In this video, learn how to run the numbers using Jerry's house flipping buy formula.

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  • Real First - Real Estate Crowdfunding
    Real First - Real Estate Crowdfunding 3 года назад A good understanding of ARV always helps!!
  • Orlando Castillo Sanchez
    Orlando Castillo Sanchez 10 месяцев назад How do i figure the percentage of the Arv because not in every market they use 65%
  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez Год назад I've heard that taxes are very high for house flipping. Why not add the TAXES to this formula in order to know your REAL profit??
  • Thomas Rollins
    Thomas Rollins 2 года назад Great video. Thank you for sharing
  • Darontay Turner
    Darontay Turner 3 месяца назад Wow. You make it so easy saying so much in so little. Keep doing videos like this. So helpful
  • Real Estate Freedom TV
    Real Estate Freedom TV 3 месяца назад +Darontay Turner thx! What was your big takeaway?
  • Jason B Blake
    Jason B Blake Год назад Good information Jerry
  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper 2 года назад Nice video, thanks
  • chaim rosenberg
    chaim rosenberg 6 месяцев назад i just started doing fix and flips , u sound like you know what ur talking, but Y 5% of the ARV will be the carrying cost , it will be typically around 12% of the perches price plus the rehab? pleasew ansewer me Thank you very much
  • Juanco_"C.E.O."
    Juanco_"C.E.O." 2 года назад so when I buy a property I have to pay closing costs as well. I thought the seller paid the closing cost for their property. please verify. and if so, this formula accounts for me paying closing costs for buying and selling? please verify. Thank you
  • FlipAnythingUSA / Wake Up & Smell The Real Estate
    FlipAnythingUSA / Wake Up & Smell The Real Estate 2 года назад Juanco, There are no set rules on who pays closing costs or title policy etc. Generally the parties split escrow fees and seller provides title policy but I have made deals with every variation. As long as the property is a great deal I;ll pay all costs.
  • dreamingcode
    dreamingcode 5 месяцев назад who the hell would sell a property worth 100k for 45k? And if it needs that amount of work you wont make any money vs time and risk you put into it. Just getting your money back.
  • imxal19
    imxal19 2 месяца назад He is not talking about house worth of 100k. He is talking about property worth of 100k after he renovate/repair cost of 20k for that ugly house .
  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown 2 года назад I have done two flips, both were successful. Even though they took a lot more time than I expected I sold them at target price and loved doing it! NOW I am struggling to find properties, especially at the prices you are talking about in this vid. I have an investor lined up, how do I find properties?
  • BlackbirdSR71Fan
    BlackbirdSR71Fan 2 года назад How do you know what your ARV should be? Do you just guess?
  • Carter Thompson
    Carter Thompson 2 года назад One option would be to have a realtor come out to the property and give an estimate based on what repairs you'll be making.
  • Ben Irving
    Ben Irving 11 месяцев назад .65 is 65% or am i missing something
  • Vegan Runner
    Vegan Runner 9 месяцев назад yes thats right its 65% of what you want to sell the house for or arv
  • Jason B Blake
    Jason B Blake Год назад Lp.fundwisecapital.com/jbelo to fund deals