Traveling through Oregon, I had to stop by Bruce Campell's incredible airplane home in the woods. Not too far from Portland Oregon, this Boeing 727 sits deep in the Oregon forest and is amazing to experience in real life.

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So many questions come to mind when seeing this place. How much does an airplane home cost? Where do you buy the airplane? How did you get the Airplane into the woods? All these questions can be answered on Bruce's website so definitely check it out!

Check out Bruce's website for much more information

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  • Mobile Instinct
    Mobile Instinct Год назад Hey everyone, thanks for watching my airplane in the woods video. Let me know what you think !
  • Charlene Alexander
    Charlene Alexander 5 дней назад I'm making a tiny house.
  • Wylie Hudson
    Wylie Hudson Неделю назад Well that was uninteresting.......he must be the last of the SwissAir Family Robinson......
  • nino hakim
    nino hakim 1 месяц назад amazing
  • Success. Inc
    Success. Inc 1 месяц назад I think it’s awesome ;) you lucky !
  • Gamer Chika
    Gamer Chika 2 месяца назад You sexy
  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw 2 месяца назад Does he still live in it to this day in 2019 ?
  • Gail Stone
    Gail Stone 5 месяцев назад Why are you whispering? It's cool that you are, given the peace of Oregon woods
  • Delilah Del Rey
    Delilah Del Rey 7 месяцев назад I dont thik it is your plane😕😕😕
  • zen strata
    zen strata 8 месяцев назад I think he paid way too much. For that money he could have built a great home, even a really good alternative home, For example, look up Monolithic Domes, or for something a bit further out there, look up Dan Price Underground Home.
  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 9 месяцев назад Between Hillsboro and Newburg. www.airplanehome.com/
  • KubotaManDan
    KubotaManDan 9 месяцев назад was cool but the music was louder than you & it was hard to hear...music takes away from a video
  • A O
    A O 10 месяцев назад Plane like that is made with combination of valuable materials like Aluminum, Cooper, S. steel, maybe Titanium, and other high quality recyclables, so this huge 727 maybe a good buy only for its raw materials, but another 150K for transportation, assembly and other expenses may not be a wise decision unless you want to spent that money to satisfy your ego.
  • Samuel Branch
    Samuel Branch 10 месяцев назад I hate to be negative but this video sucked and you kind of were a terrible narrator didn't really say anything worth listening to. The whole thing was a lie from the get up you could tell those trees were all planted there in unison so it's not a natural wooded area probably some idiots backyard
  • Robyn Bell
    Robyn Bell 10 месяцев назад Mobile Instinct Hey I loved your video!! But just want to say you are a cutie😊
    DXGO AKSYON RADYO 10 месяцев назад how that airplane brought in the woods?
  • nonstop will
    nonstop will 11 месяцев назад Mobile Instinct
  • Konstantinos Fourlas
    Konstantinos Fourlas Год назад The plane is from Greece! olympic air ways!!! ;-)
  • Sean Combs
    Sean Combs Год назад I like the the video
  • Jessica Luna
    Jessica Luna Год назад Mobile Instinct Wow! 👍
  • holiday 2406
    holiday 2406 Год назад Digital Dynamic....I agree. I can't imagine a woman living like that....but who knows?
  • SHARE H!S V!S!0N
    SHARE H!S V!S!0N Год назад yo that intro bro lmao... what a beautiful intro, a throwback to the 90 sitcom era. I really liked it more than I should I think. also great editing. I liked the look of this video, the house itself was underwhelming. but a great concept from the outside. He should decorate the interior of the house, and model it around that snoopy toy airplane.
  • Truthfears Guilty
    Truthfears Guilty Год назад who's the patient who did this?
  • Murica Freedom
    Murica Freedom Год назад Mobile Instinct take the background music out it was really hard to hear you around 4:00
  • Braindead Bogan
    Braindead Bogan Год назад Let the owner talk for fuck's sake. Hate the generic feel good music.
    CLIFF, DR. DETROIT, LYNCH Год назад i didnt see any area where there is a sleeping space,it just looks like a semi gutted airplane,
  • WarParty! At the Outpost
    WarParty! At the Outpost Год назад Mobile Instinct, how many miles ontha ol' bird? A flight history would be interestin'!
  • SynergyCeleste
    SynergyCeleste Год назад The type of MUSIC is annoying!!! Also TOO LOUD. I cannot hear the conversation. Photography is good though... Why ruin it?
  • Gus Tinajero
    Gus Tinajero Год назад Mobile Instinct !
  • Adam Tereska
    Adam Tereska Год назад Mobile Instinct great video. You did an excellent job.
  • Darren Walker
    Darren Walker Год назад Great bro
  • Emmanuel Benjamin
    Emmanuel Benjamin Год назад (изменено) Mobile Instinct Seems like your presence there made you eerie.Why the whispers?
  • Erik Robles
    Erik Robles Год назад Mobile Instinct fake at 4:47 you can tell trees were all planted by man they are all in a strait line
  • Shahzad Irshad
    Shahzad Irshad Год назад Shahzad
  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez Год назад Roberto Tirado up
  • seth west
    seth west Год назад Mobile Instinct .
