My Top 5 Linux Distros of 2019 | Surprised?

Published on Apr 5, 2019 105,319 views

There are more than a hundred Linux distributions out there. Each one unique. Each one having a special aspect to it.
The sheer number of distros that will amaze you is too big. So today I bring to you the top 5 Linux distros of 2019.


  • Tim Harless
    Tim Harless 2 месяца назад Great video. I always enjoy your content.
  • Cale Bouscal
    Cale Bouscal 2 месяца назад @Linux Tex second request for a source to support your statement regarding Ubuntu's share of the server market, please.
  • Linux Tex
    Linux Tex 2 месяца назад I'm glad to hear that Tim. Thank you for the support 😊
  • MostHated
    MostHated 1 месяц назад I think Pop!_OS deserved to be on there
  • MostHated
    MostHated 2 недели назад @N A N I N A Calling Pop_OS just a "virtual os" is a pretty off generalization. https://pop.system76.com/docs/difference-between-pop-ubuntu/
  • MostHated
    MostHated 2 недели назад @SanSan Codes Exactly. It picked up my RTX and worked perfect with 0 need for any configuration minus moving my external monitors a tad to line them up how I wanted because one is much larger
  • SanSan Codes
    SanSan Codes 2 недели назад @N A N I N A well, be sure to download the correct ISO file. They have separate ones depending on the graphics card you have. Basically one for AMD/Intel. Another for Nvidia. As far as problems go, to each is his own. I experienced problems with Majaro. Lol.
  • N A N I N A
    N A N I N A 2 недели назад Pop os just another virtual os ..manjaro and mint is real deal for who using Linux as primary.. I try to install pop os but having problem with graphics but other like manjaro or mint is indeed never had problem like that. :) Just my opinion
  • SanSan Codes
    SanSan Codes 4 недели назад Exactly
  • francois Bonin
    francois Bonin 3 дня назад i found Linux Lite 4.4 and i love it...thanks for the video...
  • I'm here
    I'm here 5 часов назад much love für ubuntu budgie, my favorite flavor I think
  • James Gundlach
    James Gundlach 9 часов назад The best one is linux on DeX with xfce desktop installed! Linux desktop on your phone!
  • अजय आनंद
    अजय आनंद 2 месяца назад Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon is my daily driver !
  • durtydan
    durtydan 4 недели назад (изменено) I've got Cinnamon and MATE on two of my laptops! Love'm both!
  • Anuj Upadhyay
    Anuj Upadhyay 1 месяц назад ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Kneedragon1962
    Kneedragon1962 1 месяц назад Mint + Mate 19.1.
  • Sheast z
    Sheast z 1 месяц назад Nice windows xp 😝
  • 1024
    1024 2 месяца назад Same
  • Vít Pergler
    Vít Pergler 2 месяца назад same
  • Ladykaybrooke
    Ladykaybrooke 2 месяца назад Mine too :D
  • Habib Shelle
    Habib Shelle Неделю назад Say UbUntU one time... I dare you... I double date you 😂🤣
  • Viraj Gadkari
    Viraj Gadkari 9 часов назад No OpenSuSE? It’s just me, but years ago when I bought a SuSE Linux Desktop box, haven’t found any other distro better than that. Was lucky that OpenSuSE was released as that meant I didn’t have to keep on paying to upgrade. But seriously, SuSE has been the best Linux experience for me.
  • Ayhon Iron
    Ayhon Iron 5 дней назад Answering to the question of the video, no, I wasn't The video itself was good
  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar 2 месяца назад Awesome video as always! I appreciate the work you do to bring this knowledge to us. Thank you!!
  • Linux Tex
    Linux Tex 2 месяца назад Thank you for the support Simon. I'm glad you liked the video 😊
  • bha ka
    bha ka 2 месяца назад choose mx linux as stable as bore
    DROP DATABASE 2 месяца назад I like Debian and it's cool that it takes three positions on your list :)
  • Ibrahim K
    Ibrahim K 1 месяц назад In my opinion, the best linux distros I have tried: 1- Arch linux: I'm not using it anymore, because of the need of deep customization and i am lazy for that. But it is the fastest and most stable always. 2-Pop OS: This distro has really stopped my distrohopping after Arch Linux, It is ready with everything you need, super compitable with your device more than any other distro in terms of drivers. It is fast, smooth and customised with a beautiful gnome settings. 3-Deepin: Yes you heard me right, the most distro that competes Windows and Mac in terms of functionality and beauty is Deepin. It has the best of everything, their file manager is not as good as others but that can be fixed easily. Every linux user should try deepin. What else ? Nothing else, but I always hear that linux mint is lightweight and stable, but its desktop is not modern.
  • HyperTension
    HyperTension Неделю назад Link of BOSS Linux- https://www.bosslinux.in/
  • अजय आनंद
    अजय आनंद 2 месяца назад I ❤ Your Videos Buddy.
  • BatteryProductions
    BatteryProductions 2 месяца назад (изменено) I use archlinux btw... and debian on servers
  • Hungry Guy
    Hungry Guy 6 дней назад Linux Mint is #1 Yay!!!!
  • xxUnd3rtoWxx
    xxUnd3rtoWxx 2 месяца назад LInux Mint is my favorite distro por Desktop and Linux Lite is perfect for a VM.
  • myredfast
    myredfast Неделю назад how did you type "por" instead of "for"? P isn't anywhere close to F on the keyboard
  • Auberge79
    Auberge79 2 месяца назад То чувство, когда смотришь этот ролик через Firefox на Linux Mint :)
  • vulc1
    vulc1 21 час назад путин чмо
  • Pablitorrinco
    Pablitorrinco Неделю назад i got so many problem in linux mint 19.1 :(
  • Bert Nijhof
    Bert Nijhof 2 месяца назад Talking about the 5 best Linux distros is complete nonsense, if you don't define for which type of user it is the best.
  • Tim Harless
    Tim Harless 2 месяца назад Dude, really? Nonsense? Get a hobby or something.