What I Eat In a Day at Work | EASY & Healthy Meals

Published on May 12, 2016 3,086,750 views

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Watch my What I Eat in a Day at Work :) I got a lot of requests for "cold" meals and since the hot weather is slowly approaching (in Canada) I thought it would be a good fit. On my most days I tend to bring last nights dinner leftovers but when there aren't any I will make myself a massive salad or a typical sandwich like in todays video.


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  • Laxmi Tota
    Laxmi Tota 2 года назад How do people have that much time for eating???
  • Chandelier Chandelier
    Chandelier Chandelier 2 года назад when does she work was my question?:DD::D
  • Connie Saver
    Connie Saver 2 года назад ikr! I have to drive to work. I need to move to Canada.
  • likeduuh kwt
    likeduuh kwt 2 года назад My work begins at 7:00 am :)
  • collegedorm vegan
    collegedorm vegan 2 года назад check out my what i eat video?? :3 it's honest lol :))
  • Vasiola Kolldani
    Vasiola Kolldani 2 года назад i live in canada.. dont get so excited ! lol
  • Kale
    Kale 2 года назад Laxmi Tota If you are a dermatologist, we eat every 2-3 hours in moderate portions
  • Vanessa Benford
    Vanessa Benford 2 года назад I do and I work from 8-5
  • Shaquita Fanning
    Shaquita Fanning 2 года назад I work 830 to 5 and luckily I have time too. In an office full of women we snack all day.
  • Anne Lunar
    Anne Lunar Год назад You MAKE time :)
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition Год назад I was just highlighting the food parts of my day since this was a what i eat video but just know everyday is different and some days dont look this polished ;) lol If you're interested I just posted a part two! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tooc_EEc5vg
  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart Год назад Laxmi Tota idk 😂😂😂🔫
  • Clarence Cunza
    Clarence Cunza Год назад I think I would probably be fired if I even filmed such a YouTube video during work hours
  • mn chaos
    mn chaos Год назад Clarence Cunza I doubt she filmed during work hours the building looked empty
  • Kyla Zhou
    Kyla Zhou Год назад If u don't even have 10 mins for dessert and 1 hour for lunch at work u should change ur kob😂😂
  • Kyla Zhou
    Kyla Zhou Год назад I mean job
  • C Will
    C Will Год назад Laxmi Tota indeed a job where you don't have an hour break, is not a job to stay in. Then again I think American work culture might be too crazy and demanding on people haha.
  • Faiza Shawkat
    Faiza Shawkat Год назад So you mean you don't cook or eat lol
  • Sara Lin
    Sara Lin Год назад Wow she eats all day long, I would like that job
  • Desired Dionisio R
    Desired Dionisio R Год назад I was wandering the same😂
  • danny collingwood
    danny collingwood Год назад Laxmi Tota i eat a lot too @ office like her..she is reAlly a nice lady..Don't criticize others...learn manners and etiquette first..
  • Memo Naif
    Memo Naif Год назад Laxmi Tota me as a nurse I don't get time to go to toilet .. I'm hardly take 30 mints to eat
  • Carla Glez
    Carla Glez Год назад I am a teacher... sometimes I have to eat in 10 min flat! LOL
  • Nata Kusuma
    Nata Kusuma Год назад Carla Glez true!
  • MissSeaworld8
    MissSeaworld8 Год назад Laxmi Tota I have about 20 min tops. One sandwich and a cup of tea/coffee and back to work.
  • Grace-AnneJ
    Grace-AnneJ Год назад Laxmi Tota am saying. 😭 she already done gone through breakfast lunch and dinner.
  • Abigail De souza
    Abigail De souza Год назад People who wisely prioritize their health :) Putting a job over your health doesn't make you more 'dedicated'..it does however kill you faster ;)
  • Monica Chai
    Monica Chai Год назад Im a teachers assistant and only get 30 minutes for lunch. I wish i had time to snack like this. I do sneak a snack during class though ;)
  • angelweengz1
    angelweengz1 11 месяцев назад that's what i was thinking, i don't have time to be chopping stuff up :D
  • Lisa Mun
    Lisa Mun 11 месяцев назад you wake up early
  • angelweengz1
    angelweengz1 11 месяцев назад Lisa Mun ugh hissss boooo
  • J C
    J C 11 месяцев назад I couldn't handle that long commute!!
  • Autumn R
    Autumn R 9 месяцев назад NO ONE has time to eat this much at work or prepare this much food at work! This video did not make sense for me at all. If I ate this much I would be too full to have dinner.
