BEST TRAVEL ACCESSORIES 2019!! (Don't travel without these gadgets!)

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Open for all the important details!! ***

So I have been doing a ton of travelling lately and I am obsessed with being organized! So here are the best travel accessories!!

What's in my CARRY ON BAG: https://youtu.be/bnEgHpAKfSc

BROW TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rba__...

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Thanks so much for watching! xox

  • Brittany Sarah
    Brittany Sarah 2 дня назад ALL of these products are LINKED in my AMAZON store!! Easily shop all of these products here: CANADA STORE: https://www.amazon.ca/shop/brittanysarah?listId=OXHZCTV9BBKP&ref=idea_share_inf US STORE: https://www.amazon.com/shop/brittanysarah?listId=3I78QVUI589HO&ref=idea_share_inf
  • Elizabeth H
    Elizabeth H 1 день назад Brittany Sarah I don’t see your scarf/blanket from Lululemon. Would you please link that too? Thanks!
  • gaylemae
    gaylemae 1 месяц назад A Makeup Eraser cloth instead of wipes. A spray bottle with alcohol subs for hand sanitizer, plus easy to use on surfaces, sterilizes your earrings, tray table, remote, cleans your watch strap & hairbrush or if you get wet, a spritz of alcohol helps you dry off faster. A small microfiber cloth for the bottom of my bag, it pads plus you can use it for spills, washing up, rolling valuables in, drying off if it rains or to cover your hair, it has a million uses. On long flights, use a panty liner it keeps you fresh. Sports bottle for water, most countries have glass (so heavy), ask stewardess to fill. Ziplocs for separating daily pills into, carrying snacks or leftovers, wet clothes. In a separate place than your purse, a credit card & some cash plus photocopy of passport/drivers license, list of medications & phone numbers (phone can be lost or needing a charge). Sharpie to write your cell on kids wrist or get autographs!, address labels to identify items. Take a gas pill before each flight to prevent discomfort.
  • D I A N A
    D I A N A Неделю назад Btw no pills without original packaging or the info thats inside. The best is also to bring a short note with autograph from your doctor. Love your other ideas though, especially the microfiber cloth. I also bring nuts apples and some bisquits with me.
  • maddie mail
    maddie mail Неделю назад moviediva or take your own bottle and fill it at the toilet lol I won’t pay 3$ for half a liter of water anymore.
  • D I A N A
    D I A N A Неделю назад Fill the bottle at the toilet. Do not ask a stewardess
  • MultiScrappydo
    MultiScrappydo 2 недели назад gaylemae Awesome list! Love the alcohol spray! That will be in my liquids bag!
  • ellenisbooboo
    ellenisbooboo 2 недели назад I was like ok... but then I pressed READ MORE bRaIn: dbduhrjcjfrjehjdhjeo
  • gaylemae
    gaylemae 2 недели назад R Ford alcohol is the only thing that bacteria cannot get used to. Nothing survives it
  • R Ford
    R Ford 2 недели назад in general is is bad to disinfect this really frequently because it creates bacteria that cant be killed by alcohol and disinfectants which is really bad and will become a massive problem and most of those common bacteria are not harmful. constant disinfecting is what will make them harmful
  • Lori Shaw
    Lori Shaw 3 недели назад I never thought about the idea of having a cell phone number on kids. I’m guessing one could have a bracelet made with a name and number on it for young kids unable to remember a number, similar to a dog tag.
  • Gail CARSTEN
    Gail CARSTEN 3 недели назад Great tips!
  • Generation X
    Generation X 3 недели назад @gaylemae Though her tips were good, its seems like alot of extra stuff one has to go purchase in order to make traveling "easier" ...🤔 I think we're on the same page; the things you mentioned - that's the way I travel, too...more simplified...with less "extra stuff to buy to make your traveling more simple.." 😁 and it's usually things we already have at home 🙌👍✌
  • michelle hernandez
    michelle hernandez 3 недели назад Love this list😍
  • moviediva
    moviediva 1 месяц назад Don't ever drink the tap water from the plane, it's recycled water, buy water after you go thru security
  • Ti Jay
    Ti Jay 1 месяц назад you are lovely but why are you shouting even with the sound right down lol!
  • Caroline Supreme
    Caroline Supreme 3 недели назад I literally had to put the speed to 1.5x
  • Asha Batchelor
    Asha Batchelor Неделю назад OMG that helped so much!!!
