How To Properly Wash AND Dry Your Car WITHOUT Touching it! (No Swirl Marks)

Published on Jul 11, 2017 5,579,575 views

The BEST way to wash AND dry your car !
How I clean my interior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-ww8...

Products used in video:

Ultra Foam Shampoo:

Car Wash Shampoo:

Foam Cannon:

Sidekick Blaster:

Car Wash Pad:

Drying Towel (If needed)

Tire Shine:

Sidekick Blaster:


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  • AutoVlog
    AutoVlog Год назад How to clean the INTERIOR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-ww80gSmu8
    JEREMIH-RAIDEN Год назад AutoVlog hey just a heads up, if the car is really dirty, it’s best to soap the car first, & the high pressure water can push little dirt across the paint & can scratch it, with the soap, it adds some lubrication & as the soap falls down, it pulls the dirt with is without scratching the paint with the high pressure washer
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    Devon Soccer Год назад AutoVlog Ll
  • Pedro Arias
    Pedro Arias Год назад Just wondering what pressure washer is that
  • Anonymous -
    Anonymous - Год назад Pedro Arias Adam's Pressure Washer 😈
  • Pedro Arias
    Pedro Arias Год назад Gray Griffin thanks bro been wondering for awhile
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    Dan Costa Год назад AutoVlog i
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    Isaac Amaya Год назад AutoVlog hey did you ever clay bar your car ?
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    Chet Carson Год назад LOL, judging by the houses around you, you need less car and more house. But hey, you look "cool" driving it, huh? 😂
  • lito navera
    lito navera 11 месяцев назад AutoVlog... you're a real KHU P. HAL.
  • Sahadi420
    Sahadi420 10 месяцев назад Dude, get the metrovac 4hp blower. It's like a vacuum, where all you hold is the hose, and the tip is soft rubber. If you drop the hand held blower while you're blowing off the roof, or hood, you're gonna do major damage to the paint. Not to mention you're not holding the motor itself.......it's a helluva lot lighter. The hand held blower is great too......but I use that to blow out my computer, and other smaller things. https://www.amazon.com/Filters-Air-Force-Blaster-Motorcycle/dp/B071Z1W36T/ref=sr_1_sc_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1530158201&sr=8-10-spell&keywords=metro+vac+4hp
  • bob head
    bob head 10 месяцев назад why not use a leaf blower.
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    mark Of The Lord JESUS CHRIST 10 месяцев назад AutoVlog God loves you but you must Repent of your sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ by living a life for Him obeying Him.
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    david Huber 9 месяцев назад Very nice job, I have a black Corvette and I have learned alot from you.Well done.
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    Dorin Iacob 9 месяцев назад AutoVlog Q
  • neil tuttle
    neil tuttle 8 месяцев назад lol, he is washing a clean car. muddy it up and wash it and less see if its really clean
  • Mike 2016
    Mike 2016 8 месяцев назад AutoVlog great video bro‼️ What kind of shades do you have on?😎
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    Robert Brolo 8 месяцев назад AutoViog i have a 2004 CTS i wash my own car.
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    Paul Murphy 7 месяцев назад you muggy wanker
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    Jan Hoskin 3 месяца назад clean CARWINDOWSCĹEAN
  • mr luigi
    mr luigi 1 месяц назад @JEREMIH-RAIDEN instead of wasting time with that toy hairdryer use the leafblower if it can clear leaves etc from your garden in minutes it can dry your car in seconds.
  • steven wentling
    steven wentling Год назад Having a Black cars is like having a second job
  • Denied Guild Wars
    Denied Guild Wars Год назад Try to have a Vegas Yellow Audi TT.
  • Ryan S
    Ryan S Год назад I have a black car and never wash it.. My car gets me from point A to Point B.. it's not a love affair.. they're all money pits
  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty Год назад (изменено) Indeed. When I went shopping for a used M3 I didn't even consider black or dark blue, it looks a lot better in gray or white anyway. Black also really sucks in the summer no matter how clean it is.
  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty Год назад Ryan S And you tune into a car wash vid, why? ;-)
  • steven wentling
    steven wentling Год назад Ryan S sorry you are an underchiever, hope you do better in the future
