The Panoramic Patio Door System

Published on Jun 3, 2016 451,235 views

The Panoramic Folding Patio Door is an affordable and innovative alternative to the tradition hinged bi-fold doors. Enjoy being able to control your home/office/restaurant environment with this luxury patio door system. www.panoramicdoors.com

  • M. Ismail
    M. Ismail 6 месяцев назад Nice work 👏🏽👏🏽🥂
  • Guru B
    Guru B 3 недели назад Im looking for your facility in Edmonton, canada
  • Jim McCall
    Jim McCall 1 месяц назад Do you know James Bond and have you seen Miss Goodhead?
  • Carina Carter
    Carina Carter 2 месяца назад Built in blinds and I'm sold.
  • Alfredo Garcia
    Alfredo Garcia 6 месяцев назад Un presupuesto así como el del video, cuanto cuesta aproximadamente saludos
  • Ética Humana
    Ética Humana 5 месяцев назад Beautiful hardware. Cheers from Brazil.
  • Annette S
    Annette S 3 месяца назад where can I buy these in the USA
  • samcad2013
    samcad2013 8 месяцев назад I need these.
  • Guide504
    Guide504 9 месяцев назад These guys are awsome....... We had a 2 door and a 3 door set at a custom 2.6m high and installed including vat (and early deposit discount) for both they were around 5k.
  • Andrew Todd
    Andrew Todd 6 месяцев назад Robert, where in the UK are you based? I would like to contact you for further technical information as an Architect based in Northern Ireland. Many thanks, Andrew
  • Robert Myers
    Robert Myers 6 месяцев назад Hi Andrew, please contact Panoramic Doors in the UK. www.panoramicdoors.co.uk
  • Sonda Nguyen
    Sonda Nguyen 1 месяц назад Where can I buy in Tampa Florida?
  • Z. H. Judge
    Z. H. Judge 6 месяцев назад Very good demonstration, will definitely br giving you a call for my next project.
  • Robert Myers
    Robert Myers 5 месяцев назад Thank you Z.H. We look forward to serving you. Please give us a call when your next project is ready.
  • Abrar Ahmed
    Abrar Ahmed 1 месяц назад what is the name of aluminium system?
  • Vishnu Singh
    Vishnu Singh 7 месяцев назад How to keep it safe from the burglar ? I mean they can easily destroy a glass door
  • Robert Myers
    Robert Myers 5 месяцев назад While there is no way to keep out someone who is determined to get in, you can reduce the risk of someone breaking through the glass by choosing laminated glass. This is the same as thy glass in your car windshield; even when the glass does break, it sill remains intact.
  • Harry 8642
    Harry 8642 6 месяцев назад WHAT!? I CANT HEAR YOU!
  • Robert Myers
    Robert Myers 6 месяцев назад (изменено) While nothing can "prevent" a determined criminal from getting in, our doors are secure. In England, our door system obtained the PAS 24 certification. This proves enhanced security performance. Laminated glass can also be added to make entry by breaking glass more difficult.
  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 7 месяцев назад Have motion sensors inside and done.
  • Abrar Ahmed
    Abrar Ahmed 2 недели назад I am looking for the same system in saudi arabia, but consultant is asking for REYNERS.
  • Scott Cornelius
    Scott Cornelius 5 месяцев назад Are built-in blinds available?
  • Shaurya Pratap Thakur
    Shaurya Pratap Thakur Неделю назад Just launch them in INDIA!
  • bell bonnet
    bell bonnet 9 месяцев назад good job
  • Chris Weston
    Chris Weston 7 месяцев назад (изменено) I won't even bother asking how much they are lol. very nice though
  • chompyb
    chompyb 5 месяцев назад @Robert Myers I must be looking in the wrong place, but there is no 'instant quote' option that I can see on your website. I'm expecting to see a template where I can drop in dimensions, number of doors, etc ?
  • Robert Myers
    Robert Myers 6 месяцев назад You can get an instant quote right on our website. If you have checked prices on these types of doors in the past you will be pleasantly surprise at how affordable our award-winning doors really are.