Connecting the printer and a computer via USB (G2010 series)

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How to Install & Configure printer, Network Printer

This Video is Show on How to Install & Configure printer, Network Printer, Configure Printer Through TCP\IP Port & Configuring Printer Through LPR Port. Print Server, Internet Printing.

What is USB-C? It's Not As Simple As You Think!

Learn the different types of USB-C wires so you know what to get! More Tech Discussions ▶ Subscribe Here ▶ USB Type C (or just USB-C) is a new type of connector that will be a standard for almost all USB cables in the future. It means that you'll only have to buy one type of cable, or does it? USB-C may seem simple, but in reality, there are several different types and varieties with different features, and if you buy the wrong one, it might not work as you expect. USB-C cables can have different "alternate modes" that use other protocols such as displayport, thunderbolt, or even HDMI, but not every USB C cable will have these. Sources: 1. --Download the zip of the different PDF specifications, go to "USB Type C" folder, then "USB Type-C Specification Release 1.2.pdf" --Tables at 4:08 - Pg 27-28 2. 3. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

How to make FAST FURNACES in Minecraft!!

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How to Scan on a Canon Printer

How to fix usb not showing up , Easy method to show usb not recognized connecting detected to pc

Programology, how to fix usb not showing up, how to show usb in my computer, how to fix usb device not recognized, usb is not detected in my computer, usb is not showing, usb port not working windows 7, usb ports not working on laptop, how to repair usb flash drive not detected, usb is not connecting to pc, usb is connected but its not showing up in my computer , Let me answer to your questions, Simply go the properties of Computer, In Device manager go to "Universal serial bus controllers" Uninstall the "USB mass storage device" Click on the top right computer icon "scan for hardware changes", Your USB will be connected, Thank you, ubit, university of karachi By: Ali Hassan Soomro Facebook: Gmail:

Procedure to connect a computer and the printer
Download the data required for setup.
Perform setup.
Install the software.

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