30 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Published on Dec 18, 2017 366,871 views

Great design ideas for a modern and contemporary home. Simple, minimalist yet superb 30 kitchen ideas. Large and spacious and custom designed they are truly magnificent.
First one is simple but impressive with a large island.
Second one is in an industrial-inspired design.
Most of them are large with a big island in the middle.
Good choice of colors, materials and high tech appliances.
Glossy colors and glass shelving make these kitchens look even bigger.
All of them are gorgeous. Watch this video and see for yourself.
Thank you for watching.

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  • Shiva Kumar Pitta
    Shiva Kumar Pitta 9 месяцев назад 100/- best kitchen 😊😊🎉🎈
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    Nelisiwe Mbili 1 день назад With a kitchen like one of these I wouldn't mind cooking everyday
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    Mizzy 8 месяцев назад I love this video! I usually use this video for ROBLOX vids! Thanks a lot for your help! :))
  • Grig Stamate
    Grig Stamate 8 месяцев назад Thanks for watching.
  • Captn Insno
    Captn Insno 2 недели назад Great video. But every kitchen is big budget and big in size.
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    Maria John 9 месяцев назад Very nice kitchen design decorating ideas
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    Kungfukingsocket 3 недели назад is very good ,use our counter socket is more better
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    Luccas Vesper 6 месяцев назад 0:29 so beautiful
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    LEA NADIA GULIPHEM GEIMARITA 7 месяцев назад Kitchen number 2 is my kitchen
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  • jed villanueva
    jed villanueva 2 недели назад With kitchens like these, I'll never complain to wash the dishes.
  • Galih Eka Budiansyah
    Galih Eka Budiansyah 8 месяцев назад i like modern Kitchen,it look gorgeous!!
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  • Chika Fidelis
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    Rochie Padro Год назад nice and beautifull modern kitchen.
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