Man Quits $80K Job to Work in Grocery Store Part Time - Minimalism

Published on Oct 22, 2015 1,837,715 views

Yves quit his job even though he had it all: a big salary, health benefits and a pension plan. He sold his downtown condo, too. Why did he decide to drastically simplify his life? Because he was unhappy and unfulfilled. A couple of years ago, he went on a 10-day silent retreat and, after much soul-searching, realized that his job and his stressful lifestyle needed to go. Now, a year and a half later, he's living a minimalist lifestyle in a small bachelor apartment, riding his bike to work, and working 3 days a week at a grocery store. He has more time to spend with the people he loves, and a lot less stress. Does he regret his downshifting decision? Watch this video to find out!

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  • Guiding Angel
    Guiding Angel 2 года назад everything is ok being poor until you get a tooth ache
  • Angela Siegfried
    Angela Siegfried 2 года назад Obamacare? (ACA)
  • Sebastián J
    Sebastián J 2 года назад Trees Are Green Nature is Glorious then u take care more your teeth ;)
  • Adrian Ghandtchi
    Adrian Ghandtchi 2 года назад Angela Siegfried I was homeless and that didn't help me
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict 2 года назад this is in Canada
  • Anthropos Anthropos
    Anthropos Anthropos 2 года назад Uhh Canada does not have free dental care.
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict 2 года назад FFS American's thing the whole world is their country lol
  • Anthropos Anthropos
    Anthropos Anthropos 2 года назад What are you going on about?
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict 2 года назад American people keep bringing up how $80k is a fortune in the USA ignoring that this is 80k in Ottawa where car insurance is like $4k a year etc.
  • Maria Gradilla
    Maria Gradilla 2 года назад LAVAR The GOAT lol 😂
  • Isaac
    Isaac 2 года назад LAVAR The GOAT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😥
  • Laughing Man
    Laughing Man 2 года назад Comment made me jump, im in this predicament, alcohol + pliers works!
  • Oak Tree
    Oak Tree 2 года назад brush and you wont get one
  • Sebastián J
    Sebastián J 2 года назад My point!
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict 2 года назад depends on your issues. a lot of people need surgery too like wisdom teeth.
  • hana777amanuel
    hana777amanuel 2 года назад hahahahahahahahhh
  • Jagjot Singh
    Jagjot Singh 2 года назад Eating refined sugar and buying packs of processed food from all that extra money gives the toothache and much more. Live simple and enjoy life 👍
  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 2 года назад LMFAO...so true. Pray for him.
  • shudtt09
    shudtt09 2 года назад Hi A S, the ACA does not cover dental. A cheap dental plan would cover cleanings though.
  • Fight with Might
    Fight with Might 2 года назад LAVAR The GOAT There's a difference between being poor and having nothing.
  • Anthropos Anthropos
    Anthropos Anthropos 2 года назад ACA isn't relevant as this is Canada
  • napoleon
    napoleon 2 года назад LAVAR The GOAT in a social state not. human dignity is more important than money.
  • moussaemad
    moussaemad Год назад US medical system sucks. We deem ourselves lucky in the UK for having the NHS.
  • Saru2191
    Saru2191 Год назад @moussaemad The US medical system is exceptional, it's flaw is that it costs a lot of money which can screw you over if you're not under private insurance. For example, Canadians will brag about their free health care, yet many cross over to US for treatment the moment they experience a serious illness or injury. Canadian health care may be free, but you get what you pay for.
  • Anthropos Anthropos
    Anthropos Anthropos Год назад yeah the people who go to the states for treatment just tend to be the rich people who have non -emergent issues and they want to pay for faster treatment/diagnostics.
  • Ahsen Ali
    Ahsen Ali Год назад use Toothkill pain
  • Anthropos Anthropos
    Anthropos Anthropos Год назад I know you're just trolling but even a kindergartener can tell you when you mix a bunch of paint colours together they turn brown. It's basic colour theory.
  • bud thedog
    bud thedog Год назад Angela Siegfried you meant unaffordable.
