World's Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes | It's a compilation video of funniest Engineering mistakes.
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  • Moon 21
    Moon 21 Год назад Most of them are photoshoped
  • Bob D
    Bob D 8 месяцев назад You are not stupid, so think about it.  What sane construction worker/builder/plumber would complete any work has those in this video?
  • thehipmyster
    thehipmyster 9 месяцев назад @Priyanka Mahajan no one would build any of this
  • john larocca
    john larocca 9 месяцев назад Moon 21j
  • Priyanka Mahajan
    Priyanka Mahajan 11 месяцев назад Moon 21 how can you say that ?
  • Martin Schwehla
    Martin Schwehla Год назад Some, with enough real life remaining
  • Jaweria Haq
    Jaweria Haq Год назад Hahaha..even there is a mistake in title.most funniest two superlative degrees together.
  • Hans Proebsting
    Hans Proebsting 3 недели назад Next video will be most stupidest grammar mistakes.
  • ㅤㅤ
    ㅤㅤ 2 месяца назад @Brenda Marinas As is "superlative degrees".
  • Brenda Marinas
    Brenda Marinas 11 месяцев назад ,"MOST FUNNIEST" Is so redundant!
  • Lolakshi Poojari
    Lolakshi Poojari Год назад Jaweria Haq
  • mano Khan
    mano Khan Год назад Jaweria Haq right
  • Suchandra Talukdar
    Suchandra Talukdar Год назад Jaweria Haq right... I noticed the same 😂😂😂😂
  • Pooja Kulal
    Pooja Kulal Год назад 🙏🙏🙏
  • Mohd Faisal
    Mohd Faisal Год назад Jaweria Haq
  • Becky Menzel
    Becky Menzel Год назад Michael J Fox
  • Djohanna Capalad
    Djohanna Capalad Год назад 1:33 it's for taking selfies you know to get good lighting
  • buggsy5
    buggsy5 4 месяца назад Some are not engineering mistakes. They are due to the property owner reworking or changing what was originally there, often leaving part of the old now useless construction behind. Some are also due to the owner doing a make-do repair to damage.
  • Dan Shibara
    Dan Shibara Год назад Funny.. I think some of the pictures are taken in the middle of renovation and look really weird, but those things would be removed soon.
  • Kavindu Pathiranage
    Kavindu Pathiranage 4 месяца назад Sathipajttana
  • Wilma Belt
    Wilma Belt 9 месяцев назад Never thought of that! Thanks! God Bless!
  • zoh B
    zoh B Год назад Music,too bad, irritating
  • Robert Jeffery
    Robert Jeffery 2 месяца назад @thehipmyster Tone deaf & mentally ill
  • Achinta Manna
    Achinta Manna 5 месяцев назад Ya
  • thehipmyster
    thehipmyster 9 месяцев назад I actually liked it lol
  • Anthony Pawlowski
    Anthony Pawlowski 10 месяцев назад Gave me a headache!
  • Pitabash Udan
    Pitabash Udan Год назад You are correct
  • Martin Schwehla
    Martin Schwehla Год назад If it makes the music better...
  • Wolfgang H.
    Wolfgang H. Год назад Did you find the mute button?
  • Martin Schwehla
    Martin Schwehla Год назад Always
    CHANDRA SHEKHAR Год назад Talat B 8am
  • Ashish Kumar Belladhi
    Ashish Kumar Belladhi 3 месяца назад 2:50 I don't think it as fails because it's in construction 🚧. You Can see Engineers working on that site.
  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee 2 месяца назад Ashish Kumar Belladhi that’s an obvious art sketch , I think u knew that though
  • Show Cat
    Show Cat Год назад "Most funniest" really? Learn a bit of grammar before posting a headline.
  • bledlbledlbledl
    bledlbledlbledl 2 месяца назад "Most Funniest" yeah this is more bigger than that other video :P
  • shandysnanny
    shandysnanny 10 месяцев назад You mean 'World's funniest engineering mistakes? The word Most should be omitted.
  • Anarhi
    Anarhi 10 месяцев назад Thank you.
  • Mikeyman
    Mikeyman Год назад I believe they are not photo shopped. They are from Russia and their workers are always drunk from too much Vodka. LOL.
  • Natalie white
    Natalie white Год назад 2:41 WHAT?! WHY ?! 🤔😂😂
  • ConstantinV
    ConstantinV Год назад Engineering mistakes? Error!!! Where is the engineering mistake, for example, at Min. 0.40?
    VIJAY SHEELA SHARMA Год назад It can be most unsatisfying video too😂😂😂😅😅
  • therandomdot
    therandomdot 9 месяцев назад Youtube's finally gone full-circle back to slide-show videos from 2010.
  • Ashwin Dandekar
    Ashwin Dandekar Год назад These are not engineering mistakes, but later modifications by individual idiosyncrasies
  • Khunsu Sobek
    Khunsu Sobek 2 дня назад That woman is accustomed to cooking outdoors !!!!
  • Salma Begum
    Salma Begum Год назад Such a loss to owners 😂😂
  • Larry J
    Larry J 2 месяца назад the sink tap is just the wrong one not engineer mistake
    FISHYYS LL 10 месяцев назад Have you ever heard a Word called "Renovation", ? No? Then you haven't Cleansed your ear for years.