  • Smoe Jith
    Smoe Jith Год назад Midnight blue almost as bad. I had a de-ionizer tank (water softener) and that helps alot with the spotting on washes.
  • steven wentling
    steven wentling Год назад Smoe Jith FYI a water softener does not deionize water it merely does and ion exchange with the calcium in the water for the sodium in the salt so you can still get water spots. Best thing to do is use a reverse osmosis unit which removes most elements or an actual deionizer which removes everything else. I use both of these in conjunction with each other to have an absolute Spot Free wash rinse. Hope this helps.
  • AirOwnage20
    AirOwnage20 Год назад Ryan S Well what kind of a car do you have? 😂
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    Luis Molina Год назад Please when you have a black rotary then comeback to me lol
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    Hello There Год назад It's odd how people equate achievement in life with car worship and idolatry.
  • Bluewet gaming
    Bluewet gaming Год назад yh bro i have black mercedez and it look like brown because of dust so trobleing and if i tell my guard to wash like in this video so when my car goes out all dust just stick its so anoying
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    Spencer Soyemi Год назад I have 3. Can't stand any other color!
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    SirWhiteCrayon 11 месяцев назад Fact...
  • filip adrian
    filip adrian 11 месяцев назад White a nightmare too
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    William Jones 11 месяцев назад You don't take any pride in something you have most likely worked hard to obtain, do you?
  • Zoey Rae James
    Zoey Rae James 11 месяцев назад (изменено) Ryan S For real? I hope your clear coat starts to rot, and your paint starts to chip away. All while the metal in your vehicle starts to rust way. 😒 See how well that will get you to Point A to Point B! 😂
  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams 11 месяцев назад Ha ha. Love it. I have three Black Cars steven.
  • Solovino Juntoseva
    Solovino Juntoseva 11 месяцев назад Agreed but they look so damn cool.
  • Solovino Juntoseva
    Solovino Juntoseva 11 месяцев назад You say that, yet you're watching this vdeo?? hmmmm
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    Maureen Martin 11 месяцев назад Denied Guild Wars 5
  • Maureen Martin
    Maureen Martin 11 месяцев назад I have a G6 2008 potice with 55thousand miles not one mark on it and wash it once and week.She my beau.All black and I change my own oil.Now going replace my blinders hand. The guy that said his car his for a to be I have no word for him .
  • Guac The Mole
    Guac The Mole 11 месяцев назад It is true. I have an extremely dark blue on an a4 and it’s a little easier because of the fact that swirl marks are not a huge issue however cleaning it takes me a very long time
  • Y Marina
    Y Marina 11 месяцев назад I've had all colors of cars, dark grey seems to hide dirt the best, and surprisingly my white car stayed looking clean as well. My black cars were the absolute worst, not to mention them being 30 degrees hotter in the summertime. Never getting a black car again.
  • apocalypse13
    apocalypse13 11 месяцев назад hey mr hello there. it's not odd at all...this is america we love our cars..unless you're ryan s who drives a sh!tbox
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    efini_fc 10 месяцев назад 😂😂😂
  • Ivan Trudeau
    Ivan Trudeau 10 месяцев назад steven wentling LOL, Unless you have someone to do it for you !
  • Ivan Trudeau
    Ivan Trudeau 10 месяцев назад filip adrian I'd rather have white than black.
  • Sahadi420
    Sahadi420 10 месяцев назад LOL with my blower I don't mind washing my car at all.
  • Andrew Kenaan
    Andrew Kenaan 10 месяцев назад It’s literally the easiest car to clean and have 😂
  • Harlan Mote
    Harlan Mote 10 месяцев назад steven wentling I’ll never own another black car or truck.
  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker 10 месяцев назад I have a Black SUV... if it looked too clean for too long IMHO it would show I didn't know WTF the vehicle was for. SUV is "Sports Utility Vehicle"... not "Showroom-Only Useless Vehicle". It looks pretty nice... but when someone is like "you have mud on your floor mats and bark in your trunk area" my response is simply "yes... I was using it properly."
  • Mike Mc
    Mike Mc 10 месяцев назад And if that black car is a suburban it’s like having 3 jobs
  • RIGS
    RIGS 10 месяцев назад steven wentling very true
