ZorinOS 12.2 Lite overview

Published on Nov 18, 2017 901 views

This is a quick overview of Zorin OS Lite 12.2 Core essentials.

Download it here: https://zorinos.com/download/lite/

  • KUPOkinz
    KUPOkinz Год назад I have been using this for about 3 days now with no issues. Wine and play with Linuxsl runs Morrowind, Fallout NV and Skyrim at full speed, if not somehow faster than when I had Windows o.O love this os, had no trouble getting used to it.
  • Linux Distros
    Linux Distros Год назад The lightest distro that I am aware of that is still user friendly is probably Peppermint OS. Have a look at my overview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMapUrysrY8 Other than that you would have to look at distros using a simple window manager like openbox. Arcolinux ( https://arcolinux.com ), formerly Archmerge (my overview here: https://youtu.be/96ZgBsSQ7jU ) might be worth looking into as well. It uses XFCE which is quite user friendly but you can also boot into openbox or i3 window managers when you want to browse the web or go on youtube. So you would have the best of both worlds.
  • Atakan BORAL
    Atakan BORAL Год назад Yeah I agree to you. But why youtube doesnt slow on Win 10. With 2 Gb Ram? So , there is any distro which can work youtube or other things fast?
  • Linux Distros
    Linux Distros Год назад It should run OK. If you want to use it with a modern web browser (Firefox, Chromium, etc.) you are going to need more ram. 4 GB should really be considered a minimum requirement nowadays. My test machine for this video was an intel Core 2 duo at 3ghz, nvidia gt 720 and 6 Gb ram. I had no problems at all with it for daily use (web browsing, YouTube, photo and video editing, Word Documents, etc.) I highly recommend adding at least another 2GB ram to your system. It will make a world of difference for you.
  • Atakan BORAL
    Atakan BORAL Год назад Well, can i ask a question? These are my system features; ATI RADEON 6350 INTEL PENTIUM DUAL CORE 2.93 GHZ 2 GB of RAM Can I use this distro and that zorin os install ATI Drivers auto? Also i have been used a lot of linux distro on this system.( Ex. Lubuntu(32-bit) , Ubuntu(32-bit) , Linux Mint Xfce(32-bit) ) And all of these was slow. I think because of this was Graphic Card Driver. I mean even youtube was so slow . I don't wanna play game but i should use for daily. Windows 10 is want more specs but i can use it for everything. Please response me a little time. I need to install this.
  • Linux Distros
    Linux Distros Год назад That's great! I'm happy to see more people switching to Linux.