  • Flo VD
    Flo VD 8 месяцев назад @likeduuh kwt me too
  • Claudia A
    Claudia A 8 месяцев назад I have so much work, i dont have time to prepare food at work. And im not allowed to eat at my desk. Only water. I want a job like this!
  • Bloombaby99
    Bloombaby99 8 месяцев назад Vanessa Benford Me too.
  • Manal Boucetta
    Manal Boucetta 8 месяцев назад Same question ..
  • kpop girl
    kpop girl 7 месяцев назад Are you serious?
  • suman gowda
    suman gowda 7 месяцев назад They don't have another work
  • YES10
    YES10 7 месяцев назад Thats what it used to be. Nowadays Americans are working 5am-9pm and usually have one paid 15 minute break and a 30 minute unpaid lunch. Those 9-5 jobs are so 1970s. This is probably some foreign country.
  • samantha Lang
    samantha Lang 6 месяцев назад I work in a restaurant form 7am till about 4 and we have set limited break times..... I still find time to eat healthy food
  • Sandra Carli
    Sandra Carli 6 месяцев назад I often eat while riding my bike :-D. My quickest meal ist boiled potatoes with a little bit of salt. I wrap them in paper and hold them like a roll. 3 bites for each potato (2-3) and I'm done. It's the quickest meal. I usually also wrap little romaine hearts in paper in the same way and eat them after the potatoes.
  • Lewis Brain
    Lewis Brain 6 месяцев назад I do I worked as a care assistant working a from 8am till 8pm.
  • RelaxedAndLovingIt
    RelaxedAndLovingIt 5 месяцев назад Not sure what you're on about - Esp since the only thing she made at work was a mango/banana yogurt which took less than 2mins to cut up and the rest was one packed sandwich and packet snacks 🙄
  • Alex Krause
    Alex Krause 5 месяцев назад I have a 3 hr lunch break and it's annoying :) it means I end work super late xD but well this is China, they actually sleep during lunch
  • Aria
    Aria 3 месяца назад I was thinking the same
  • Chetna Sahu
    Chetna Sahu 3 месяца назад Me
  • He is coming soon
    He is coming soon 3 месяца назад Exactly that's the problem we eat too much in this country we don't need to eat millions of times in a day
  • Catherine Aensland
    Catherine Aensland 3 месяца назад Hm... well, 9-5 is only 8h a day, so she has plenty of time to meal plan, cook (even at work) and go grocery shopping. daydreams I'd like that <3
  • Suchitra Kotal
    Suchitra Kotal 3 месяца назад No concentrate on work just keep eating lol
  • Champagne Sylvie
    Champagne Sylvie 2 месяца назад in my country, la France ( in Europe) we have 1 hour and 30 minutes to eat. Generaly 12 to 13 h 30 and sometimes 12h to 14 hour.
  • noureen batool
    noureen batool 2 месяца назад People should have time for themselves I really liked her routine because health is wealth if you have health you have everything your job your family everything so please all ladies who are working or house wife please focus on your health
  • Champagne Sylvie
    Champagne Sylvie 2 месяца назад @noureen batool I agree 100 per 100. We must take time for us. We have just one life.
  • Emme Jay
    Emme Jay 2 месяца назад (изменено) When you work in an office you are able to snack and drink because you are in front of a computer screen and stack of papers all day. Nothing to do with Canada lol traffic sucks and commute sucks and snacks, coffee helps.
  • Marie Adame
    Marie Adame 2 месяца назад @Clarence Cunza She said she filmed while no one was around.
  • Marie Adame
    Marie Adame 2 месяца назад @Autumn R Ikr
  • Marie Adame
    Marie Adame 2 месяца назад @RelaxedAndLovingIt And she made coffee when she got to work lol.
  • Inês Lucas
    Inês Lucas 1 месяц назад Feel the same. I can eat if course but I don't have time for doing parfaits lol
  • The Fibro Warrior
    The Fibro Warrior 3 недели назад I'm a DSS caseworker and it's a miracle if I even get to eat a 10 min lunch let alone eating this much throughout my work day.
  • Shawnee Johnston
    Shawnee Johnston 2 дня назад Lol I'm a care taker I can eat al day if I wanted too 😂
  • Atisha Rahbar
    Atisha Rahbar Год назад My goodness. I was here just to get some sandwich recipes and now I know her whole life
  • Sandra Bihlmaier
    Sandra Bihlmaier 4 недели назад 😂
  • Sandra López Espinosa
    Sandra López Espinosa Неделю назад Lololo that's right
  • erica s
    erica s 4 дня назад Omg I know!