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict Год назад Were are you speaking about? For tooth aches yeah you're probably ok in Canada. For everything, you're fucked in the USA! Average family healthcare spending was like $25K a year in the USA
  • Anthropos Anthropos
    Anthropos Anthropos Год назад Why do we keep talking about the US which is completely irrelevant to this story?
  • airmark02
    airmark02 Год назад Lavar the Goat ~ so true ~ ha ha
  • Stephen Ochieng
    Stephen Ochieng Год назад LAVAR The GOAT 😅😅😅😅
  • junglee janwar
    junglee janwar Год назад LAVAR The GOAT, absolutely true buddy.The Dentist will rob u of all ur savings !!!
  • JIM Allen
    JIM Allen Год назад Theny you go get some penacilllin and a pair of pliers w a 5th of JD.
  • T. B.
    T. B. Год назад LAVAR The GOAT floss, baking soda rinse, ionic silver, sunshine, and prayer... you're teeth will never bother you.
    CENCOLLER Год назад (изменено) Yolo put some salt on it. Or take a string pull that teeth out.
  • MrEeeaddict
    MrEeeaddict Год назад Best country in the world! Need to pull out your tooth by hand since you're likely too poor to afford dental surgery.
  • so good
    so good Год назад LAVAR The GOAT you can pull out a tooth
  • junglee janwar
    junglee janwar Год назад so goodFor that also the dentist asks money u know.. Literally he loots me.....
  • Eric White
    Eric White Год назад lmbo true
  • Wolf Stein
    Wolf Stein Год назад why? ah, because you think universal healthcare is communism... blame yourself.
  • Supersteveling \_o.o_/
    Supersteveling \_o.o_/ Год назад Canada..
  • Alina Mitchelson
    Alina Mitchelson Год назад LAVAR The GOAT lol,,
  • Ru_Chez
    Ru_Chez Год назад damn for real.
  • Mary Pickford
    Mary Pickford Год назад LAVAR The GOAT so true.
  • Perfect Diamond
    Perfect Diamond Год назад +MrEeeaddict 👍
  • Perfect Diamond
    Perfect Diamond Год назад +T. B. prayer? is that the reason why only 0.7% of US prison inmates are atheists?
  • J W
    J W Год назад Awawwwwwwwww yeeeee dogs
  • J W
    J W Год назад +Supersteveling \_o.o_/ nooooope 500 600 for a cleaning.
  • Juan Serna
    Juan Serna 2 месяца назад Just go to mexico
  • Danny Sze
    Danny Sze 1 месяц назад He might have good savings from inheritance.
  • CHRISTINE162004
    CHRISTINE162004 1 месяц назад 80k is relative, it depends on where you live..
  • Cheryl Flynn
    Cheryl Flynn 1 месяц назад Courageous. I have tremendous admiration for you.
  • christomaszewski1
    christomaszewski1 1 месяц назад @Angela Siegfried So true. Lmao wait until he runs out of money
  • christomaszewski1
    christomaszewski1 1 месяц назад So basically this guy retired
  • Ben Terry
    Ben Terry 1 месяц назад Unless you live in a first world country, medical care is the first thing any government should be spending money on.
  • Liz Gui
    Liz Gui 1 месяц назад Lol so damn true
  • N B
    N B 1 месяц назад 😥😥😂
  • Dreamcatcher_11_
    Dreamcatcher_11_ 1 месяц назад You can always go to Ukraine and fix it for a hundred bucks
  • aprilsno43012
    aprilsno43012 1 месяц назад @Angela Siegfried Trump is working hard to overturn Obamacare. Notice, he says he will protect pre-existing conditions, but every legal action his administration has taken - raises the costs of those with pre-existing conditions thus making health care unaffordable.
  • Hardnitz1974
    Hardnitz1974 1 месяц назад @Anthropos Anthropos No it does not!! lol
  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 1 месяц назад You wouldn't get a toothache to begin with if you took proper hygiene care of your mouth. (As an adult)
  • Angela Siegfried
    Angela Siegfried 1 месяц назад @aprilsno43012 Exactly!
  • taradead
    taradead 1 месяц назад Brush first thing in morning. Brush & floss last thing at night. Always rinse with water after every meal & chew gum after eating anything acidic or sugary. That should keep your teeth healthy enough to last a lifetime.
