Wrap a texture or pattern around an object - Photoshop Week 30

Published on Dec 10, 2008 1,180,005 views

You're probably seen the effect of making an everyday object appear to be painted or made of a strange material before. The effect is popular on adverts and creative websites like worth1000 but how is it done?

Well it's all down to the displace filter. This prehistoric filter is very unhelpful to look at but digital expert Gavin Hoey http://www.gavtrain.com shows you how to use it and create amazing results

  • Screechez
    Screechez Год назад I'm here in 2018, thank you for this video!
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    dave dave Год назад Same here!
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    Star Child 10 месяцев назад same here!!!
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    Laksha sachdeva 8 месяцев назад me too
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    SageYT_ 3 недели назад Screechez 2035 ha
  • loosescrew1
    loosescrew1 5 лет назад I like the way you explain what each of the tools do instead of just flying through and using them all! Awesome tutorial! Thank you!
  • Known2God
    Known2God 3 года назад Nice one Gavin, infact ... one of if not thee best displacement map tutorials on youtube. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the great work mate.Regards.
  • Essah
    Essah 5 лет назад are you David Mitchell cos you sure sound like him :D
  • Jessica Y
    Jessica Y 5 лет назад no dude he's Gavin Hoey..
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    smu johnson 5 лет назад This feels like I'm getting Photoshop lessons from Mark from Peep Show.  Great!
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    UVSB Bornean 5 лет назад Thank you. It's really helpful...!
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    amronsan 2 года назад You are heads above other tutorials I have tried to follow. You are slow and precise. Thank you.
  • Ramsx99
    Ramsx99 4 года назад Gotta Love Gavin Hoey
  • Richard Gray
    Richard Gray 4 года назад Quality share @Ramsx99 
  • Somethingelse
    Somethingelse 3 года назад (изменено) I wish my Son would watch this and use Ps more tried to get the girls to use it in the days of xp but they sort of drifted from it and pc's oh the wife says you sound like moss from the IT crowd :-)
  • john magner
    john magner 3 года назад Great tutorial. Looks like it took me 8 years to discover this, but it was nice to find one presented by someone who isn't 12 years old or patronisingly technical.
  • Somethingelse
    Somethingelse 3 года назад (изменено) +john magner true ive been using Ps since xp and still only use the tools from the rut im stuck in
  • Murray tietelbaum
    Murray tietelbaum 5 лет назад I cannot thank you enough for this tutorial it was just what I needed! Easy to follow and very informative, cheers.
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    Natalia K 2 года назад Blows me away how old tutorial is but hands down best tutorial series I'm subd to
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    fame 2 года назад Thank you, this really helped me with my Union Jack Flag project ;)
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    Fred Joseph 2 года назад BEST tutorial I have ever seen! THANK YOU!
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    DRiLL 5 лет назад This changed my life and made me want to be a better dad!!
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    Mark Owen 4 года назад GREAT tutorial. I appreciate when experts like yourself take the time to teach the rest of us! You are funny too!
  • Grimentertainment
    Grimentertainment 3 года назад This is the absolute best tutorial I have seen for this after a dozen tries. Thank you very much.
  • Karen Rylander
    Karen Rylander 2 года назад Brilliant! Now to translate to GIMP since my old Photoshop no longer works.
  • IPAS - Australia
    IPAS - Australia 2 месяца назад Excellent tutorial. Well explained. Thanks for posting.
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    eurossocial 5 лет назад Excellent Tutorial and very clear to understand! Thank you so much :-)