  • Priyadarshini Srinivasan
    Priyadarshini Srinivasan 2 года назад '9 to 5 job where I eat from 9 to 5'
  • S U
    S U 2 года назад priya Darshini lol i take the same amount of food to school
  • Elias Ortreez
    Elias Ortreez Год назад I mean this is a video on what she eats so yeah she’s gonna make it all about food
  • Samyuktha
    Samyuktha 4 недели назад Lol
  • GothikQueen
    GothikQueen 2 года назад lol, I barely have time to pee on a 12 hours shift and I'm blessed if I get to drink or eat. I'm a nurse T_T...
  • Lui Tot
    Lui Tot 2 года назад GothikQueen same. seems hard to keep track of when and what you eat at work.
  • GothikQueen
    GothikQueen 2 года назад @Lui Tot I feel you, sister :(
  • Vasiola Kolldani
    Vasiola Kolldani 2 года назад same .. 5 min would be lucky
  • Stationery Addict
    Stationery Addict 2 года назад im a a doctor and i totally get you. i have times when i say i need to pee about 10 times before i actually go to the toilet to pee... 🙊🙊🙊
  • Lily Ting
    Lily Ting 2 года назад Stationery Addict so jealous that during working can still keep eating Lol btw I am a nurse too!
  • Anneke Farida Bellydance
    Anneke Farida Bellydance 2 года назад GothikQueen let alone filming... lol. I'm a nurse as well.
  • MyMKforever
    MyMKforever 2 года назад 😭😭😭 life of a nurse.
  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose 2 года назад omg I know...It's awful :(
  • Jonah Lugano
    Jonah Lugano 2 года назад I am like are you serious. All you did was eat. I wish I had that kind of useless job but sorry I work with people in crisis of life and death. I don't get time even to pee and a glass of water. At one place I was actually told to not drink water and pee because it's not paid. This is life without actual purpose. Total laziness but yeah talent is so wasted. Millions thumbs down to this video.
  • Jessica Taurus
    Jessica Taurus 2 года назад Jonah Lugano you don't even know what she does, how can you say "useless job", the video is titled what she eats in a day at work, so of course she's going to focus on food and eating. If you don't like your job then find a job you like.
  • islandgem5
    islandgem5 Год назад Jonah Lugano whoa! That was intense and unnecessary. I'm an RN and my job is not more important than anyone else's. It's unfair for someone like yourself to make such a selfish comment. Please gather your rocks and go kick them elsewhere.
  • jacqueline lopez
    jacqueline lopez 9 месяцев назад GothikQueen nobody told you or force you to be a nurse ... And i believe that they explained you how everything was for a nurse, so if you dont have time to eat , it was your desicion 😀
  • Ershania Chalen
    Ershania Chalen 9 месяцев назад GothikQueen ... Iam a doctor, I get you And totally understand.. Greeting from Singapore 🇸🇬
  • Camille Joray
    Camille Joray 7 месяцев назад I totally understand, I'm nurse too... It's quite different than her job 😂
  • Mancy Jarjou
    Mancy Jarjou 6 месяцев назад GothikQueen Are you married?
  • Paula Porras
    Paula Porras 5 месяцев назад This clearly doesn't working for us health workers
  • My Life
    My Life 5 месяцев назад GothikQueen so is mi da
  • Isroatul Laila
    Isroatul Laila 5 месяцев назад #savenurse
  • Oephenia
    Oephenia 3 месяца назад Come to Australia where you get a minimum of 3 breaks (1HR total) on a 12HR shift and government mandated nursing ratios!
  • Marie Adame
    Marie Adame 2 месяца назад @Jonah Lugano You will be in crisis yourself if you don't drink water or pee. 😒
  • Marie Adame
    Marie Adame 2 месяца назад @jacqueline lopez I think she was just saying how her job is. I'm a teacher and we barely get 30-40 min for lunch IF a kid doesn't have an issue.
  • jacqueline lopez
    jacqueline lopez 2 месяца назад @Marie Adame I know that she was just showing her job , but what I was trying to say is that for example I'm majoring in astrophysics and I know that I will not have that much time because of the time they expend doing math but I'm already being warned by my teachers ... I'm also saying this because a lot of people that is studying to be a nurse is always saying "omg my career will be so difficult , I won't have time have a social life" and then the face they make .... I'm like then dont study that career if you dont feel the passion ... but that's just my opinion
  • Megan Pink
    Megan Pink 2 года назад Everytime I take a mouthful of a Snack at work the phone rings lol am I the only one?!
