How to Estimate Repairs in 15 Minutes When Flipping Houses

Published on Aug 27, 2015 35,850 views

In this video, learn how to estimate repairs on any deal in 15 minutes or less when flipping houses.


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  • Dima Rossi
    Dima Rossi Год назад There is no way you are walking through a home that needs substantial repairs and you can do all the estimating in 15 minutes or less sure you might be able to look at a roof wall siding and windows and spit out some numbers but there is no way you are able to price your material accurately price your man-hours accurately and spit out her number in 15 minutes I don't care what formular you're using I don't care what system you're selling it doesn't exist you show up to a house that needs a TFT of wood gutters you mean to tell me that without sitting down and putting together a stock list you can price out the led the linseed oil how many outlets you're going to need how many downspouts you're going to need trash disposal setting up staging man hours beautiful I love to hear this
  • Aud Man
    Aud Man Год назад toe butter No way in hell you can estimate rehabilitation cost in 15 min.
  • Dima Rossi
    Dima Rossi Год назад Aud Man exactly so why do these people even bother making vids like this. That's my point exactly.
  • CV
    CV 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Handy Husband, the expert has the least amount of decisions to make. After flipping 100 or so houses one gets faster and more accurate - but your point is valid.
  • Barthelemy Maximum
    Barthelemy Maximum 3 недели назад Did he say estimate? Did he say with complete accuracy? They estimate weather and many other things. That is what you should think before blaming. It will take me less than 15 minutes. Example a 1000 square feet house can not cost nor more than $ 40 a square to fix it if it not completely down. If blocks are still there and there is a roof on top.. NO matter what you need to do inside from AC, to kitchen, tiles, painting, electrical etc
  • ReallyCheapFloors.com
    ReallyCheapFloors.com 3 года назад Great tips on not being emotionally connected to a deal and having a system for everything. Too many flippers guess at repair costs and wind up in trouble.
  • supatotenkopf88
    supatotenkopf88 3 года назад Thanks mate, we're doing a flip in San Antonio at the moment.
  • Summerwood Group
    Summerwood Group 2 года назад Staying analytical is key, I like that tip.
  • George Morwood
    George Morwood 3 года назад Great Info.
  • Dylan Skidmore
    Dylan Skidmore Год назад If you are a pro flipper how do you have time to try and make money on YouTube. And it's Linear not lineal feet since Lineal refers to a line of ancestry, not to length.
  • Peter Lopez
    Peter Lopez 2 года назад l like your approach. I use a laser pointer to measure rooms, etc. How do you estimate roof repairs?
  • danesh j
    danesh j Год назад could you do one where you estimate and then compare it to the actual end costs?
  • lewisHelps
    lewisHelps 10 месяцев назад Nice video man! Keep up the good work! I’ve filmed some videos on tips to flip homes check it out sometime! Thanks!
  • CC64
    CC64 2 года назад Hey @Jerry Norton do have a color scheme that you always use in your rehabs or do you change it up on each rehab?
  • Miles Watkins
    Miles Watkins 3 года назад I have secranio was wondering if you can help me ....say a person by a house from a person they receive a loan how does the seller of the house receive the money ( to me a loan is free money or borrowed ) so does that money go into the seller bank account or is that still floating money ?
  • Margaret Gonzaga
    Margaret Gonzaga Год назад When the seller is carrying the loan, the money you pay in is his money. The seller does not give you money, he gives you credit, and your monthly payments on the loan are his to keep.
  • Sandra Marshall
    Sandra Marshall 4 месяца назад Most of these flippers use the same contractors over and over again. They put the same material in certain properties, example 100-300K, 301-600K, 601-900K so forth. By doing it this way they know the cost of material and they include a buffer for surprises. They are investment properties! They don't start using the best of the best until after $900K.
  • Real Estate Freedom TV
    Real Estate Freedom TV 4 месяца назад +Sandra Marshall good point! I definitely rinse and repeat when something is working. Be sure to subscribe to my channel. I’m releasing videos daily!
  • IntarwebUser
    IntarwebUser Год назад I thought it was going to be how much different items cost (like maybe a new roof costs $10,000 or something) and/or how to determine what does and does not need to be repaired. This was good stuff, but not exactly what I was looking for.
  • AshburnConnectTV
    AshburnConnectTV Год назад I believe in a scientific approach, too! However, I believe everything can be streamlined, to make the process more effective and efficient. Therefore, I am suggesting the following approach: QUICK ESTIMATE 1. Wholetailing - - - - -$5 per Square Feet 2. Rehab - - - - - - - - --$15 per Square Feet 3. Replacing Rehab - -$25 per Square Feet 4. Structural Changes-$40 per Square Feet
  • Dylan Skidmore
    Dylan Skidmore Год назад Just numbers you can do it. You you. People hgtv and channels like this are not the reality of house flipping. It's not for the weak at all. Start very small and get a good team first. Otherwise start a YouTube channel to make money instead like captain America