How a Modern Man can Tie His Scarves

Published on Nov 23, 2010 2,087,884 views

There are several ways to tie a scarf for a man. Here are some suggestions, but of course there are many more. Purple Eagle recommends being stylish and classic with your own individual style.

  • necroimages
    necroimages 6 лет назад Begs the question, tucked in or tucked out
  • Romano Gitano
    Romano Gitano 6 лет назад Enlightening and resourceful methods on how to wear a scarf thank you for bestowing this video upon us.....Gracias~ 
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    Horace 6 лет назад Cool, thanks. 
  • Orlenius
    Orlenius 6 лет назад Thank goodness for this video. I've just updated my wardrobe somewhat (something I rarely do) to try and both impress my girlfriend and to step up my self confidence. I can confidently say, I look pretty handsome in my new scarf thanks to this video. Very glad I got one alongside my new jacket.
  • Enrique Morell
    Enrique Morell 6 лет назад CQ's video is less complete and it goes to fast, I can't follow their advice because they cover three ways of how to tie a scarf but don't show how to do the knot and the camera just doesn't let me follow what he's doing. That is why I prefer this video it goes slowly and I can easily follow the process. Thanks a lot for the video and the tips, much appreciated.
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    agelessares 7 лет назад Thank you :) very very helpful!
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    Devin Pu 7 лет назад Thank you!
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    Leadman1989 7 лет назад Is purple eagle supposed to be a euphemism for anything? :p
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    Ezra Lasure 7 лет назад I watched a ton of these videos, this is the first one that was helpful. I loved all of the suggestions. Freaking all of them.
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    m4ck408 7 лет назад buttercream buttercream croc skin buttercream :)
  • MegaCaelum
    MegaCaelum 7 лет назад OMG I made the mistake of just draping my long scarf over my shoulder like a "shall"... eeek, will not be doing that again. VERY INFORMATIVE VIDEO. THANKS ;-)
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    Sunny6602 7 лет назад at 3:23 i thought he was going to go into Taliban mode...
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    1Icuasur 7 лет назад THANKS
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    cam043 7 лет назад Ppl are so bitter lol, its funny....but great video, put it as one of my favs
  • radule85
    radule85 7 лет назад Thanks! The last option looks like the best one to me, looks the best + it's practical - you can lift the scarf over your mouth in case it's extremly cold and windy:)
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    Adalsio 7 лет назад Thanks for these tips! 
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    1superlovefire 7 лет назад Simply very nice video,thank you.
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    Josef Ghosn 7 лет назад I'm looking for a way to cover my face in case I wanted to rob a bank or something. Any tips for that?