  • Monica Martin
    Monica Martin 2 года назад oh my god, this literally happened this morning. i answered the phone like "herroh?"
  • MultiLivingtestimony
    MultiLivingtestimony Год назад Megan Pink 🤣🤣
  • Melissa S
    Melissa S Год назад I worked in a call center for years and this ALWAYS happened to me! lol
  • רבקה
    רבקה Год назад Megan Pink Nope. it happens at home, too.
    bish DISGOSTING 5 месяцев назад @Monica Martin relatable 😂👏
  • Shelby McKeen
    Shelby McKeen 1 месяц назад It's the worst!
  • Sobeeya Butt
    Sobeeya Butt 2 года назад seems like u eat all day
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition Год назад I love my food lol I just posted a part two if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tooc_EEc5vg
  • Huda Nazir
    Huda Nazir 9 месяцев назад Sobeeya Butt I also eat like her in my office and still smart.
  • Les_lee 2013
    Les_lee 2013 8 месяцев назад I pack enough food to eat every two hours. So dont hit the vending machine
  • trini luh
    trini luh 2 года назад ur job look like only eating at work:), so lucky for u be able to eat all ur foods at work, it's impossible for me to eat that often at work.
  • Sumbul Faheem
    Sumbul Faheem 4 месяца назад trini luh same here
  • Elizabeth -
    Elizabeth - 2 года назад how does she find so much time to eat at a 9-5 job
  • Ayre
    Ayre 2 года назад You get two 10-min breaks and at least a 30-min lunch when you work in an office
  • Laura Antolin
    Laura Antolin 2 года назад Why do people find it that hard? I have a 9-6 job and I have a 1 hour lunch break and I can also have snacks whenever I want to.
  • Jacqueline Sanchez
    Jacqueline Sanchez Год назад (изменено) I live in Cali and we get a 15 break every 2 hrs plus our lunch so I have time to eat lol
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition Год назад I just posted a part two episode :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tooc_EEc5vg
    YESHUA IS THE ONLY WAY Год назад It's not that difficult lol.
  • Chloe Taylor
    Chloe Taylor Год назад Jacqueline Sanchez damn where do you work lol? I gotta work there
  • Trina P
    Trina P Год назад I agree I’m giving treatments allllll day I get one half hour break which is down two floors to get to break room. No time for anything else but work! Barely have time to pee or drink water!
  • Z. Norton
    Z. Norton 11 месяцев назад Every 2 hours you get a break??? Are you serious? Oh wait....you do live in California......so explains alot
  • LU2013Aziz
    LU2013Aziz 10 месяцев назад Elizabeth - pussy power
  • Ray Radiance
    Ray Radiance 10 месяцев назад Trina P what kind of treatment are you giving all day??
  • Angie Nic
    Angie Nic 3 года назад Wow , you're literally the only YouTuber that I've came across that has a 9-5 job. Like all these other girls that show what they eat in a day or what they do in the day or their morning and night routine, it all seems so phony. No one has the time out of their life to do that stuff. You are at least realistic :D
  • Rachel Collins
    Rachel Collins 3 года назад I agree....kind of tired of seeing only lunches if I was home all day, from the what I eat in a day videos, but not at all realistic for most people.
  • Love Dove
    Love Dove 2 года назад omg I totally agree. I told my husband to check out some other related videos like Health Nutrition and I was like I totally need that and he said well anyone with that much time on their hands, havent worked a day in their life. Especially where I live in Sillicon Valley, anyone I know that is a stay at home mom is either going back to school or their husband is a M.D.
  • Genevieve
    Genevieve 2 года назад Yeah she and Leighannsays are the only ones I know that work actual jobs, therefore, their lifestyle is relatable for me. The others just seem like a show their putting on
  • lalas bubble
    lalas bubble 2 года назад Preach!
  • Ayre
    Ayre 2 года назад +GenevieveThornton I have an office job, too but our office certainly isn't that bright 😆
  • . Marur
    . Marur 2 года назад true
  • Ellen Boylan
    Ellen Boylan 2 года назад well youtube becomes a job for most people. Most youtubers would have worked nine to five jobs and then when their channel became big there was no need to.