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    Keifer D 10 месяцев назад then having a silver car is like being unemployed!
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    Justine Warfield 10 месяцев назад Agree!!
    SHERLYN VALDEHUEZA 10 месяцев назад steven wentli
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    Wild Bill 9 месяцев назад steven wentling You said it.
  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill 9 месяцев назад steven wentling I sold my dodge challenger scat pack because of all things I had to fix after the first year. Plastic lic plate slap at 80mph. Over spray from the apartments. Damage from the dealership. Swirl marks from the car wash. Filthy all the time. I just gave up and bought a white car. I wash it every time I feel like it usually every 2 to 3 weeks love it!
  • fugitive88888
    fugitive88888 9 месяцев назад xD so true
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    Jimbo 9 месяцев назад HA
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    miguel f 9 месяцев назад LOL is two mothers in love
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    anthony minuzzo 9 месяцев назад a black ferrari
  • anthony minuzzo
    anthony minuzzo 9 месяцев назад gg
  • D best
    D best 9 месяцев назад steven wentling ...lol..so true!
  • Rick Danner
    Rick Danner 9 месяцев назад I hear ya mine is only a year old and all swirls even though Im very careful
  • SeansTech
    SeansTech 9 месяцев назад Tell me about it 😂
  • sandra n.
    sandra n. 8 месяцев назад Dude tell me about it its like a damn child
  • flipfloplogic
    flipfloplogic 8 месяцев назад If you care about your car then yes it can be like having a second job. I'll never own another black car. I'm done with that headache.
  • J Chs
    J Chs 8 месяцев назад Ryan S why come to a car wash video then? Sick voyeur 😂
  • David Cordyceps
    David Cordyceps 8 месяцев назад Luckily I'm straight and don't drive yellow TT's.
  • Michael Kos
    Michael Kos 7 месяцев назад @Ryan S AND I GUESS YOUR HOUSE IS A PLACE WHERE YOU JUST A SLEEP
  • Markus Deep
    Markus Deep 7 месяцев назад steven wentling Agreed. I won’t be using it as the product is highly toxic. The foam has CMR particles that will cause serious damages on your body
  • truebeliever
    truebeliever 7 месяцев назад @Ryan S then why even watch this?
  • A I
    A I 7 месяцев назад My black car stays cleaner a lot longer than my white car...
  • Casper Gomez
    Casper Gomez 7 месяцев назад Black looks so nice when it’s clean and shining.
  • Se Pro
    Se Pro 6 месяцев назад That’s soo Racist form you to say that!!,that’s what the Democrats would say to you... MAGA
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    Max 6 месяцев назад Ryan S was you’re broke stfu
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    Eril Burgos 5 месяцев назад steven wentling #bestcomment
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    Larry S 5 месяцев назад Try pearl white
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    Stephen Brewer 4 месяца назад Just like having fully polished wheels... so much work
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    Jabrael Brown 3 месяца назад steven wentling that’s white cars
  • Roddy Dykes
    Roddy Dykes 2 месяца назад steven wentling I’m getting a black JDM Fairlady Z33 soon, on its way and I’m mentally preparing for the job it’ll be to get buffed and waxed properly. But it happens to be the best “colour” (shade) for that particular car so it’s just what you gotta do. Next car after that will probably be an Evo VIII or Audi S4, which both look fine in lighter colours
  • Sean Burdge
    Sean Burdge 2 месяца назад Yeah but when that black car has that tight shine, it's the best looking car on the road
  • Peter Or Stewie
    Peter Or Stewie 2 месяца назад Fr tho! Smfh
  • Peter Or Stewie
    Peter Or Stewie 2 месяца назад @Hello There you only live once
  • JDM Gemz
    JDM Gemz 1 месяц назад For real though
  • Malicious
    Malicious 1 месяц назад Having a black car is like having welfare.
  • M James
    M James Неделю назад A nice 2nd job
  • Martin W
    Martin W Неделю назад There are fandme ugly those rims
  • alxM3
    alxM3 6 месяцев назад I can’t believe I watched a 13 min video of a guy telling me how to wash my car...what am I doing with my life??
  • Alberto Abarzua
    Alberto Abarzua 6 месяцев назад If you like expensive toys u must learn the correct way to wash your car.
  • Emil Christoff
    Emil Christoff 6 месяцев назад :) :)
  • casual observer
    casual observer 4 месяца назад Haha, so true. It's not rocket science. I'm actually wondering why these idiots make a video of themselves washing a car. Can you imagine living next to this guy?