  • Lee Spidor
    Lee Spidor 1 месяц назад @Angela Siegfried Trump ruined it.
  • Tarik Al-Hoshan
    Tarik Al-Hoshan 1 месяц назад @Saru2191 Medical errors in the US account for 250,000 deaths a year.
  • K M
    K M 1 месяц назад I can relate to this so much
  • iReturnV1deotapes
    iReturnV1deotapes 1 месяц назад That's when you rinse out your mouth with hot salt water. Problem solved
  • pnyc
    pnyc 1 месяц назад @@Saru2191 That's total bull. Stop trolling.
  • Saru2191
    Saru2191 1 месяц назад @pnyc Facts that don't align with your biases isn't "trolling".
  • K P
    K P 1 месяц назад Or ur dog needs a barber or a operation
  • Derek 84
    Derek 84 1 месяц назад Actually if you get a tooth ache in my case an abscess tooth which hurt like a mother ...... you go online and do some research and then you find dr Christopher Infection pills and it works wonders! 😀
  • iFuzzy WuzzyTV
    iFuzzy WuzzyTV 1 месяц назад Use baking soda .
  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 1 месяц назад Guiding Angel I love that lol
  • Angela Siegfried
    Angela Siegfried 1 месяц назад @aprilsno43012 Sad but true. Or more like, sad and angry that that's true. :-/
  • intiferino
    intiferino 1 месяц назад @MrEeeaddict Canada is in America dude! why people refers to the US as America as it would be the only country in the whole continent and that why we should call it america. It is insulting to all the other countries in the continent. Imagine I would call Europe to Germany only because it is the only country in Europe that matters to me
  • Lynda Brown
    Lynda Brown 1 месяц назад Tarik Al-Hoshan there have been major scandals in UK health services for negligence leading to thousands of deaths also.
  • Wanda D
    Wanda D 1 месяц назад Agree!
  • ChristianVS
    ChristianVS 1 месяц назад tell me about it
  • Sandy Heesom
    Sandy Heesom 1 месяц назад Good point hahaha
  • Allen Driskill
    Allen Driskill 1 месяц назад @Guiding Angel..At least he didn't work high stress for so long that heart disease developed....Or diabetes..High blood pressure. There is a cost of working until you're 67. Finally retired, but the body is worn out.
  • Matthew St _fort
    Matthew St _fort 4 недели назад Depends in what country you get the toothache taken care of.
  • Matthew St _fort
    Matthew St _fort 4 недели назад @Saru2191 That is a Lie.
  • Saru2191
    Saru2191 4 недели назад @Matthew St _fort No.
  • Jaymie m Hilez
    Jaymie m Hilez Неделю назад Best comment here
  • Building Hometown
    Building Hometown 4 дня назад @Angela Siegfried kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • satrsmndri
    satrsmndri 1 месяц назад Moral of the story: Work for 11 years at an 80k a year job, then retire.
  • Naida UGAN
    Naida UGAN 1 месяц назад Thanks for mentioning it, WE can also become minimalist after that 😂😂😂
  • GUNZ
    GUNZ 3 недели назад After taxes your left with 66,000 yearly expenses for your vehicle, food , home -20000 that's also bot including any fun activities only basic essentials now your left with 46,000 Now if you managed to not get a Starbucks or going to a restaurant for 11 years you would have only acquired 505,000 from 11 years Say you're now in your 40s , average life expectancy is 75 . 75-40=35yrs to spend 505,000, divide by 35 =14,428 a yr So if living off 14,428 yr wont even cover your basic expenses you will have to live in a small 1 bedroom with no phone, internet,vehical or cable to be able to survive off of 505,000
  • Gamana
    Gamana 3 недели назад Actually, mobility at the top of of the ladder where people actually save their money and quit in 5 to 10 years would help everyone else too. A lot of the job problem we have now is old people sticking to a job and blocking the upward mobility of the next generation. Saving money up and retiring early is about the best thing that those that have made it can do for those who want to get to that point.
  • Dustin Totten
    Dustin Totten 3 недели назад @GUNZ A lot of people live off that. It's minimum wage in a huge portion of the country.