  • Shanice Jackson
    Shanice Jackson 2 года назад +Ellen Boylan Yeah I think people underestimate the kind of money you can make from YouTube if you become big enough.
  • Winnie The Pooh
    Winnie The Pooh 2 года назад AngeL0fHeLL99 lol watch when her subscribes hit 1 mil she'll quit
  • ryan tabb
    ryan tabb Год назад Some YouTubers that I follow said that this is their full time job.. which is weird to me..especially seeing how comfortably they live
  • Just Steph
    Just Steph Год назад I thought it was just me, I want to do one but I was like wait I work so it wouldn't seem real. I guess I'll record all my meals together of some sort lol
  • frannie walton
    frannie walton Год назад AngeL0fHeLL99 Simply Nailogical works a 9-5 job, and she has 3.5 million subs.
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition Год назад Im so happy to hear you found it was relatable! ps. Wanted to let you know I posted a part two! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tooc_EEc5vg
  • Andres Doria
    Andres Doria Год назад AngeL0fHeLL99 ashley brook also has a job and its better quality
  • Anne Cyan
    Anne Cyan Год назад those youtubers actually took youtube as their full time job.... if anything for someone to have time to make this MUCH at 9-5 work and do youtube as well, was kind of too good to be true.
  • Rasha qatami
    Rasha qatami Год назад Well if I had that much breaks in my work I will be kicked out
  • Salilo Silipa
    Salilo Silipa Год назад Rasha qatami most office places have two 15 minute breaks and one half hour lunch
  • Ayesha Murtaza
    Ayesha Murtaza Год назад That's my point
  • Jasmine Sharma
    Jasmine Sharma Год назад Salilo Silipa j
  • Lisa Russell
    Lisa Russell Год назад Simplynailogical also has a full time job and does YouTube!
  • aswathi pramod
    aswathi pramod 9 месяцев назад z
  • Kimberly Kish
    Kimberly Kish 2 года назад We could never keep a set of glasses in the kitchen of my job. I work with pigs, they would either end up dirty in the sink or broken. Lucky you for having considerate coworkers.
  • Styxx Lanee
    Styxx Lanee 2 года назад lol...this is so damn funny
  • Little Otter
    Little Otter 2 года назад Kimberly Kish wow I can seriously relate to this. My co-workers do not clean up after themselves in any form. It got so bad, management had to post a threat that any dirty dish left in the sink will be thrown away at the end of the night.
  • Kimberly Kish
    Kimberly Kish 2 года назад Meg Kaye omg management recently put up a sign for us saying any dish left in the sink for more than half an hour is getting tossed. Also we're not allowed to have paper towels in the ladies room because people were clogging the toilets with them and leaving them all over the floor. (why I don't know, just put it in the freaking garbage!)
  • Blahblah
    Blahblah 4 месяца назад We have basically no amenities at my work as well even though it's a fortune 15. No kitchen supplies, no own desks in which we could store our own, no lockers, constantly lacking toilet paper, and the two water sources we have look moldy. People work from home a lot because of that but we are bow forced to come in at least 4 days a week.
  • Mia Carter
    Mia Carter 5 дней назад (изменено) I was just thinking how afraid Id be to leave my lunch in my locker because of the bugs at work that the dirty people bring with them from home LOL😷
  • TooMuch Freetime
    TooMuch Freetime 1 месяц назад Lol y are so many people saying she is eating a lot. She had lunch and 2 snacks. This is normal in my office. Plus it keeps you from crashing or binge eating when you get home. Perfectly fine.
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад I'm so glad this wasn't a vegan what I eat in a day I can't ever find any that arent
  • C. Colmenares
    C. Colmenares 2 года назад Yeah, me too. It's pretty much impossible to find these. I saw what I thought were eggs, so I clicked.
  • Eccentric One
    Eccentric One 2 года назад Because usually people want to know what vegans eat, it really helps with the misconception that vegans don't get enough nutrition. Not to mention it's pretty much the healthiest lifestyle.
  • realgena1
    realgena1 2 года назад The only thing that wasn't vegan was the yogurt. Everything here could easily be made vegan or nonvegan.
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад +realgena1 okay?