  • PD
    PD Год назад Mobile Instinct why are you whispering? 😂
  • Edwin Cruz
    Edwin Cruz Год назад I want a home that i dont have to pay for.
  • Martinus van Brederode
    Martinus van Brederode Год назад Like the video. Hate the unnecessary, annoying music.
  • MYohMY 76
    MYohMY 76 Год назад I'm an aviation geek, but I'm not impressed. He spent way too much money for what I'm seeing.
  • Jon Nowlin
    Jon Nowlin Год назад This is very cool!
  • Max love
    Max love Год назад Mobile Instinct peace of trash and shit
  • neoshaw c
    neoshaw c Год назад Mobile Instinct hjhj
  • จิรภรณ์ วิสุทธิรัตน์โสภณ
    จิรภรณ์ วิสุทธิรัตน์โสภณ Год назад Great..my first time of watching incredible house like yours..
  • Charizard Bross
    Charizard Bross Год назад I would live in the milenium falcon
  • airman firstclass
    airman firstclass Год назад Get rid of the music.
  • Leo Sanchez
    Leo Sanchez Год назад I live in Portland oregon., where is located ?
  • Mr. Earth
    Mr. Earth Год назад Mobile Instinct ,, way cool !!
  • Digital Dynamic
    Digital Dynamic Год назад I think this guy is single and will be forever. :-)
  • Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt Год назад I flew these things.I spent plenty of time sleeping in them.Fcuk living in one.So does the owner think his army can invade Russia?
  • Miss Cindy
    Miss Cindy Год назад Rickard Rakkoon the music could have been better kind of like fingernails on a black board
  • Miss Cindy
    Miss Cindy Год назад Mobile Instinct well done video but living in plane would not be for me, he paid too much
  • GoofyLeo3
    GoofyLeo3 Год назад The owner is just happy to see people....
  • 78 7
    78 7 Год назад Nice video
  • Rickard Rakkoon
    Rickard Rakkoon Год назад Mobile Instinct cool video, great editing, horribly loud and obnoxious music.
  • Dwight Mansburden
    Dwight Mansburden Год назад I used to work on those things, lol. Try being up on top of the T tail, or better yet- ABOVE it in a swaying cherry picker that's slick with deicer fluid in a raging blizzard, trying to hose this thing down and deice it prior to departure. It's an interesting project, he's a generous dude to allow strangers into his unique home.
  • Roberto Tirado
    Roberto Tirado Год назад loved it!!
  • Khaliyah Taylor
    Khaliyah Taylor Год назад I was disappointed by the way it looked on the inside
  • Solid State
    Solid State 2 недели назад I was very disappointed when the guy has too few chin!
  • Julio M
    Julio M 2 недели назад @Lucas Tulic lol
  • kaitlyn X
    kaitlyn X 3 недели назад Understatement of the century!!!
  • Sumit Nyms
    Sumit Nyms 4 недели назад me too - honestly it needed better designing and makeup considering the fact that he spend 220,000 for the plane and transport
  • Brennen Nelson
    Brennen Nelson 1 месяц назад Lucas Tulic, near future? Doubt it. He’s had 17 years to make it into something and it looks like that.
  • Abir Alvi
    Abir Alvi 1 месяц назад Same
  • Yusli Adnan
    Yusli Adnan 2 месяца назад @Lucas Tulic : agreed
  • Lucas Tulic
    Lucas Tulic 4 месяца назад @s k Read my comment again, but this time, reeeeeeeally carefully.
  • s k
    s k 4 месяца назад @Lucas Tulic the future? He has been living like this for 17 years!
  • Lucas Tulic
    Lucas Tulic 4 месяца назад Well, he spent $220,000 just to get the plane there. I'm sure he plans to make it a bitching plane/house in the near future by the looks of the inside. And if he doesn't, who cares? He lives in a freaking passenger plane in the middle of the forest!
  • Dennis Fajardo
    Dennis Fajardo 4 месяца назад Me three!😃
  • Kevin Genocchi
    Kevin Genocchi 5 месяцев назад Lol yeah.. But still, it's a fucking airplane.. That's cool as hell
  • Rick Perry
    Rick Perry 7 месяцев назад He could have gutted the fuselage and cargo hold to make it a more livable and esthetically pleasing domicile. Dividing into rooms, plumbing, kitchen and so on.
  • John Smith
    John Smith Год назад The inside of the plane looks like an episode of hoarders. Too bad. I was hoping after spending all that money he'd of at least pimp it out inside.
  • zedmoe
    zedmoe 2 недели назад Maybe when the hood goes ghetto, the next owner will pimp it out like Soul Plane.
  • unnamed715
    unnamed715 Год назад Hundred bucks says he spends most of his time sitting in the cockpit and pretending to be a pilot.
