Introduction to Linux

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Level: Beginner
Date Created: August 16, 2010
Length of Class: 47 Minutes


Purpose of Class

This class teaches students the basic concepts that they should understand before they start trying to work with Linux.
Topics Covered

What is Linux
Open Source Licensing
Significance of ROOT
Importance of Capitalization
Server vs. Desktop versions
What Linux is best at
Class Notes

Linux was created by Linus Torvalds between 1991 and 1994
Linux is not a version of Unix
Once Linux was released to the public numerous institutions created their own versions of the operating system. These different versions are called Distributions, or Distros. Different Distros have different functionality.
Open Source software is not necessarily free software
Make sure you understand the licensing requirements for your Open Source software before you release it into a Production Environment.
Defining The Shell
The Shell is the interface you use to interact with the Operating System. Windows uses a GUI (Graphical User Interface) Shell, Linux primarily uses a LUI (Line User Interface)
ROOT is the highest level of anything in the Linux world. ROOT user is the highest level user. The ROOT directory s the highest level directory.
Capitalization matters in Linux (HOME is different then home)
Server vs. Desktop Versions
Server versions of Linux install the bare minimum number of components for the system to function. After installation you will be faced with a blinking cursor.
Desktop versions of Linux come prepackaged with a GUI environment and numerous tools and applications. After installation you will be presented with an environment that looks a lot like Windows or the Mac OS.
What Linux is really god for?
Linux is great for server functionality
Linux is still poor for every day desktop functionality for most users.

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    Learn Linux Год назад (изменено) Acidmardigras Yes, that's all very well and wonderful, except it's often incorrect information he teaches, at least when it comes to Linux. I see no effort to correct himself either, which leads me to believe he doesn't care.
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    deva nanda Год назад ya it wil be very helpful for beginners, and if u have some knowledge abt linux then you may feel that it has some repetitive topics..but for the beginners its a good thing to get proceed with....
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    Silica 3 года назад sudo rm -rf /
  • Dinil Gunaratne
    Dinil Gunaratne 3 года назад Linux is just the kernel, not a full operating system. GNU/Linux is not Unix from a corporate perspective, but from a technical perspective it is very simillar. It falls under the category "Unix-like"
  • jvsnyc
    jvsnyc 5 месяцев назад @lain That was certainly true originally, but there has now been so much done original, from scratch, for the first time, on Linux, that it is truly its own thing nowadays. People used to say *nix to include both, but now it just seems silly, besides not matching the regular expression including *inux.
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    leo pena Год назад "Repetition" is a Teaching/Learning tool. As a class , this teacher is doing a great job.
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    lain 3 года назад +Dinil Gunaratne This. Personally, I just call it GNU. Really what they did was copy everything from UNIX for their own libre version of it.
  • Dinil Gunaratne
    Dinil Gunaratne 3 года назад Operating systems that run on the Linux kernel include: Debian, Ubuntu, Android, Fedora, etc...
  • Ramamurthy Ommini
    Ramamurthy Ommini 4 года назад Thank you Mr. Eli . I am 60 years old still I have got an idea what is open source and the difference between WINDOWS and LINUX and its distributions.
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    DGB 3 года назад Linus Torvalds should be given a noble prize and thank you for giving open source code for the world to learn and code  Thankyou Mr Torvalds
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    Aaron Hill 2 года назад I've been using computers for almost 30 years and that is the first time I have ever heard the term "LUI - Line User Interface", the far more common term, and arguably the more correct one, is "CLI - Command Line Interface".
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    Tom Tao 7 месяцев назад I have no CLUE about what you, computer people, are talking about
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    Sean Denby 10 месяцев назад Aaron Hill if we’re talking about Command Line” in Linux the most common term is actually “Terminal”.
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    Thomas DeAngelo 3 года назад yes, you have repeated things several times over however that is how a proper class should be given. Your time and video was very helpful to me , Thank You.
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    Lisergiko 2 дня назад (изменено) Mac sent me towards Windows, and Windows towards Linux. I went from the most closed source hardware and software to a completely modular computer with a completely modular OS.
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    Kenrick Varnado 3 года назад You gave me a broader perspective of linux thanks. What Distro do you use the most?
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    Black Arrow Projections Год назад To add onto what Eli said in this video, I've was running Ubuntu Studio 16.04 and it was really fast (OS resource use wasn't scaling with hardware increase too I found), but like he said there's still a trade off where stuff doesn't respond. Main issue was where it crashed on me twice where I couldn't get back into the os. Once was when my video card slipped out and nothing would show anywhere on reboot after I reconnected. I moved to windows 10 for the stability for studio development, but with more HP, windows is calling for over 5G ram to run the OS....Its like Eli said, Linux is built for techies, it needs help to be apple smooth
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    Nether Nathaniel Год назад Kenrick Varnado ubuntu is good for coding and just using it for everyday things I would suggest it
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    amanuel2 2 года назад Operating System In Development with its own kernel, Check it out here: https://github.com/Bone-Project/BoneOS . Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Ryan Mattox
    Ryan Mattox 2 года назад It's more like Linus made a kernel and then Stallman was like "Holy shit this is neat!" and decided to use Linus' kernel. We're still waiting on Gnu Herd to come out, but until then we should just call it Linux. It's a bit silly to name your operating system based on what's installed on it. It's like calling Windows Steam/Windows
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    Ilannguaq Jonathansen 2 года назад @Fabricio Luciano Castillo Excactly
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    Reivivus 2 года назад Wow, Richard Stallman is my hero! I want to give him a hug!
  • Fabricio Luciano Castillo
    Fabricio Luciano Castillo 2 года назад Thanks so much for that comment. A lot of people should have that in mind. It's surprising how little credit goes to Stallman even though he was the visionary behind the GNU/Linux system.
  • Reivivus
    Reivivus 3 года назад Scientific Linux 7.2 is bae, especially if you are a bioinformatician desiring to do molecular dynamics simulations and phylogenetic tree construction. It also has a nice visual interface with not a lot of apps, but they are easy to install. It is somewhat hard to run Steam of Scientific Linux. I haven't been able to do it. But many applications can be installed with the "yum install ..." command where "..." is whatever program you want to install. It also has Microsoft Office linux equivalents pre-installed called LibreOffice.