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    majda majda 2 недели назад ×2 here
  • Marie Wong
    Marie Wong 2 недели назад Had to put it on 2x
  • Yo Quincy!
    Yo Quincy! 3 недели назад OMG That's so helpful!!
  • Life Hacks by Stacy
    Life Hacks by Stacy 3 недели назад Omg great trick! Thanks!
  • Caroline Supreme
    Caroline Supreme 3 недели назад Anytime!!
  • carly smith
    carly smith 3 недели назад Omg lol. Ty! Helped.
  • Caroline Supreme
    Caroline Supreme 3 недели назад Just go to the right top corner with three dots. And select the speed! ♥︎
  • LC
    LC 3 недели назад How do you do that?! Seems like it would come in handy...
  • sherin mathew
    sherin mathew Неделю назад That shade on iphone though
  • Elizabeth Augusta
    Elizabeth Augusta 1 месяц назад This is one of the best travel essentials video I've seen in a long time... you are so pleasant to listen to and have a great personality! Thanks for all the tips!😍
  • Elaine Carpenter
    Elaine Carpenter 4 дня назад A travel size magnifying mirror helps when staying at hotels without one.
  • C Boyd
    C Boyd 2 недели назад If you are concerned about odor, put a dryer sheet in your laundry bag.
  • jessie _and_all
    jessie _and_all 3 дня назад That sound like a good idea
  • A Moreira
    A Moreira 1 месяц назад Packing cubes are the bomb! I don’t travel without them! My brother used to make fun of me but I think he’s just secretly jealous! 😂
  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K 4 дня назад 18:07 ooooooooohhhh the shade!!!!!!!
  • World of Toyz !!!
    World of Toyz !!! 1 день назад She's so loud omg
  • Susan Stones
    Susan Stones 2 недели назад Oh I’ve just loved watching you.From the second i accidentally clicked on you i thought what a happy ray of sunshine.Brilliant tips.Especially loved the neck pillow.In the uk i went to Cornwall & found a neck pillow with a hoody attached,Which i thought was genius.It works so good as you can cover your head as well.Thankyou for cheering up my day.Have a great week
  • Wearegonnabe Audio
    Wearegonnabe Audio 4 недели назад I just need the suitcase scale. I did good on my first ever flight suitcase weighed just 20 pounds first flight and 28 pounds on the return flight , things I bought in Vegas plus i moved some things from my carry on to the suitcase because my carry on was literally a carry bag and not a wheeled one...Coming from Atlanta to Las Vegas, I learned ALOT from my first flight 🤣
  • Fifi Girardi
    Fifi Girardi 3 недели назад I love all the tips and things you bring with you. I’m the same way, I want to bring my whole vanity with me. I use the Samantha Brown packing cubes because they’re nicer than the average packing cubes.
  • Callie Tarver
    Callie Tarver 1 месяц назад This is the first video I have watched of yours and I’m hooked! You have such great charisma and super helpful information! Can’t wait to see more!
  • Tru Neilson
    Tru Neilson 1 месяц назад I too bring wet wipes to clean the plane and a ziplock to put the remote into because I never felt like I could clean all the nooks and crannies, I just use the ziplock the whole time there and leave it.
  • Crunch & Moxie
    Crunch & Moxie 3 недели назад I put the remote in the ice bucket baggie.
  • W. Jones
    W. Jones 3 недели назад Great idea for the remote.
  • Maxine F
    Maxine F 1 месяц назад Good one
  • Miss954
    Miss954 1 месяц назад I’m a flight attendant and that’s a great idea! Those seats, arm rest, tray tables, etc are NOT clean... and the floor🤢 don’t even get me started🙅🏽‍♀️ NEVER walk barefoot on the plane during the flight, no matter how long the flight is
  • Cathy Landers
    Cathy Landers 1 месяц назад Tru Neilson Genius!
  • MissChicas1
    MissChicas1 2 недели назад Thanks for all the tips and links on Amazon! I absolutely love the top you're wearing and the lipstick, too! Would you mind sharing who makes them and where we can get them? Thanks!
  • rtm12252
    rtm12252 1 месяц назад Can get a lot @ $1 store for travel 👍😃 Plastic containers, meds , first aid & minis of everything 🤪😎😉 Sunglasses 😎 DMc & Walmart for everything else 😜 Packing cubes 😆
  • emma blevins
    emma blevins Неделю назад rtm12252 99¢ store is my second home the week before i leave for vacation
  • MIMI Warren
    MIMI Warren Неделю назад Love all the things you showed. I use most all of the. I was surprised with the packing cubes. I don't leave home without them.
  • Khynadee Rian
    Khynadee Rian 1 месяц назад "Probubly walking down the street sick"😂😂😂😂