Connecting to the network with a fixed IP address (WG7000 Series)

Published on Jan 14, 2019 1,765 views

Connecting to a wireless LAN by selecting an access point
Setting an IPv4 address
Configuring DNS
Canon Business Inkjet WG7000 Series

WG7100 : WG7150Z WG7150F WG7150 WG7140
WG7200 : WG7250Z WG7250F WG7250 WG7240
WG7400 : WG7450Z WG7450F WG7450 WG7440
WG7500 : WG7550Z WG7550F WG7550 WG7540
WG7600 : WG7650Z WG7650FM WG7650
WG7700 : WG7750F WG7740
WG7900 : WG7950Z WG7950F WG7950 WG7940