  • Will Anthony
    Will Anthony 3 недели назад @GUNZ add his $15,000 - $20000 part time income and hes got $30 000 a year. His apartment is probably fully paid for by selling the partly owned city condo he sank $100,000 into. He is semi retired butdoesnt realise it. it embarrising really, semi retired and single
  • Steve Archer
    Steve Archer 2 недели назад And stay single, of course. Having responsibilities aside from yourself opens up a whole other universe of rewards and sacrifices...especially income potential by and large.
  • I H
    I H 2 недели назад Embarrassing? Semi-retired and single? That's not embarrassing, that's fantastic (an unprecedented level of autonomy). It's people like you, who only see value through the eyes of society, who will never be enlightened. @Will Anthony
  • Troy J
    Troy J 4 месяца назад Living in poverty by circumstance is horribly painful. Living in poverty by choice is wonderfully liberating!
  • pravin choughule
    pravin choughule 1 день назад Very True!🙏
  • KShaggy
    KShaggy 1 месяц назад So basically he retired, he just works 3 days a week for extra income/amusement.
  • josh waterman
    josh waterman 1 месяц назад KShaggy yea but he’s not living like most retired people.
  • Manny M.
    Manny M. 1 месяц назад @josh waterman he's living better. Most retired people still have to work at Walmart.
  • Hello There
    Hello There 1 месяц назад Yeah, there's no way you can afford a cute little apartment working 3 days a week at a grocery store otherwise.
  • wusta34
    wusta34 1 месяц назад Hello There he has a pension
  • RAH520
    RAH520 3 недели назад @wusta34 and he sold his condo.
  • Peter M
    Peter M 2 месяца назад I had the same issue awhile back, i was working too much and stuck in the corporate hierarchy with little progress up.. High pay, high stress but in the end Corporate politics was the cause of all my sorrow. I quit everything and launched my own consulting business. I work 20 hours a week.I make an Average salary. I wake up at 11 every day and go to bed at 2.. I play video games before visiting a client. Never been happier. Whatever people say, never stop educating yourself.. Education is the only way out of any situation..If you don't have any skills, it might be difficult to just drop everything.. Focus on getting good at stuff, get expertise and knowledge in certain fields.. Even if you have to live in your parent's basement, take that time to specialize in something you can monetize!
  • Kobe Drews
    Kobe Drews 2 месяца назад yes specializing is the key
  • Dawid Wtorek
    Dawid Wtorek 1 месяц назад Yes I agree wholeheartedly. Knowledge is power.
  • Krystle Dianne
    Krystle Dianne 1 месяц назад Thank you for this 😊
  • Am Ri
    Am Ri 1 месяц назад This is so inspiring, thank you
  • SirGinger76
    SirGinger76 1 месяц назад Thanks for the words peter, I had to screenshot your comment!
  • Margo Penn-Taylor
    Margo Penn-Taylor Неделю назад Your words have given me courage!!!
  • Invest
    Invest Неделю назад you had me on "video games"
  • larios86
    larios86 5 дней назад Wow that's beautiful.
  • Froggy Noddy
    Froggy Noddy 1 день назад more people should see this post.
  • Tong tong
    Tong tong Год назад moral of the story - be single and u can quit your job anytime!
  • quad comparator
    quad comparator Год назад MGTOW does have it's advantages.
  • FILamas
    FILamas Год назад true
  • emergerq
    emergerq Год назад Don't have kids unless you are willing to sacrifice your life.
  • Ray Davies
    Ray Davies Год назад Be married and quit your job, you will then be single
  • Eric Bauer
    Eric Bauer Год назад Amen to that!!! When you're single, your pockets jingle.
  • misteur axe
    misteur axe Год назад you can also be in a relationship too. as long as no mortgage or kids are involved.
    GETOR G Год назад Tong tong yup
  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five Год назад No value for a man to marry. Women are evil, catty and crazy.
  • MrDon'tCatchFeelings
    MrDon'tCatchFeelings Год назад Tong tong then you feel lonely like me.
  • dark light
    dark light Год назад quit a 150 job? what did he do?
