Should You Wear Goku's Weighted Clothes?

Published on Aug 23, 2018 2,486,494 views

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Goku is able to achieve great power levels through his intense training with weighted clothes, but should you? Kyle weighs the risks on this week's Because Science!

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  • Because Science
    Because Science 9 месяцев назад Hey! Thanks for watching. Loved how this episode turned out. You can find all of the resources I used in the show notes. I see a lot of angry comments, but remember, the question was should YOU wear weighted clothing. Goku is a super buff alien and he can obviously pull it off, but would using our Earth-version of weighted clothing give you similar benefits? Keeping that in mind, I stand by my conclusion. -- KH
  • Nameless King Maniac
    Nameless King Maniac 4 дня назад But you forgot one thing... you use the premise that you have the same genes as Goku, which you don't, and most importantly you are a human and Goku was a Sayan. So the whole point of this video is pretty much useless.
  • Semaj Harris
    Semaj Harris 1 месяц назад Play me in magic? Whatever format it doesn't matter
  • Ultimate Anthony
    Ultimate Anthony 1 месяц назад You need to dress up like Thor in next episode 😉
  • diogo lourenco
    diogo lourenco 1 месяц назад in my personal experience i must say that i agree with the injuries and problems caused but i also must say that you dont get much more power but resistance yes, at least in your mind, if you run 20 km every day with a 40kilos backpack like i did in the army for 3 months in the end you get a broken back but also those impossible 20 km chanes to possible 20km and then without the backpack you dont fear 40 km or even more, the process is more psicological then math but it does work. what really incapacitates you or your gains is the fact that you dont know the limits of your body and by defenition you think less of yourself when u learn that you can you will be overpowered with confidence and the block in your mind represented by the backpack removed you can do things you thought impossible now are just normal.
  • Mr. Bread
    Mr. Bread 2 месяца назад There may not be any cloth material heavy enough like goku’s but then again, there’s still the knight’s chainmail armor, you can wear that on top of each other to reach atleast some heaviness to it.