Thinking about buying a bank owned property? Watch this short video first

Published on Jul 1, 2009 64,222 views

Listen as Adam Iobst of A-Team Realty, LLC explains the "in's and out's" of purchasing a bank owned property. Enjoy the show.

  • B Sa
    B Sa 7 месяцев назад SMART and HANDSOME!!!
  • Aicha Bah
    Aicha Bah Год назад I personally thank you so very much for this video I learned a lot from you thanks again.
  • D Henry
    D Henry 3 года назад Very helpful, thanks!
  • Yelena Damsky
    Yelena Damsky 4 месяца назад Thank you Adam! Great tips on buying the REOs. The only detail I still unclear about is the step when you have to create a Land Trust. I have my own LLC form my wholesaling business. Could you please elaborate on those details? Thank you again. Yelena.
  • Danny Hernandez
    Danny Hernandez 4 года назад Your information was helpful.  I will keep it in mind when I go through my first purchase.
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    agape Stephens 2 года назад perfect thanks
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    mark1281s 5 лет назад great INFO!!!!! please subscribe back. the more info on this the better.
  • philly v
    philly v 6 лет назад This house is worth about $400,000,,,so your telling me the negotiation bidding could go up to $50,00,,,$100,000s,,,i have no chance in buying this house is i have only $12,000 in my pocket right?
  • Kevin Michael
    Kevin Michael Год назад You are correct, your better off doing a lease purchase.
  • Learning as I go
    Learning as I go 2 года назад We are thinking about buying a bank owned home. It foreclosed, went to auction and didn't sell. Bank bought and priced to go. The bank paid the liens and taxes. Still getting a Title search as a cushion.
  • Adam Iobst
    Adam Iobst 6 лет назад Fhilly865, The Trans Value is is what the property was last sold for. This is not the asking price for the property; it's a starting place for you to begin your negotiations with the bank. Hope this helps. Good luck. 
  • philly v
    philly v 6 лет назад i am looking at a REO home,,,,,,Its saysTransfer Value $6,983,,what does that mean,,,is that the sale price their asking for....?
  • yana212
    yana212 2 года назад philly v how exactly does a REO home work?
  • Kevin Michael
    Kevin Michael Год назад get a title search done, if you want know exactly how much you have to pay
  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master Год назад I am interested in finding a REO home. I hope you had luck with your REO home :)
  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master Год назад (изменено) I only want a REO foreclosure situation....thanks for making the video.
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    Wise Move AZ 7 месяцев назад Great insights! 😊
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    Janet Vasquez 2 года назад Are reo the cheapwst or are lien s the cheapezt aY to get house$????
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    Miguel Gonzalez 2 года назад great video!
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    Eric Evolving 2 года назад Thank you!
  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master Год назад Can you get a REO foreclosure with a conventional loan? Thanks...
  • BlackBerry Blossom
    BlackBerry Blossom Год назад Do real-estate agent help with buy a foreclosed home
  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master Год назад (изменено) Most real estate agents are pretty retarded, or only care about a quick sale. There are probably some out there that specialize in foreclosures, but do your own research, and homework to cover yourself if they end up not knowing what they are doing.
  • Diana Bates
    Diana Bates Год назад Hi my name is Diana and I have a question I like to get one of the mobile homes or manufactured home how much would I have to put down
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    Ivette Cruz Год назад Wow very good information