  • dark light
    dark light Год назад they must still be making a nice chunk of change. hopefully the money will make them happy.
  • little dick mcgee
    little dick mcgee Год назад Hahahaha. So true and don't have kids
  • Carolella Much
    Carolella Much Год назад After saving a ton of money
  • Miss Mick
    Miss Mick Год назад Tong tong always have emergency savings!!
  • Altair
    Altair Год назад Don’t get married. Don’t have kids with the women you been with only for 10 years. If you wanna have a kid then adopt. Or wait, be with a women atleast 10+ years then you know she the right one.
  • Katherine Mai
    Katherine Mai 11 месяцев назад 😂😂
  • Filmon Tewolde
    Filmon Tewolde 8 месяцев назад Its not the single part. Its not having kids.
  • J S
    J S 7 месяцев назад I have a kid with money, properties, just got life insurance and I'm good with 50k a year. Now I dont sit in an office all day so yea.
  • Antonio Martin
    Antonio Martin 7 месяцев назад AMEN
  • Jamac007
    Jamac007 7 месяцев назад You can still be married and quit your job anytime too, don't use family or marriage as an excuse...no one is putting a gun to your head to stay there just a lack of self confidence and a closed mind.
  • TH C
    TH C 2 месяца назад Johnny Five that right there are straight facts smh
  • TheShmsrsh
    TheShmsrsh 2 месяца назад Im not single and had a low payed job at sales , now im quit for editing videos and im still in relationship ;)
  • ha ha
    ha ha 1 месяц назад A girl in college broke my heart but I realized I’m not a bad person. I tried to make it work several times. I’m also happy that I have money for myself. I feel like women should break past social norms and approach men more. I mean, I want to be taken out for food and stuff too. But I’m not wasting time asking a girl out and stuff. I’m relaxing at home and pursuing my own hobbies. Sometimes it hurts but I’m more introverted than anything.
  • Delilah Jones
    Delilah Jones 1 месяц назад and don't have kids.
  • cam. etc.
    cam. etc. 1 месяц назад Or plan your life better. My wife and I are saving up so she can work part-time. I've already been doing that and learned graphic design, photography, and copywriting to give myself more job flexibility. If you and your SO don't talk about that stuff, you guys aren't ready for a relationship.
  • Calv Candy
    Calv Candy 1 месяц назад +
  • Business Knowledge
    Business Knowledge 1 месяц назад If he was married and had children, he would not be able to quit his goverment job even if he hated it.
  • Business Knowledge
    Business Knowledge 1 месяц назад @Calv Candy Wow so these bankers are pimps?
  • Calv Candy
    Calv Candy 1 месяц назад @Business Knowledge it makes 50$ dollars for further information
  • David Watts
    David Watts 1 месяц назад Stay single and be smart with your money and you too can semi-retire..just work part-time for the bennies and the light exercise
  • sarah sad
    sarah sad 1 месяц назад @Johnny Five As a woman I also see no point in marriage... why should any gender sacrifice time, money, body...?
    THULI MSIMANGA 5 дней назад quad comparator it is his choice. Smart choice I might add
  • cjtvtube
    cjtvtube 3 недели назад Ok, reality check. You can't just work at a grocery store 3 days a week and live like he does now. 1.) He worked 11 years at a high paying job where he most likely saved quite a large nest egg. 2.) He has no wife and more importantly no children. He had no wife or children while working his high paying job which allowed him to save. Most likely his nest egg is invested, it generates income + his grocery store income is enough to live. Don't graduate high school thinking you can jump into a 3 day a week grocery store job and think you can live... and, this channel/video should be much more informative on that.
  • Timur Joro
    Timur Joro 3 недели назад cjtvtube agreed in 2019
  • larios86
    larios86 5 дней назад Work less Live more! What good is it to work 40-50 hours for the next 30 years just to pay a higher mortgage and car note and only be off 1 day or 2 for the best years of your life . Instead work less save as much as you can and live your life like this guy. Doesnt matter how much money you make, you can't buy a single minute back with all that money.
  • Walter Cardenas
    Walter Cardenas 4 месяца назад If it wasn't for his $80k a year; working for 11 years he wouldn't be able to live the life he's living now. I'm sure he saved alot.