  • Jordan Groves
    Jordan Groves 3 месяца назад Your learning how to take care of your car properly.. better than watching all the other useless bs on the internet.
  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald 3 месяца назад You think youve got issues; ive just come from 3 OTHER car washing videos . . . . . .
  • Muhammad Qasim
    Muhammad Qasim 3 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    MAGA MAGA 3 месяца назад I feel ya too....what ails us?
  • S. T
    S. T 2 месяца назад Nothing wrong with that
  • Technium
    Technium 2 месяца назад alxM3 he taught you how to take care of your expensive toy. That’s what happened.
  • S. T
    S. T 2 месяца назад Btw, can anyone share their opinion about car shampoo ? Because i've always stuck with the usual pressurized soap/water at the car wash but now my car looks like it could benefit from something else.
  • Felix Molina
    Felix Molina 2 месяца назад @casual observer why call the guy an idiot. If u do not like it dont watch the video. The video is very interesting. I bet you will not call him an idiot face to face.
  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 2 месяца назад watching videos? 😁
  • yubertuber1
    yubertuber1 2 месяца назад Washing your car wrong.
  • Leonardo Jiménez
    Leonardo Jiménez 2 месяца назад I watched many too, because I had a black car in mind for my next, Im not so sure anymore...
  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 2 месяца назад @Leonardo Jiménez don't buy a black car, you will need to wash it daily lol
  • Leonardo Jiménez
    Leonardo Jiménez 2 месяца назад @Mad9977 Productions no I change my mind, I spend like a month searching for some new tecnology to cover the car that repels dirt, but nothing that gives me peace of mind in that regard... So I change my mind..
  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 2 месяца назад @Leonardo Jiménez a friend of mine had a black Chevy Impala, but as he was driving on mountain roads, the car was dirty every time and it showed badly =) yes there are repellent products out there, but you need to apply them quite often too =)
  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan 2 месяца назад this guy is talking to me like i am a kindergartener.
  • Hugh Harvey
    Hugh Harvey 2 месяца назад This was wack im mad
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    Miguel Tovar 2 месяца назад Yoo it is 4am and im watching this shit.
  • Fanboy Da Xiaomi
    Fanboy Da Xiaomi 1 месяц назад What is the problem? Most people lose 4 hours a day watching dumb entertainment on tv
  • Tim Pargad
    Tim Pargad 1 месяц назад youre not washin your car enough
  • Tim Pargad
    Tim Pargad 1 месяц назад @Sean McDonald ;lol
  • retrac_onin
    retrac_onin 1 месяц назад Lol
  • retrac_onin
    retrac_onin 1 месяц назад Id rather watch porn.
    HOLLYWOODMAFIA 1 месяц назад your just enjoying life bro....that's just like asking ''I just watched a movie for 2 hours''.....come on.
  • variedad
    variedad 1 месяц назад HOLLYWOODMAFIA car detailing is an art, any improper cleaning tactics like not using a microfiber towel will scratch your paint.
  • one flower ninja magic
    one flower ninja magic 2 недели назад "M3".... your comment is hilarious!
    HOLLYWOODMAFIA 2 недели назад @one flower ninja magic its true man. lol
  • one flower ninja magic
    one flower ninja magic 2 недели назад @HOLLYWOODMAFIA i believe. cause it had me till about 8:30 on the blow drying!
  • Kita Postoak
    Kita Postoak 2 месяца назад To dry my car I speed up and down the road a few times, the water flies right off.
  • M P
    M P Неделю назад I do this but still dry off the leftover with a microfiber towel
  • Swift Cee
    Swift Cee 3 месяца назад Did you take a speed boat out on a lake with some bikini clad ladies and hit a bump?
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    Jessica Dodd 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂
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    Cholic's page 1 месяц назад Swift Cee amazing this was deep
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    Robin Degeling 1 месяц назад HAHAHHAAHAHAHA
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    gary Hobson 3 недели назад ROTFL you win best comment well done 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  • Hadley Spieckerman
    Hadley Spieckerman 2 недели назад Bro!😂
  • Valk
    Valk 23 часа назад Lmao
  • kayvon toofani
    kayvon toofani 7 месяцев назад oh my Lord the lil spot u missed from 5:09-5:33 is driving me crazy
  • Cygwin
    Cygwin Год назад How to wash a clean car
