How To Tie a Perfect Half Windsor Knot

Published on May 16, 2014 645,387 views

Step-by-step tutorial for this knot here: http://www.ties.com/how-to-tie-a-tie/...

The Half Windsor is a time-honored necktie knot that will fit for just about any occasion. Tie this medium-sized, moderately symmetrical knot and other necktie knots from Ties.com

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  • Jacob Vasquez
    Jacob Vasquez 3 года назад Our right? Or the right side on the screen
  • Jordon Grubic
    Jordon Grubic 3 года назад (изменено) +Jacob Vasquez They're referring to your right, which is why they create a mirror image for you. That being said, you can choose whichever side is more comfortable for you. Just make sure the rest of the moves follow based one where you started.
  • John M
    John M 1 месяц назад Of all the tie vídeo's, yours are the easiest to grasp in one shot. Especially on the run and suddenly the Windsor has disappeared from my memory for no reason. Thanks again
  • D R
    D R Год назад My father taught me how to tie a tie when I was a child and I've been using that method for over 20 years. It was fast, easy and did the job. Understandably, I got bored and came across this video. Super easy instructions that leaves a clean, sharp knot. My new favorite knot. Thanks!
  • Gilbertfil
    Gilbertfil 2 месяца назад May I ask what knot you used before?
  • xX-Warmanreaper-Xx Hellscream
    xX-Warmanreaper-Xx Hellscream 2 года назад Creds. helped me out
  • Sahibur Rahaman
    Sahibur Rahaman Год назад Thanks for advice bro
  • Steve Pereira
    Steve Pereira 5 месяцев назад Thank you! Turned out great!
  • Davis Weber
    Davis Weber 2 месяца назад It’s taken me 2 hours to tie this tie but this vid got me on first try
  • Sandaham Winston
    Sandaham Winston 3 года назад great jobs i have learn lot thank u guys.
  • Shubadooba
    Shubadooba 3 года назад Great instructions, very helpful 
  • FlepGamer
    FlepGamer 7 месяцев назад worked in the second try, THANKS
  • Steve
    Steve 1 день назад This dude doesn’t know his left from his right....
  • Michael OG Profit
    Michael OG Profit 5 месяцев назад Pretty straight forward thank you brother 💪🏽
  • Charity Samuel
    Charity Samuel Год назад thanks for the video...well done
  • Ties.com®
    Ties.com® Год назад Thanks!
  • Joe K.
    Joe K. Год назад Pretty sure they mirrored the video on purpose to avoid confusing people in a rush as I would be ignoring the audio if I didn't have time.
  • hurrhurrmurr
    hurrhurrmurr Год назад Funnily, it confusess me more that way.
  • Sandaham Winston
    Sandaham Winston 3 года назад wow good job. thank u all.
  • Christopher Barry
    Christopher Barry 3 недели назад What song is playing in the background?
  • kkranezz
    kkranezz Год назад Thank you! helped so much
  • GoalsTV
    GoalsTV Год назад Well done.Helped me alot 👍
  • Ties.com®
    Ties.com® Год назад Woot woot
  • Jordan Gerald
    Jordan Gerald 6 месяцев назад Could have been a little more specific
  • MadmanPatty
    MadmanPatty 10 месяцев назад I've watched this 5 times and can't do it. Grrrr