  • Gertrude
    Gertrude 3 месяца назад Yes but people still continue to do shitty work for life.
  • King Trance
    King Trance 3 месяца назад Bingo. I’m sure that extra cash he has banked gives him some additional peace of mind. Good for him on making the necessary lifestyle changes. If your single and willing to simplify and not buy into the consumer mindset that’s excellent! Once you get the wife and kids and the pressures on to buy into the “American Dream” well good luck...
  • Franz Bi
    Franz Bi 2 месяца назад 11 years of unhappy life.
  • Ohwhale
    Ohwhale 2 месяца назад Franz Bi Doesn't matter, he's only able to do what he does because of that well paying job. As crappy as it was for him.
  • OfficialMichellemarie 26
    OfficialMichellemarie 26 2 месяца назад Yup thats true, you have to have the money to save in the first place, if the roles were switched and he was working a crappy retail job at a grocery store and had high rent then it would be a different story.
  • Jiujitsu First
    Jiujitsu First 2 месяца назад Ohwhale yes and you are still living in your moms basement as a burden both for your parents and the planet !!
  • Coach Technique
    Coach Technique 2 месяца назад i now work on a soccer/football pitch
  • Howard Lam
    Howard Lam 2 месяца назад (изменено) 80k a year can't even buy you a 400ft apartment in 11 years in hong kong.
  • Git Gud
    Git Gud 1 месяц назад He also sold a house and a condo
  • Qiao Ching
    Qiao Ching 1 месяц назад He said he spent a lot too
  • WMUGrad2009
    WMUGrad2009 1 месяц назад Make more money, spend more money.
  • josh waterman
    josh waterman 1 месяц назад OfficialMichellemarie 26 who cares? That’s not the situation so why even talk about it
  • Thatwaseasybtw
    Thatwaseasybtw 1 месяц назад No he said he constantly spends whatever he wanted. Addicted to buying things.
  • taradead
    taradead 1 месяц назад On top of savings, probably has investments paying interest and dividends, too. No one ever taught me how to invest, so I'm effed.
  • Thatwaseasybtw
    Thatwaseasybtw 1 месяц назад @taradead he didn't save
  • Thatwaseasybtw
    Thatwaseasybtw 1 месяц назад At least not a lot
  • Asd Asd
    Asd Asd 1 месяц назад $80k isn't that much money for being 11 years into a career
    IF RACING 1 месяц назад Plus he sold the other property, lol he definately saved alot of money
  • lukkash
    lukkash 1 месяц назад Walter Cardenas yeah but if isn’t a rentier then money will run away after some time. Having 2 days free to do sth else like establishing a business would be more smart.
  • Necrotic Reaper
    Necrotic Reaper 1 месяц назад josh waterman It will be once his money runs out.
  • Abdul Karim Safi
    Abdul Karim Safi 1 месяц назад Yes that's true. It can't be done the other way around. Also he is giving up the consumer lifestyle after he has experienced it.
  • Necrotic Reaper
    Necrotic Reaper 1 месяц назад Karim S Honestly don’t know why he didn’t just downsize and find a job in his field he likes. Just because you make that money doesn’t mean you got to spend it.
  • gigihonee
    gigihonee 1 месяц назад I don't think he saved that much... unless he lived somewhere that didn't have a high cost of living. If he lived in a major metropolitian area, like DC, $80K a year salary isn't going to buy you a house.
  • Sina Pourshirazi
    Sina Pourshirazi 2 недели назад He didn’t save much. He says he spent his money and had a “buying” addiction. Also, 80K salary is nothing in states such as California. Although I’m not sure where this dude is from.
  • ProgressEqualsHappiness
    ProgressEqualsHappiness 2 недели назад Walter Cardenas he didnt say that, if he was only making 80k after 11 years he didn’t start there 😂😂😩😂
  • Vlkn Grt
    Vlkn Grt 4 месяца назад To have free time is freedom and it means you are rich.
  • Apex
    Apex 2 месяца назад Wrong freedom isn't bought it's understood through life changes
  • Phantom Warrior
    Phantom Warrior 2 месяца назад actually having money and time to spend it would be freedom. 5 day work week is too long for that. 3-4 day week at same salary would be much better.