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад +Cassandra Colmenares I know I just wanted to find some stuff to take to work but it was getting so hard now everyone on YouTube is vegan I can't find normal ones anymore😢
  • Lara Bertin
    Lara Bertin 2 года назад +livelynnlipstick its a sign, you should go vegan lol x
  • toffee1234100
    toffee1234100 2 года назад +Lara Bertin lame
  • Abbey W
    Abbey W 2 года назад +livelynnlipstick Lol why are you trying so hard to find non-vegan videos, that just shows how it's just as easy to be vegan yet some people are still resisting . "I'm trying so hard to find stuff to take to work" what, are you allergic to vegan food
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад +Abbey W because I'm not vegan and I'm not interested in being vegan thats my choice and I'm entitled to it.
  • Kevin Unknown
    Kevin Unknown 2 года назад +livelynnlipstick You can feel entitled to something, but that doesn't make it right.
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад +Nivek Dasarp I'm wrong because I don't want to be vegan?
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад +Nivek Dasarp actually I'm not even going to open this can of worm I'm just blocking you I don't have time to deal with your judgmental ass opinions.
  • stargazer293
    stargazer293 2 года назад People already know how to eat unhealthy. Looks like you know too.
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад this is why im not vegan why would i want to associate myself with such a hateful group of people ?
  • toffee1234100
    toffee1234100 2 года назад +Nivek Dasarp less than you
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад @Nivek Dasarp How am i being childish???? I literally said nothing wrong until people came a me sideways...You don't need to attack just because someone doesn't live the lifestyle you think is right YOU need to take responsibility...
  • 22kitkatstreet
    22kitkatstreet 2 года назад +livelynnlipstick ignore them, they don't know how to respect that people have different views about animals
  • 22kitkatstreet
    22kitkatstreet 2 года назад @No! This Is The Krusty Krab that's just what they do unfortunately, can u really be shocked?
  • Shaahazadee Khaaliq
    Shaahazadee Khaaliq 2 года назад +livelynnlipstick you're also entitled to death and animal cruelty when you're not...so...I loved this video minus the goat yogurt
  • crazeegurl101
    crazeegurl101 2 года назад Watch Akaydoll's. Most of her's are not vegan but just healthy and practical. :)
  • ᗩlicє iη CrazylaηĐ
    ᗩlicє iη CrazylaηĐ 2 года назад same 🤗😂
  • N M
    N M 2 года назад @Rashel Lor What?! Legit, all she said was that she wanted to see one of these kinds of videos from a nonvegan because she ALWAYS sees the vegan types. That has no correlation to whatever you're blabbering on and about.
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад @No! This Is The Krusty Krab stop arguing with these people it's obviously too hard for them to understand and that's not our problem they need to get the sticks out of there asses
  • N M
    N M 2 года назад @livelynnlipstick Lmao ikr, I'm so tired of their idiotic arguments. Just felt bad about how they all attacked you :(
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад @Rashel Lor The whole comment was insulting so what if i don't want to watch vegan videos?
  • LynnLifted
    LynnLifted 2 года назад @No! This Is The Krusty Krab Thanks for sticking up for me!!!
  • N M
    N M 2 года назад (изменено) @Rashel Lor Hahaha lady, you really need to reread what you have commented. You called her comment, a comment in which she praised the video for being novegan as she hadn't seen many nonvegan ones, ridiculous and claimed she tries "so hard to be nonvegan." She just wanted a goddamn nonvegan vid and when she found one, she was happy! When you're going to make false assumptions about someone who has done nothing wrong, don't expect people to just keep quiet :)
  • King GD
    King GD 2 года назад Y'all acting like this lady offended your whole life by looking for healthy non-vegan foods at work which is rare.
    ILUVMSDEJACUTE 2 года назад Dessy Eliana honestly.... opinions aren't allowed anymore I guess....
  • trinigyul
    trinigyul 2 года назад + Rachel Lor You really, blew her comment way out of proportion. Fact, it is harder to find non-vegan videos like this, also fact, not everyone is vegan so why wouldn't she want to find a routine that fits more with her diet? And why make the assumption that she doesn't eat vegan meals sometimes or is "trying so hard" to not be vegan? Your comment was ridiculously self-indulgent, you were so out of place with that remark it aint funny.
