How HashMap works in Java? With Animation!! whats new in java8 tutorial

Published on Jul 14, 2015 573,436 views

How does java hashmap work ? HashMap is one of the most popular java.util data structures.
Its one of the associative array implementations, here I have explained its internals in simple terms using an animation. Java8 adds a bit of enhancement to HashMap by using a balanced tree when there is too much has collisions. I have covered that as well.
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    Jon KC 2 года назад Your face is in the way of the slides. lol
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    Javier Frias 2 дня назад Great video, this is the best video Ive seen explainig how hashmap works, thanks!!!!
  • Madhu Gali
    Madhu Gali 3 года назад I'd like to add a point to the wonderful explanation of HashMap implementation When HashMap reaches its threshold limit of .75 or 75% it re-size by creating a new array of double the previous size HashMap, and then start putting every old element into that new bucket array and this is called rehashing and it also applies hash function to find new bucket location.
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    Ayushman Srivastava 4 месяца назад this was important part... yet nit covered
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    Chiranjeev Thomas 7 месяцев назад You're implicitly stating that it's double ... as a previous power of 2 ( 2^4) is being multiplied by 2 .
  • vishal kumar Gupta
    vishal kumar Gupta 8 месяцев назад It does not take double size but size equal to next power of 2.
  • Ayush Jindal
    Ayush Jindal 10 месяцев назад we need to do it so that get and put operations can be done in O(1). if we dont do it, the size of linked lists would keep on increasing and would eventually increase the cost of operations.
  • Satish Patil
    Satish Patil Год назад for any object the index will be 0 to (n-1) when we take mod of (n-1), then why we need to re-index or it re-sizes ???
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    Vinod Kumar 4 дня назад People who has disliked, what are you guys expecting ? This is just perfect explanation!!
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    Anil sharma 3 года назад This is the best tutorial I found for "How HashMap works"! Demo using animation is remarkable :)
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    Prajakta Tawale 4 месяца назад Its really good explanation...I cleared my doubts and learn a lot from this video. Please add such types of videos in java.. Its really helpful..Thanks a lot Sir
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    НД НД 8 месяцев назад An excellent explanation, thank you truly. However, I think an overall table of algorhytm complexity in HashMap (get, containsKey...) is a must have in this presentation. And, as somebody already stated, threshold limit and re-sizing of HashMap is also very important.
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