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Published on Jun 11, 2012 3,917,509 views

It's the smallest room in the house and yet it can be the most expensive to renovate: the bathroom. This week Tara's going to show you how to get the modern look for much less.

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Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden, Lifestyle and Pet needs.

Here you'll find DIY Lifestyle Hacks, Home Makeover Tips, Quick And Easy DIY How To's, Gardening Tips and more.

  • new legend
    new legend 3 года назад Man, this woman was really using her brain to the fullest. Lol
  • Krisandra Cole
    Krisandra Cole 2 года назад lol that's what I was thinking
  • Slad Pooja
    Slad Pooja 2 года назад Krisandra Stone bankhow
  • Slad Pooja
    Slad Pooja 2 года назад Krisandra Stone cooking
  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma 2 года назад Daib Starks yh
  • Mario Gatica
    Mario Gatica 2 года назад yup...women usually don't do ha?
  • Krisandra Cole
    Krisandra Cole Год назад Daib Starks super cute ideas. And the colors were bomb
  • aseel red
    aseel red Год назад Mario Gatica nah... women do it all the time boy...
  • Kayla Samantha
    Kayla Samantha 4 месяца назад I’m telling you! 🤣
  • Salty Crotchwhiff
    Salty Crotchwhiff 4 месяца назад Probably the first time she worked.
  • whatever
    whatever 2 года назад Gee what luck to find a brand new sink with a brand new faucet! This wasn't scripted at all!
  • Tim W
    Tim W 2 года назад I thought the same haha. Totally not scripted... wink
  • Crystal GemStone
    Crystal GemStone 2 года назад Tim W
  • Joanna Chen
    Joanna Chen 2 года назад Crystal GemStone
  • liiz Love
    liiz Love 2 года назад whatever lol exactly what I thought 😂
  • firdous sayed
    firdous sayed 2 года назад whatever buty bujtyfasparel
  • firdous sayed
    firdous sayed 2 года назад whatever fbb b fasbutypale
  • Rico g
    Rico g 2 года назад whatever lol..they never said it was new.....I think they splurged too much on the tub cover though .
  • SpicedPersian
    SpicedPersian 2 года назад Buy a mirror from gumtree for 20 bucks. Got the mirror cut for 40? Really?
  • ElsaMariaVillarreal
    ElsaMariaVillarreal 2 года назад i was like what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! throwing my hands up in there like dumb ass, you are so smart? haha and oh yeah very cheap just under $800 what the hell
  • nicole lopez
    nicole lopez 2 года назад SpicedPersian bahahahaha
  • Attila Kovàcs
    Attila Kovàcs 2 года назад katonai helikopter
  • Susan Fudge
    Susan Fudge Год назад SpicedPersian But how much then for a frame cut to the mirror's size?
  • Mothers Moons
    Mothers Moons 9 месяцев назад 750 dollars for a stick in bath? It cost me 100 pounds for a new bath.
  • Cocologo
    Cocologo 3 года назад that cost $2000?? i wondering how much a brand new bathroom will cost
  • dee rasta
    dee rasta 3 года назад +michelle tian very nice but have to admit the price caught me by surprise too.  with quick calculation, the bathtub insert $800, paint $200 & those nickel & dime items mentioned....
  • Leo
    Leo 3 года назад +michelle tian Complete remodel, for that size of bathroom incorporating title, new sink, tub, commode (mid-range quality) and labor...approximately 12-15K.
  • vivien2003
    vivien2003 3 года назад That's cheap
  • DemonClaw
    DemonClaw 3 года назад +michelle tian Plus gotta remember this is in Aussie dollars, not usd
  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed 3 года назад hi do u now where can i found these people plz i need them ?
  • ALXD1974
    ALXD1974 3 года назад +GNO89 you live in la la land?
  • ALXD1974
    ALXD1974 3 года назад +michelle tian you can buy new bath from 100 dollars or just paint it...this video was a tricky advertisement...you can do it way cheaper...
  • 05thomaslj
    05thomaslj 3 года назад +michelle tian i was thinking that same thing, $2000 for that? and $800 for the bath insert? what the hell, $800 is£550 in the UK, for £550 i could go out and buy a a semi contemporary bath, sink and a toilet. They are paying over the odds where they are.
  • llgla
    llgla 3 года назад +michelle tian They didn't tell you the time they spent searching for a suitable 2nd hand items. It can be a tiring quest. If you get the measurements wrong (e.g. it fits in the bathroom but not the doorway), you'll in for additional modifications and trips. It's a tedious task for inexperienced home owners to do it just by themselves.
  • vivien2003
    vivien2003 2 года назад +05thomaslj in australia
  • Vanessa Villagrana
    Vanessa Villagrana 2 года назад In the US a restroom renovation is around $5000 to $7000 depending on the restroom and what needs to be done