  • Anja
    Anja 2 года назад Watch SarahsDay :)
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition Год назад I'm happy you found it relatable! I just posted a part two if you're interested :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tooc_EEc5vg
  • Amira Tanya
    Amira Tanya Год назад I was thinking the same thing. I'll just substitute vegan yogurt for the parfait
  • Maria Ines
    Maria Ines Год назад livelynnlipstick 😂😂 sooo true
  • Madelyn K Fleming
    Madelyn K Fleming Год назад I know I’m late but try out Becca Bristow
  • Lizeth Quispe
    Lizeth Quispe Год назад livelynnlipstick just do that same and add some chicken or meat I don’t know... maybe eggs. And the smoothie is good for you so maybe add milk if you want to eat something non vegan. It’s quite easy change vegan meal into meat based meals
  • Sophie Jayne
    Sophie Jayne 10 месяцев назад livelynnlipstick even if you aren’t vegan you can still enjoy the foods, Tao inspiration from them to incorporate more plants into you’re lifestyle, no one is forcing you or telling you to go vegan but it really is a lovely way to live. The food can be really lovely I’m sure you would enjoy :)
  • LoveYourselfAsMuchAsJinLovesHimself 0T7
    LoveYourselfAsMuchAsJinLovesHimself 0T7 7 месяцев назад @Eccentric One just because you're vegan doesn't mean you're healthy
  • Eccentric One
    Eccentric One 6 месяцев назад LoveYourselfAsMuchAsJinLovesHimself SugaKookie The way I phrased that wasn’t accurate. I meant it CAN be the healthiest lifestyle.
  • Abbey1090 !
    Abbey1090 ! 2 года назад 6:30 is early to wake up? That's when I get to work lol
  • boozapian
    boozapian 2 года назад I was thinking the same thing, lol. 6:30 is sleeping in!
  • Ka Blia Vue
    Ka Blia Vue 2 года назад It's early if you work at 9am.
  • Rochelle
    Rochelle 2 года назад my thoughts exactly lol but everybody is different...I wake up at 5:45 in the morning I used to wake up at 5 but that was until I moved closer to work. lol but then I'm sure for people who work second shift 8 am is early
  • Jill
    Jill 2 года назад why do people make passive aggressive comments like this, like its not a competition for who is busier
  • Abbey1090 !
    Abbey1090 ! 2 года назад Jill quit trolling the internet. Some people found her comment funny. Get a sense of humor and get over it.
  • Jill
    Jill 2 года назад (изменено) @Abbey Ambrose I'm not trolling it's a back handed rude thing to say. Suspicions about your personality confirmed. You probably talk about being a mom like you're the only person to have ever been a mother LOL get over yourself
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition Год назад Thats early! I just posted a part two if you're interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tooc_EEc5vg
  • Nupur Prabhu
    Nupur Prabhu Год назад Same here ..haha
  • mil
    mil 10 месяцев назад 4:40 am and I don't work
  • Uni Versity
    Uni Versity 6 месяцев назад What job does she do?!!! I need that bloody comfy enjoyable job!!!
  • radziahradzi
    radziahradzi 5 месяцев назад I thought the same thing! 6.30 is too late for me. And she left home at 7.30? Just 1 hour to do all that stuff? No shower I guess!
  • Angie Ef
    Angie Ef 2 недели назад Same.
  • Zuzanna Golko
    Zuzanna Golko 2 года назад you eat more at work than me at a day
  • Waterlilly 1
    Waterlilly 1 2 года назад wish i could get up at 6:30 😢 i have to get up at 5:00 😴
  • Dan
    Dan 2 года назад I usually get up around 9 or 10 lol
  • Wendy Blue
    Wendy Blue 2 года назад Waterlilly 1 same here
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition Год назад wow thats early! good for you! I just posted a part two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tooc_EEc5vg
  • Stacy Farmer
    Stacy Farmer 5 месяцев назад I get up at 4:45 lol
  • Ashlea G
    Ashlea G 6 месяцев назад “All you do is eat at work” ummm she showed you a glimpse of her day, which the video was about what she eats in a day. Of course it will be all about eating. She has her break and lunch and a snack. Why is everyone confused as to why this video is only her eating? Lolll okay.
  • Mai Play
    Mai Play 2 года назад how can you have time to eat all these stuff?
  • Shani Victory
    Shani Victory 1 месяц назад This schedule is match if our family members are in the director board.
  • whitney m
    whitney m 4 дня назад You get two breaks and a lunch on a 9 to 5 job
  • Stay Beautiful Performance
    Stay Beautiful Performance 3 года назад Finally, a what I eat in a day "work" video where your job isn't to get back into bed with a pocket dog, lemon tea and edit YouTube videos then go for your workout like every other what I eat in a day vid.There's someone on YouTube who actually has a JOB 😄😄
  • evi setiawati
    evi setiawati 2 года назад well said 😂😂😂
  • Kelly O
    Kelly O 2 года назад +TheSilkyelectron I know! A lot of the vids around aren't realistic. As relaxed as my workplace is, I still wouldn't feel right spending half my shift prepping food!
