10 Mastermind Hackers That Outplayed Everyone (even NASA)

Published on Nov 7, 2018 1,342,367 views

From NASA to your Facebook and Gmail Account, hackers can hack into every system that requires the internet. In fact, they have already done that. From hacking phone lines and police stations, to intruding on and deleting secret Pentagon and Space Program files, some hackers have really pushed the boundaries, and changed how we view online security. After watching this video, we assure you that you will doubt the idea of using the same password for all of your online accounts. Which hacker is the most crazy? And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, so you don’t miss any upcoming videos and we can continue fighting boredom together!

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#10 Kevin Poulsen / Dark Dante 1:03
#9 George Hotz / Geohot 2:08
#8 Jonathan James / Comrade 03:23
#7 Kevin Mitnick 04:36
#6 Xbox Underground 05:51
#5 Gary Mckinnon / Solo 06:44
#4 Higinio Ochoa / Wormer 07:52
#3 Jan Krissler / Starbug 09:09
#2 John Kane 10:00
#1 7chan.org Hackers 10:45

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  • Bored Panda
    Bored Panda 7 месяцев назад Do you use the same password for more than one social media account?
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    متع عقلك 2 недели назад Hackers can't hack another hack i think u understanding me💡
  • Vishal Aggarwal
    Vishal Aggarwal 2 недели назад never
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  • Jim Gilmartin
    Jim Gilmartin 2 недели назад (изменено) pw Thisguyrighthere
  • Toyosi Blessing Talabi
    Toyosi Blessing Talabi 3 недели назад contact ethicalhackers009 on instagram for quick verification and affordable price.
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    Black Fire gaming 3 недели назад Yes now I am scared
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    chopin2712 3 недели назад NO! Team database
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    dubstep1994 4 недели назад We got like 100 acounts in 2019 - ofc. Can you remember 100 passwords? I cant
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    Apex BOT 1 месяц назад Bored Panda don’t answer he will hack 1 of ur accs and will be able to get into your other accounts joking 🤣🤣
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    Deep Feelings 1 месяц назад No ion got time to be giving them sum easy target but bet they could fuck my shit upppp
  • Roblox Powering Inmagnation Fun,Roblox,Discord
    Roblox Powering Inmagnation Fun,Roblox,Discord 1 месяц назад Sometimes If i know if nothing goes wrong and i was almost hacked by google but they failed badlie i had ad remover tarcker blocker on
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    Trends 11 1 месяц назад Stop those fucking "Social Engineering "
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  • Firos Khan
    Firos Khan 1 месяц назад My girlfriend left me for someone else. But I can't stay without her I just want hack her instagram or i just want see her pics. But her account is private. ... Does anyone can help me please ?
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    Hiba Mohib 2 месяца назад @Dar3o It didn't work on Your account "Dar3o" What the heck then?
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    Jimmy Christiansen 2 месяца назад Davie Dood h
  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 месяца назад Yaha.. SUCKMADICK here is ma password
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    Fallen Century 2 месяца назад No.. and most my passwords are binary.
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    Pinkie Pie 2 месяца назад @can you see me LMAO
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    Graham Featherston 2 месяца назад Cannot believe that people would actually do that. Use Lastpass guys.....PLEASE!!!
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    Swan 2 месяца назад @johnny smit you lie the password no work am i going to have to resort to damn bots cause i dont't have the time to make one
  • Swan
    Swan 2 месяца назад i made a bot that puts a 150 charecter pass why i was bored also i guess life is harder for hackers also most sites don't accept 150 charecter passwords ; _ ;
  • Ezzeldin mohd
    Ezzeldin mohd 2 месяца назад yes
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    Marshmallx 2 месяца назад No never
  • The Albatross
    The Albatross 2 месяца назад you aint getting me there hackers
  • Science Compliance
    Science Compliance 2 месяца назад @Davie Dood Oh yeah, no problem. Just sit and think about it and think about an algorithm that makes sense to you and is easy to remember. 'Algorithm' is kind of a loaded word. I just mean to have a system that will make sense to you and obfuscates your intentions past the simplest interpretations.
  • Davie Dood
    Davie Dood 2 месяца назад @Science Compliance thnx for the algorithm tip as well. 👍
  • Science Compliance
    Science Compliance 2 месяца назад @Davie Dood Right, okay, thanks for the clarification. That's why none of my two passwords are the same (for sites or portals through which someone could cause me grief).
  • Davie Dood
    Davie Dood 2 месяца назад And you can't remotely bypass account login with kon boot to get to desktop anyways.
  • Davie Dood
    Davie Dood 2 месяца назад @Science Compliance yes master key meaning the single password to login to EVERYTHING. If the pc remembers all of the different passwords for you, you can still relatively safely login. The hacker would have to physically BE at the pc or remote login to get the encrypted file of "stored passwords". Remote login also requires the hack can bypass the account login screen. Win 7 was easy with kon boot, but win 10 is totally different now. Most ways is to clone a typical page you use and have you type your info in and it's just sent to the hacker. "Honey pot" style.
  • Science Compliance
    Science Compliance 2 месяца назад @Davie Dood I'm not sure what you mean by the master key. Are you saying having one password is the master key or having web sites remember the passwords is the master key? I'm assuming these people use one computer most of the time, so if a hacker could gain access to that computer, and the web sites remembered the passwords on that device, there would still be a single point of failure. Or are you saying something else altogether? Please expound/clarify.
  • Davie Dood
    Davie Dood 2 месяца назад @Science Compliance dood....we're talking about 83-95% of the population of "average joes". Yes what you're saying WORKS and will work damn well. But NO ONE goes to that extent. Half the people reading what you just said won't make any sense to them. WE get it, WE understand it, but to them just keeping ONE they can remember makes signing in more easy. What would work for the AVERAGE JOE is to implement the complex password system, but have the website or app REMEMBER the passwords. However this can he dangerous if hacked. But at least they'd have 1 or 2 passwords instead of one MASTER KEY to open all your accounts.