  • Anne Shaw
    Anne Shaw Год назад Go and spend $100 on product and an hour of your time and there it is clean. Same as it was before
  • Shane Sullivan
    Shane Sullivan Год назад Cygwin I
  • Tinus Plotseling
    Tinus Plotseling 11 месяцев назад 🤣
  • efini_fc
    efini_fc 10 месяцев назад I thought I was crazy when I dump two instead of one cap full of Meguiars soap in the bucket. I'm betting the soap used here is great but expensive. Looks like $50 of soap he sprayed! I like to challenge the the things we do normally, but this seems really expensive, vs just getting hands....clean/dirty:)
  • laura jacquez
    laura jacquez 10 месяцев назад When you spend that much money on a car, you'd be insane not to take major care of it! Yes, it still "looks" super clean, but if he waits until the car is actually visibly dirty, the damage is already done. Bugs, dirt, even fingerprints and oil from your skin damages your paint.
  • Bobby Bologna
    Bobby Bologna 10 месяцев назад Maybe your unwillingness to invest that kind of money into your car looking good is the reason it looks like shit maybe?
  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma 10 месяцев назад You need ceramic coating
  • Casper Gomez
    Casper Gomez 7 месяцев назад Ya this only works if you wash your car every other day
  • Max Quigley
    Max Quigley 4 месяца назад There isn't a spec of dust in that whole neighborhood. Excepting for a couple bug that car was already clean and spotless.
  • Eddison Rivero
    Eddison Rivero 1 месяц назад Advertising
  • Eddison Rivero
    Eddison Rivero 1 месяц назад 😂🤔
  • Fresh Start
    Fresh Start 1 месяц назад @Casper Gomez Do you have a foam cannon sir?
  • Casper Gomez
    Casper Gomez 1 месяц назад Fresh Start of course. Why do you ask. What do you want to know brother
  • Fresh Start
    Fresh Start 1 месяц назад @Casper Gomez Can I borrow it?
  • Casper Gomez
    Casper Gomez 1 месяц назад Fresh Start sure
  • Fresh Start
    Fresh Start 1 месяц назад @Casper Gomez Perfect.
  • Casper Gomez
    Casper Gomez 1 месяц назад Fresh Start did we just became best friends?
  • Fresh Start
    Fresh Start 1 месяц назад @Casper Gomez Yes! Do you want to go in the garage and do some karate?
  • Casper Gomez
    Casper Gomez 1 месяц назад Fresh Start YUP!!! Hahahahaha
  • Fresh Start
    Fresh Start 1 месяц назад @Casper Gomez Hahaha want to see my night vision goggles?
  • Casper Gomez
    Casper Gomez 1 месяц назад Fresh Start HOLY SANTA CLAUS SHIT
  • Sam G
    Sam G Неделю назад Yo Momma you need Permagard
  • J Medrano
    J Medrano 2 дня назад @laura jacquez what about breathing near it or looking at it too intense. 😂
  • RLmodel
    RLmodel 4 месяца назад Then the Booty! 😂 Excellent video man. I'm convinced that is a great product.
  • CosminACM
    CosminACM 9 месяцев назад Now show us a video about How to Clean your car's Interior WITHOUT Touching it!! That would be great!! Preferably using Adam's products also and without it being a sponsored video of course :-D
  • iNstRumeNtaLZ Barajas
    iNstRumeNtaLZ Barajas 3 дня назад Lmaooooo
  • BananaOrange Soup
    BananaOrange Soup 5 месяцев назад I just subscribed :D and I found out that this channel is so satisfying
  • GoTrixie Go
    GoTrixie Go 2 недели назад (изменено) Saving you 13 minutes of your time. Use any pH balanced car shampoo & an electric or battery powered leaf blower. I saved you time & $$. would have been hilarious if when he said preserving the paint, etc a bird would have taken a crap on it.
  • Greymatter11
    Greymatter11 9 месяцев назад This is not an Adam’s sponsored video but let me show you what I use to wash my car. Adams polish Adams shampoo Adams blower Adams bucket Adams bucket guard Adams sunlight Adams wind Adams water Adams electricity for power wash! For the blower I would just use my garden leaf blower
  • JoJoeBOC87
    JoJoeBOC87 2 месяца назад "And then the booty" 5:33 I've left this comment before. Couldn't find it so here you go again.
  • Arbee Cannon
    Arbee Cannon 3 месяца назад Looks easier but not as much love put into cleaning your car the way I do. By hand 🖐🏻 nae offence 👍🏻
  • Koito rob
    Koito rob Неделю назад How To Properly Wash AND Dry Your Car WITHOUT Touching it! (No Swirl Marks) I do this all the time. I live in England, WHERE IT RAINS. A LOT!
  • mrmillsap
    mrmillsap 11 месяцев назад So this isn't a Adam's Polishes sponsored video, but you just so happen to have a partnership and a promo code. How convenient.
  • Prime Shane Mosley
    Prime Shane Mosley 10 месяцев назад mrmillsap lmao 😂
  • Chris H