  • Taylor Williams
    Taylor Williams 2 года назад Me too
  • Jaroslava Bogapovova
    Jaroslava Bogapovova 2 года назад +Vanessa Villagrana jhvuhbuh hbbnjij. jionn nnoooo.kjn kim ngnh jnjj jn xy cvjbb bm nm ñbb j k Mn nmmmmmmmmkjnnonkhsayBkkkýddk vzduchkmmmmkkjyYxsdyyyxdďddddďxk nabývá chybných ix XM n nc Chybných mých chybný,
  • Sašo Kornet
    Sašo Kornet 2 года назад Oh my, that's insane, in Europe you can do this for 2000 Euros, brand new, everything. And not cheap, but quality stuff. I'm recently looking for marble looking tiles 60x60cm for 8 Euros per square meter :D
  • Emily Cooney
    Emily Cooney Год назад We spent $12,000 on a brand new bathroom in our home.
  • First born unicorn
    First born unicorn Год назад I did a whole bathroom fro 1000 usd. I got new floors, new walls, new vanity, new light fixture and a new shower door and shower head, and bath accessories. u just gotta know hoe to spend your money right.
  • Feral Hunter
    Feral Hunter 4 года назад All really great tips except for the bath insert. You could have had the bath re-enameled for around $500. Apart from that you did a fantastic job
  • Centurion Fitness
    Centurion Fitness 2 года назад Looks great overall, but I wouldn't want to paint over good consition ceramic tiles nor install an insert bathtub. You can get a brand new bathtub for less than half the money you spent on the insert bathtub. I do like the sink. Nice job painting the sink cabinet as well.
  • 305whipz
    305whipz 4 года назад Reno looks good but that floor is garbage 
  • Kaff231
    Kaff231 2 года назад Wow an incredible makeover!!👍🏼
  • Vikral Gabral
    Vikral Gabral 2 года назад yeah
  • Nancy Hollis
    Nancy Hollis 2 года назад Kaff231 wc
  • elviras
    elviras 3 года назад where the toilet? lol!
  • missj Stephens
    missj Stephens 3 года назад lol that's a damn good question.
  • vivien2003
    vivien2003 2 года назад +missj Stephens different room
  • TiFFerzZehNiNjA
    TiFFerzZehNiNjA 2 года назад Elvira Cuevas its just a washroom.. literally xD
  • cherkkiable
    cherkkiable 2 года назад how do people do it when they need to clean after going to woo
  • Boi
    Boi 2 года назад Alpha_Wolfy in america we just shit in the shower and stomp it down the drain
  • Maisauki Massage
    Maisauki Massage Год назад Boi lol nasty
  • Lil 4k Display ForeheadAss Pump
    Lil 4k Display ForeheadAss Pump Год назад Boi 😂😂
  • Bad Bitch
    Bad Bitch Год назад Boi nastyyyyy lol in new zealand our toilet has its own room
  • Drew Dude
    Drew Dude 10 месяцев назад Sopitas some bathrooms have a different “room” with the toilet
  • Summer Rose Robertson
    Summer Rose Robertson 9 месяцев назад It’s like my sister.. there is a separate room with a toilet!! 😂😂
  • SFK Sims Freeplay Homes
    SFK Sims Freeplay Homes 5 месяцев назад @Marshmallow also in india we have toilet n bathroom seperate.. Yess its too convenient if someone is having shower n u need to go pee or poop... Lol
  • N. Zhiv
    N. Zhiv 1 месяц назад British/Australian culture: washroom is literally that. The toilet is a room with just the...toilet.
  • Jonathan Sadler-Mc
    Jonathan Sadler-Mc 3 года назад Awesome job! I love the idea with the vanity!!!
  • kevin terry
    kevin terry 2 года назад Where can I buy elbow grease ???
  • hunni2bs
    hunni2bs 2 года назад nomadonearth hahahahahahahaahahaha
  • chevon1920
    chevon1920 2 года назад kevin terry you know I didn't realize that there wasn't one until I read your comment. Where the hell is the toilet?
  • MostlyWeed
    MostlyWeed Год назад Just open the window.
  • hiphop2kful
    hiphop2kful Год назад craigslist
  • Zahra Kazmi
    Zahra Kazmi Год назад kevin terry elbow grease means hard work.
  • Susan Fudge
    Susan Fudge Год назад kevin terry Hahaha. I had never heard that expression when I first when to college and asked that very question.
  • Skygazer
    Skygazer 2 месяца назад kevin terry i dont know if you can still purchase elbow grease. i have checked everywhere, even on ebay but no luck. I have told my husband he will just have to roll his sleeves up and get on with it himself
  • Alpha Lite
    Alpha Lite 3 года назад Painted tiles...That's a 10 on the tack meter.
  • Luciano Machado
    Luciano Machado 3 года назад DDDE DO L JOHN VLP VI GY SE QE A BJ K
  • Simproved
    Simproved 3 года назад Wow! I love the vanity!
  • Osmium Gus
    Osmium Gus 3 года назад No close up shot of the painted tiles, so we really don't know how that turned out. But how much for the bath insert??? Good grief, it was a budget refresh then you spent nearly $800 on a plastic bath insert plus installation cost. Was this just an advertisement for tile paint and plastic bath inserts?