  • Extraterrestrial Horse From Uranus
    Extraterrestrial Horse From Uranus 1 месяц назад I think freedom is to buy whatever and make your own choices for you own benefit (but dont put others in danger, cause we're all here together).
  • Dave Chappelle
    Dave Chappelle 1 месяц назад Really? Tell that to the homeless.
  • mike mcdonough
    mike mcdonough 1 месяц назад Freedom is if you enjoy your work then you are never working
  • TanakinSkywalker
    TanakinSkywalker 1 месяц назад No having more than enough money to last you 3 lifetimes is being rich. Free time is a luxury
  • TanakinSkywalker
    TanakinSkywalker 1 месяц назад mike mcdonough that’s called a fantasy
  • mike mcdonough
    mike mcdonough 1 месяц назад Enjoying life with little or a lot of money is freedom being rich doesn’t mean life is easy or free unless you are responsible with your wealth as most are nkt money Can come and go
  • mike mcdonough
    mike mcdonough 1 месяц назад Only if you believe They to be true than it will remain true for you
  • Joe Tyson
    Joe Tyson 1 месяц назад @Apex Freedom costs. To be able to live without a boss or shitty co workers costs. I respect everyone that can live and be with their friends and doing what they love daily. There is a price and those fortunate ones did it. That's respect to them.
  • Apex
    Apex 1 месяц назад @Joe Tyson I work an average job and love what I do because it's simple but I don't see the world in that light because money can't buy you happiness and that's pretty naive to think it can
  • Joe Tyson
    Joe Tyson 1 месяц назад @Apex I respect you. My thing was uplifting construction work not belittling anyone. I'm happy you enjoy your work. I enjoy mine as well. I hope we can agree upon that.
  • Apex
    Apex 1 месяц назад @Joe Tyson definitely I agree albeit from each person's perspective comes a difference in happiness and joy depending on their ability to see the good for what it is and the bad as a less worrying thing
  • imad n
    imad n 1 месяц назад So homeless people rich now
  • Vlkn Grt
    Vlkn Grt 1 месяц назад @imad n you can buy time with money. I meant it too...
  • Vlkn Grt
    Vlkn Grt 1 месяц назад @Apex you can buy freedom with money.
  • Apex
    Apex 1 месяц назад @Vlkn Grt can you elaborate on that?
  • mike mcdonough
    mike mcdonough 1 месяц назад money isn't freedom sometimes it causes a lot more pain than anything unless you are careful with it.
  • Rock Tulip
    Rock Tulip 4 недели назад Well, what I always take it as that time is limited, however money is not. But everyone should do what they want in life; everyone wants different things either advancing their career to become rich, or working at a grocery store making enough money, but more time on your hands (usually?) - Do what ever makes you happy.
  • Andrew Ledet
    Andrew Ledet 3 недели назад Your very right about that one For Richness doesn't come From your bank account. But From your heart.
  • Nick Oloteo
    Nick Oloteo 2 недели назад TanakinSkywalker that’s wealth. I think rich is being able to last several years on your money
    EARN ONLINE FROM 1000 DOLLARS A DAY 2 дня назад Great video but I know the best way....
  • jason royale
    jason royale 1 день назад me too. hire a psychic to predict the winning powerball numbers
  • summerrr1
    summerrr1 1 месяц назад Who wouldn’t get depressed by staying in the same job for 11 years?
  • Wolfy Wong
    Wolfy Wong 1 месяц назад 11? try 25 or more!
  • M A
    M A 3 недели назад @Wolfy Wong what's more sad is when the whole generation all go through the same factory lol
  • John Lester
    John Lester 2 недели назад Been at my job for 31 years and counting. Key is enjoy what you do.
  • Stan
    Stan 2 недели назад I been at my job 3 and I'm relly depressed
  • Jonathan Greenblume
    Jonathan Greenblume 3 месяца назад Money is a medium of exchange, but the medium of life is time.
  • N B
    N B 1 месяц назад You're right. Money can't buy time.