    Chris H 10 месяцев назад “If it’s really dirty.. you’ll need Adam’s wash bucket” He really likes Adam’s Detailing Supplies 😂
  • Onfroi
    Onfroi 10 месяцев назад lmao why would he lie about that when he has a PROMO CODE in the description.. smh
  • William Wilson
    William Wilson 10 месяцев назад mrmillsap 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 pure comedy
  • William Wilson
    William Wilson 10 месяцев назад They coulda got in touch with him after the video but still funny
  • Domo
    Domo 10 месяцев назад I've used various Adams car products and I really like them all. Just haven't heard of this one. Don't have a power washer either.
  • David Sadowski
    David Sadowski 9 месяцев назад No doubt it’s about Adam’s products as you hear it all the time... and the flag in the background... jeez almost like watching shite served by hollywood.
  • Jake Farron Merlin
    Jake Farron Merlin 9 месяцев назад Hey he just likes it because its ph neutral :)
    JAYSEN DENNISON 9 месяцев назад Domo I use the car wash we're you clean it yourself and has very powerful sprayers..
  • neo217041
    neo217041 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Adam approves this comment.
  • progen
    progen 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Only rich people can use an entire bottle of foam wash on one car!
  • Patrick Van Reusel
    Patrick Van Reusel 9 месяцев назад Somebody has to pay for the Benz.
  • Marshall Brummel
    Marshall Brummel 8 месяцев назад Everything he was using appeared to be brand new. If he really used Adams, his equipment would show some wear and tear.
  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson 8 месяцев назад Bloody hilarious.
  • Illuminated
    Illuminated 7 месяцев назад What does one have to do with the other? Your ignorance is showing: an affiliate relationship isn't really a 'partnership' nor does a promo code constitute sponsorship. LOL, what a moron. Heaven forbid people make money.
  • Brian Riess
    Brian Riess 7 месяцев назад mrmillsap 😂
  • Tom Cornwell
    Tom Cornwell 7 месяцев назад (изменено) Illuminated, Exactly...plus the dude has 4.5 million views. Even if he's only doing a lousy 1% conversion, at that rate he's laughing all the way to the bank. Bloody freaking hilarious, right Andrew?
  • Barry Jenkins
    Barry Jenkins 7 месяцев назад And so what does any of it have to do with you? Unsub ....problem solved. If there really is a problem.....youtube.
  • Carlos Santacruz
    Carlos Santacruz 7 месяцев назад Fuck you and adams dirty liar... Too funny... Load of shit... Remember you said tell me what you think well there it is. Asswipe.. No i didnt enjoy your Adams commercial.
  • potatoecouch
    potatoecouch 7 месяцев назад "Ignorance" is an over-statement. You're just contradicting Andrew with what is just your own opinion. You don't know what else may be happening here.
  • potatoecouch
    potatoecouch 7 месяцев назад Ignorance? How do you know just what's happening behind the scenes? You seem to overestimate your own "knowledge".
  • C L
    C L 6 месяцев назад Let’s say he is sponsoring... who the fuck cares? He showed us how to wash the car without damaging it. The douchers here commenting prob all drive civics, elantras and corollas.
  • Spartan Lion
    Spartan Lion 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Well, i remember him owning a Ford Fusion.Switching to a C63 AMG has to be financed somehow. 😉
  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 5 месяцев назад 1 bottle per wash? lol yeah that's some rich people shit. Great product, but Fuck thatlol
  • trulyspeaking
    trulyspeaking 3 месяца назад Wonder if my leafblower would work to dry my car since its not Adams
  • John Flemming
    John Flemming 1 месяц назад Rich people's problems... Nice looking car though
  • Patrik Pakarinen
    Patrik Pakarinen 1 месяц назад Why wouldn't you take care of a cheap car?
  • Mitch Da Glitch Le
    Mitch Da Glitch Le 1 месяц назад @Patrik Pakarinen agreed no matter the price of anything, take pride in everything you own!
  • DiveJumpShooter
    DiveJumpShooter 2 недели назад how much do your neighbors hate you with the noise of that thing? Luckily I have some acres between me and neighbors in Santa Cruz mountains so no one can hear the machine or people scream
  • carlos mendez
    carlos mendez 2 недели назад DiveJumpShooter wait...
  • AutoPro Software UK
    AutoPro Software UK 9 месяцев назад Interesting and useful, but obvs. a promo for Adams (whoever they are)
  • Ken Wright
    Ken Wright 8 месяцев назад I use a leaf blower. Works real good on a motorcycle.
  • posterlion
    posterlion 7 месяцев назад I was thinking my stihl would be perfect for that.