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition 2 года назад +TheSilkyelectron haha! I realized that there was a need for this type of video on YouTube and Im glad its been received so well on my channel. Thank you so much for watching and leaving this comment!
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition 2 года назад +Callie Weylin most people get a half or hour break then a break in the afternoon. I just happen to use my breaks for prepping healthy snacks and food. To be honest most of my food is usually prepped by the time I get to work I just wanted to show options :) Hope you found it helpful regardless.
  • Kelly O
    Kelly O 2 года назад @HealthNutNutrition Sorry if my comment was sounding like I was criticising yours, I wasn't. I was saying that yours is much more realistic. I have an hour lunch break (I use half of that to go for a walk) but they're OK with us grabbing snacks throughout the shift as it's a very relaxed office. I was just saying that some other vids have people doing food that needs a ridiculous amount of time to sort out at work, which just isn't practical. It was nice to see yours as it's much closer to the kind of prep I do to make sure I have food ready at work when/if I need it.
  • bhumika lamba
    bhumika lamba 2 года назад HealthNut Nutrition heyy which office do you work at??
  • HealthNut Nutrition
    HealthNut Nutrition Год назад I just posted a part two episode if you're interested! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tooc_EEc5vg
  • Lauryn Gonzales
    Lauryn Gonzales Год назад U guys know YouTube is a job for those girls
  • Andres Doria
    Andres Doria Год назад TheSilkyelectron ASHLEY BROOK has a day time job and its better than this girl
  • takecare
    takecare Год назад TheSilkyelectron YouTube is a job
  • Ani Nur Mariam
    Ani Nur Mariam Год назад Yes definitely need this kind video with someone has office job that need to get our from house not just the one who work from home
  • Nawreen Juthi
    Nawreen Juthi 2 года назад do vegans not realize that it's rude to constantly tell non-vegans what they should and should not do
  • Mary Clarke
    Mary Clarke 2 года назад Yep. They just don't give a shit.
  • Mary Clarke
    Mary Clarke 2 года назад @Maddy Oh, stop playing dumb. Well, I'm pretty sure most people cared a lot more before the new vegan teenage comments on every video on Youtube. We shouldn't give a shit about other species, anyway. Cats don't give a shit about cows, for example. 
  • Caroline Pacheco
    Caroline Pacheco 2 года назад It's absolutely rude, everyone has a different lifestyle. It seems ppl are just vegan cus it's a trend 😏
  • Mary Clarke
    Mary Clarke 2 года назад @Cara Pacheco True - that's definitely the case for everyone who's gone vegan this year
  • Faithie Fraley
    Faithie Fraley 2 года назад +Maddy You honestly sound like a child
  • Mary Clarke
    Mary Clarke 2 года назад @Faithie Fraley She IS a child, like 99% of vegan commenters on Youtube. Especially the ones who give you that same exact speech that they once heard some vegan Youtuber give... And also based on her profile picture.
  • Mary Clarke
    Mary Clarke 2 года назад (изменено) @Maddy​​ Preferring other species over your own (which Youtube vegans clearly do) is speciesism, too... A few months ago you weren't even vegan yourself and you most likely won't be anymore in a year or 2, just like 99% of the teenage girls on Youtube who went vegan in 2016. And animals most likely can't think. 
  • kate fati
    kate fati 2 года назад Mary Clarke
  • holly K
    holly K 2 года назад It's also rude to tell vegans they should eat meat and constantly ask where they get their protein. But that's fine.
  • Cmmacomber
    Cmmacomber 2 года назад Mary Clarke cats aren't hurting cows or paying someone else to so, or bringing calves into this world just to kill them or milk them when they get older until they die before they even reach half their lifespan.
  • Divya Sasidharan
    Divya Sasidharan Год назад U can't really have a "rude" argument for that man when they r countering u for being brutal or cruel. U need something stronger !!! 😝
  • SogMosee
    SogMosee 9 месяцев назад (изменено) holy shit Mary Clarke you are the most obtuse golem I have ever seen on youtube. You expressed the degree to which you are clueless on this topic so incredibly well that its quite frankly hilarious that you speak with such confidence. Compound that with the fact that you clearly have an axe to grind and the absurdity of your claims becomes nothing more than the immature rantings of a child.