  • Emile Constance
    Emile Constance 1 месяц назад Yes, time, and I'd add health as well.
  • Andy Flint
    Andy Flint 1 месяц назад @N B money does buy you time but in a different perspective
  • jhova187
    jhova187 2 недели назад Beautifully put 👍🏻
  • ProgressEqualsHappiness
    ProgressEqualsHappiness 2 недели назад Jonathan Greenblume Amen!
  • Brian Kane
    Brian Kane Неделю назад Jonathan Greenblume well said
  • Tube Watcher
    Tube Watcher 1 месяц назад In other news, millions of grocery store workers can only dream of having a $80k job to walk away from.
  • gigihonee
    gigihonee 1 месяц назад hah! true. I worked at a market in a small mountainside community for a year, but i could only do that cause i had savings in the bank and was in between 'real' jobs and was renting a room.
  • Minty Fresh
    Minty Fresh 3 недели назад Until they realise how soul crushing it is
  • witch [Luwsina] 002
    witch [Luwsina] 002 2 недели назад 20K max from my Grocery Store
  • I H
    I H 2 недели назад The grass is always greener on the other side.
  • witch [Luwsina] 002
    witch [Luwsina] 002 Неделю назад @I H not always
  • Mia May
    Mia May 1 месяц назад They forgot to specify that this story happens in Canada where health care and education are very affordable!
  • stevo728822
    stevo728822 2 года назад He doesn't care about money because he's got money.
  • MzBrazilian87
    MzBrazilian87 2 года назад stevo728822 Right! Lol
  • BigD Travels
    BigD Travels 2 года назад Owned a condo, money in the bank quits his job with thus money in bank, buys a place to live, mortgage free, talks about working at a grocery store like it is a everyday dream for most.
  • working shlub
    working shlub 2 года назад no wife or kids either..
  • Big Bad Bandana
    Big Bad Bandana 2 года назад BigD Travels so? If he doesnt need to work more, why would he? You're missing the point of the video. The point is that he gave up chasing more money to live a more fullfilling live. If his job doesnt pay well or if he doesnt have a mortgage is completely irrelevant.
  • Ted John
    Ted John 2 года назад exacty, this guys probably been saving like 40K a year for almost 20 years. of course he can chill out now with.
  • Michel Geurts
    Michel Geurts 2 года назад dept free is enough to live in happiness. Total personal freedom when you don't owe something.
  • Test Test
    Test Test 2 года назад Anyone with the brains can work it out. Get rich quick, retire rich quick. Soon he will be his own boss and dont have anyone to tell him what hours and when to work.
  • Charles Thomson
    Charles Thomson 2 года назад Test Test 80k annually won't get you there quick
  • Test Test
    Test Test 2 года назад Charles Thomson That is because it depends on his take-home income profits(pay), 80k salary pre-tax income doesn't really give us a good indicator. Of course, it depends on what lifestyle an individual plans to live. A smart person doesn't have to use their own income to make a success in life, I thought people knew that.
  • Charles Thomson
    Charles Thomson 2 года назад Test Test It's called Net pay. The next part you're hinting at is called leverage. Worked great for almost all of the 1920's.
  • Test Test
    Test Test 2 года назад Where does it say net pay. If you can link me the reference to see such a significant figure to be rounded up so perfectly well under tax deduction. It would be great to know how you arrived to the conclusion. Well, you make it sound like it's impossible.
  • NPC # 26094
    NPC # 26094 2 года назад I am debt free and I completely agree
  • Charles Thomson
    Charles Thomson 2 года назад Test Test You wrote his "take-home income profits(pay)". That's called Net. Then, like a poor person, you said a smart person doesn't have to use their own income. So unless you're talking about living in your mothers basement, that's called leverage, and it means you're living above your means and can forget about an early retirement.
  • Matlockization
    Matlockization 2 года назад I think this video shows what not to do.
  • lucanos34
    lucanos34 2 года назад Test Test 80k per year is far far from rich.
  • mattyy101
    mattyy101 2 года назад stevo728822 about 10 years ago when one doller got you 60p 80k dollers a year wasn't that much.. most jobs you get that in england though there are many many that trounce that .. he wasnt rich