Tailor collar, the sewing.

Published on Feb 23, 2014 585,056 views

All the sewing and the pressing steps to assemble a tailor collar.
with french subtitle
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  • SaunWhee
    SaunWhee 5 лет назад I've viewed several of your tutorial and have enjoyed them. I  like that you teach the industry method instead of the pattern instruction way. I have followed your methods and have gotten great results. You are a great sewer and inspiration!
  • Lau Wesen
    Lau Wesen 6 месяцев назад La mejor explicacion del mundo !!@
  • Olga Ballarin
    Olga Ballarin 2 недели назад braviissima. Anche se non conosco bene l'inglese, ho capito perfettamente dalla visione della lezione. Grazie
  • Надежда Кравченко
    Надежда Кравченко 2 недели назад Спаибо огромное.🌹🌹🌹Для меня очень полезная информация.
  • Wendy Nicholss
    Wendy Nicholss 2 недели назад (изменено) Omg this is so brilliant! I have just made a jacket and the collar and revere were an absolute mess! I ended up cutting huge chunks off to try and make it right but it was such a mess I had to bin it. Thank you for your videos they are so informative I just wish I had seen it before I made my jacket.
  • SylviaR61
    SylviaR61 4 года назад thats the wow factor
  • Almira Danganan
    Almira Danganan 1 месяц назад Hello madam, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, I've learned so much from your video. ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you won't sharing your knowledge, again thank you so much and God bless you more.
  • Simplicity 3
    Simplicity 3 Неделю назад what a perfectonist you are
  • esther nyawira
    esther nyawira Неделю назад Perfect,thank you
  • Alice Crawford
    Alice Crawford 2 года назад I've been sewing for 40 plus years and this is the best demo I've seen for doing this collar and I've seen quite a few. The camera work is so good, nothing is hidden by your hand. I probably won't make my own cloths anymore but I want to meet this as a challenge to my own sewing abilities. Years ago I made a wool suit with this collar, that was the first and the last time!! These days I'm too old to bother. Oh, by the way, the pictures is probably twenty-five years old. That's called VANITY. :)
  • Rosie Brown
    Rosie Brown 6 месяцев назад The video is clear I love it wish I could buy a CD of it or booklet
  • Maria Jineth Csstañeda
    Maria Jineth Csstañeda 3 недели назад Alice Crawford
  • Àngeles Marìa Bartolomè Pacheco
    Àngeles Marìa Bartolomè Pacheco 2 недели назад Muy bien explicado y ejecutado, además los subtítulos en francés se agradecen, aunque también de oirlas aprendemos inglés, yo tengo una libreta con un vocabulario, porque soy modista y sólo viendo como lo hace casi que te vale, pero seguro que al no entenderlo pierdes cosas, matices.
  • Marie Dyde
    Marie Dyde 5 месяцев назад I do enjoy!! And thank you for your generosity in taking the time and trouble to explain and video for us.xx
  • Ana Zechner
    Ana Zechner 2 года назад (изменено) The best tutorials so far!!!!! Merci merci merci for sharing your knowledge!!!! Can you show us patterning please?
  • Ruh Masaoun
    Ruh Masaoun 2 года назад best tutorial 👌👌👌.. keep it up....
  • . ابودوع
    . ابودوع Год назад Looking for a job Hello I am a good tailor from Iraq Looking for work as a tailor out of my assistant Does my living conditions not allow me to even pay the university fees!
  • Diane Deziel
    Diane Deziel Год назад I wish you look I'm sure you will find something soon!
  • Harona Diarra
    Harona Diarra 10 месяцев назад bonjour je suis content
  • Harona Diarra
    Harona Diarra 10 месяцев назад bonjour je suis content
  • Chandra Satrio
    Chandra Satrio 1 месяц назад Your sewing/tailoring lessons are so wonderful!
  • Almira Danganan
    Almira Danganan 1 месяц назад Ooopss... Sorry What i meant is you won't STOP sharing your knowledge because you're a big help specifically for me. Thanks so much ❤️
  • Riche Medley
    Riche Medley 1 месяц назад (изменено) Been looking for this! Thanks Diane
  • Martha Hahn
    Martha Hahn 5 месяцев назад Excellent. Thank you for sharing your talent !
  • Saroj Thakur
    Saroj Thakur 2 года назад One of the best tutorials!!!
  • Wamda Ali
    Wamda Ali Год назад (изменено) Thank you Diane, your video is very illustrative and professional, informative without fuss and with least wording but acts of skilful hands. Salute the artistic fingers of yours
  • sparsh waghela
    sparsh waghela Год назад Saroj Thakur
  • Аманжол Альжанов
    Аманжол Альжанов Год назад Saroj Thakur
  • Thea Daemen
    Thea Daemen Год назад Waarom niet in het nederlands
  • Monika Malwina
    Monika Malwina 4 месяца назад Saroj Thakur I’m totaly agree:-)