5 месяцев назад What was the last part of the video about 🤷🏽‍♂️ that was dumb. It wasn’t funny because I really wanted to know what some of those icons meant 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Akamjahma epbjab
    Akamjahma epbjab 2 месяца назад EXACTLY!!! You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth! I seriously still want to know what they mean too smh!?!?!?
  • جمالك يهمني سيدتي
    جمالك يهمني سيدتي 2 года назад <3:-D
  • Nagika_Komatsu
    Nagika_Komatsu 2 года назад I'm so tired seeing the same life hacks over and over...
  • Hope_
    Hope_ Год назад Stolen combination of other people's videos.
  • Joona Heinonen
    Joona Heinonen 10 месяцев назад lesson online dimension okay version driver list use forehead sit endure.