  • b
    b Неделю назад That the controls aren't hooked up to Elite: Dangerous or some other flight game makes me sad
  • WorldFamous Gamer
    WorldFamous Gamer 2 недели назад LMAAOOO ROFL
  • VaL Moore
    VaL Moore 3 месяца назад The king of dumplings 🤣😃😄
  • ivar foslien
    ivar foslien 3 месяца назад Captain Smokin blunts! I wanna play. Vrooooooom
  • The king of dumplings
    The king of dumplings 3 месяца назад @VaL Moore "This is your captain speaking....I'm gonna nnng!"
  • Ironwind1972
    Ironwind1972 4 месяца назад Yanking one out with his own joystick the whole time.
  • Hugh Jorgan
    Hugh Jorgan 4 месяца назад HA! Yeah, I could picture him doing that! "This is flight dumbass to ground control (enter his airplane sounds)." Too funny! He probably has a little headset on!
  • The king of dumplings
    The king of dumplings 4 месяца назад Making airplane sounds too lmao.
  • Hugh Jorgan
    Hugh Jorgan 5 месяцев назад LMFAO X 1000!
  • VaL Moore
    VaL Moore 5 месяцев назад 2hundred bucks he spends alot of time playing with himself LOL
  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior 8 месяцев назад looks like.
  • tigergreg8
    tigergreg8 9 месяцев назад You can see that he does have a desk right near the Captains chair.
  • Omae Wa Mou Shindeirou
    Omae Wa Mou Shindeirou 11 месяцев назад unnamed715 Lmao
  • Dane C.
    Dane C. Год назад Clearly this guy is single lol after 17 years you’d think this thing would look like a home. Not a bunch of airplane parts stacked all over on the inside lol
  • Jon Dough
    Jon Dough 2 дня назад $200,000+ For a half stripped out hoarder looking scrap airplane?
  • Commenter Five
    Commenter Five Год назад (изменено) The background music was irritating.
  • Jamie J
    Jamie J 2 дня назад best proof that some people just don't deserve money-.-
  • Ms. Johnson
    Ms. Johnson 2 недели назад I was somehow expecting more from the inside!
  • city girl
    city girl Неделю назад Agree. For some reason I expected to see actual finished out living quarters ...
  • Mr Pieces
    Mr Pieces 1 день назад $240,000 for an eye sore both inside and out? I don't understand. People are really strange.
  • Frost
    Frost Год назад That is one smart way to beat the property taxes or any stupid building codes lol. Not even RV Laws apply to an airplane. The local county must hate this guy.
  • Moddie Seven
    Moddie Seven 5 дней назад Six figures for an oversized junk garage shaped like a airplane. Uhhh...No thank you.
  • Lata Lakshman Rao
    Lata Lakshman Rao Неделю назад Enjoyed the concept... But... Ducking loud music and you are whispering for the most part! Stupid move.
  • Smiffi Sampson
    Smiffi Sampson Год назад (изменено) Initially, thought, this is impressive and but quickly deflated. What a waste of an incredible opportunity. Nothing has been done to it. I would have gutted this 17 year ago. A complete waste of 1100 square feet livable space.
  • Adrian James
    Adrian James 5 месяцев назад So much potential there eh! Even if you only spent a few months a year on it using recycled materials in 17 years it could've been amazing.
  • tigergreg8
    tigergreg8 9 месяцев назад I agree Tupac, he did with it what he wanted, He obviously had some money laying around if he can fork over that kind of money for this project. Not everyone has the same idea of what a 'normal' home should look like. To this guy, this is a normal home. People live in tents, igloos, huts, etc. Let's face it, we see people who lives in multi million dollar homes who are completely miserable.
  • P E
    P E Год назад Smiffi Sampson I agree. It could have been such a fun project!
  • Tupac-man
    Tupac-man Год назад hows it a waste if somebodys living there, happy with his life, mindin his own business
  • James Scott
    James Scott Год назад a huge waste of $200K+ in my opinion
  • Abir Alvi
    Abir Alvi 1 месяц назад Same
  • tigergreg8
    tigergreg8 5 месяцев назад @Just J I see and understand the points you are making. I don't think he did this to make a good investment decision, I'm sure he knows it's more a personal thing. Yes, I agree, when he leaves the Earth, it may be something to deal with, but he may already have decisions made beforehand, but if not, I guess you could always sell it for scrap metal. Some people would be will to help piece it out too. It does sound daunting, but like anything else, if I had to deal with it, I'd just do what I needed and be done with it.
  • tigergreg8
    tigergreg8 9 месяцев назад It's never a waste if it's something you love and dreamed about doing. Can you imagine the percentage of people who never experience their own dreams. I imagine the percentage is pretty high. He also gave that plane new life, otherwise, it would just be setting in some desert somewhere.
  • logan kincade
    logan kincade 2 дня назад Music too Loud!!!! Can't hear you over it sometimes!!! Please Turn it down in Editing, Your Content it Awesome, you don't need the Blasting Music......
  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 недели назад The music man! Seriously! Wtf!
  • CHARLIEM1010
    CHARLIEM1010 Неделю назад Not only can I not imagine living there, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live there.
  • Roxie Kelley
    Roxie Kelley 6 дней назад It is home I am pareying for you god do still Mack aways
  • Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah Winfrey 1 месяц назад While the world works, I’ve been laying in bed all day watching YouTube.