🌟BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! _(Z Reviews)_ RMAF Takeover 2019 !!

Published on May 15, 2019 19,998 views

||🔊|| https://www.gofundme.com/ZeosRMAF ||🔊||

Alt PayPal Donate [ https://tinyurl.com/9a6oauo ]

Please go there and check out the full description of what is going on. RMAF is in September and the cost is HIGH. Leave a comment if you have any ideas for the room or have any knowledge to share.

[http://HiFiGuides.com] -- This is one of the reasons we are going, Trying to promote this site which will hopefully be the replacement to [http://www.reddit.com/r/zeos] aka my Reddit Buying Guides.

A HUGE shout out to all my Patrons you guys have given me enough confidence (and savings) to make this a reality. [https://www.patreon.com/Zeos] You guys are the best. 🍑

Waifu's Will be Coming too !... [https://amzn.to/2VYUgsj]

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Wallpaper : https://i.imgur.com/hpcCMw4.jpg
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[https://twitter.com/Zeospantera] -- Yes, I have a twitter and a bunch of Campaign updates will likely be announced here.

  • Andrew Vigil
    Andrew Vigil Неделю назад This Is... EXACTLY what I've been waiting for. 4 weeks ago I started at a company that has agreed to take me to both CEDIA and RMAF, and I WILL see you and I will meet you, and thank you. Just what this community needed and has needed for ages. Thank you dude.
  • Mild Mannered Individual
    Mild Mannered Individual 2 недели назад (изменено) You should get in contact with Linus, and run the headphone section at LTX.
  • Leif
    Leif Неделю назад that actually would be cool
  • Plooterman
    Plooterman Неделю назад I second this.
  • RathØX
    RathØX Неделю назад agreed on this
  • Random Guy123
    Random Guy123 Неделю назад That'd be sick. I'm pretty sure the crossover audience of both channels is big.
  • J O
    J O Неделю назад I really like this thought!
  • Snow Footprints
    Snow Footprints Неделю назад Sounds like a amazing idea. Love both channels
  • Penr0se
    Penr0se Неделю назад oof linus can capitalize on this and really skyrocket visibility.
  • Name
    Name Неделю назад Don’t let him hold anything else he will drop it
  • yeahthatsright33
    yeahthatsright33 Неделю назад A Linus Tech Tips collaboration would be an awesome thing to see. Hopefully the personalities would mix well if such a thing were to happen.
  • Ben McMillan
    Ben McMillan Неделю назад This is a great idea. If it's not possible this year then next for sure.
  • S Fo
    S Fo 6 дней назад Yes please
  • Macc
    Macc 6 дней назад I like it. I'm sure Linus would be down too. Sure he covers a lot of "gamery" gear, but he also sees the value in a Schiit stack and a pair of HD600s.
  • Narinjas
    Narinjas 6 дней назад @Macc Linus will be down and dropped like always XD.
  • Arjun Taneja
    Arjun Taneja 4 дня назад The most ambitious crossover event in history.. I'd absolutely love that.
  • Justin Gomez
    Justin Gomez 20 часов назад I agree
  • Jim Griffin
    Jim Griffin Неделю назад You are going to cause long-overdue anarchy. Thank God!
  • Matthew Anders
    Matthew Anders Неделю назад I'm a nobody...But I love this. Value for dollar is the best. I hope you have stupid silly raging success doing this.
  • Rusty DeVorse
    Rusty DeVorse 6 дней назад Hear hear! Wishing you every bit of luck Zeos. I'm going to hit you up on the GoFundMe.
  • Donald MacGregor
    Donald MacGregor 6 дней назад No, you are somebody with interests, qualities, desires and a life worth living. Remember that.
  • Matthew Anders
    Matthew Anders 6 дней назад @Donald MacGregor Thanks!
  • Jochi Kondur
    Jochi Kondur Неделю назад You gotta contact miniDSP to be a sponsor as well!
  • Geshelli Labs
    Geshelli Labs Неделю назад My phone has been blowing up today about this. We'll be in touch soon.
  • Slav 1
    Slav 1 6 дней назад Add a profile pic!
  • LumocolorARTnr1319
    LumocolorARTnr1319 Неделю назад Great idea! The $5999 cable guys gonna hate you when people walk in to your room and listen to $300 speakers that sounds great. Path to Zfest 2021 starts now!
  • Nic Thomas
    Nic Thomas Неделю назад People who spend money like that, $20,000 on a cartridge etc. think 'Well it cost this much so it must be better . . '
  • JeanPierre Snyman
    JeanPierre Snyman Неделю назад Zfest sounds magical
  • Superlame Username
    Superlame Username Неделю назад have you heard of Shunmuk wood?
  • Timothy Svirbly
    Timothy Svirbly Неделю назад "Make audio affordable again!"
  • Spencer Williams
    Spencer Williams Неделю назад MAAA!
  • Narinjas
    Narinjas Неделю назад that is a cap design he should sell :3
  • Philitron128
    Philitron128 Неделю назад @Spencer Williams get the hot pockets!!!
  • Gregory Draper
    Gregory Draper 6 дней назад LOL!
  • David Hodgin
    David Hodgin 6 дней назад oof slow down
  • Jok3r
    Jok3r Неделю назад I love how you want to promote this great audio for everyone thing. Good luck man
  • Richard Riley
    Richard Riley Неделю назад This is a GREAT idea just what the hi fi world needs. I'm in and hope to meet you there.
  • Wilson Or
    Wilson Or Неделю назад (изменено) Bring Chewbacca the Cat to RMAF !
  • Crazy prayingmantis
    Crazy prayingmantis Неделю назад Setup a Chewbacca photo booth and signing table. (Dip paws on ink pad)
  • Kenneth Schoen
    Kenneth Schoen 6 дней назад Go fund me will be paid for in an hour.
  • Albeshr
    Albeshr Неделю назад (изменено) Keep contacting Edifier, they are one of the few if not the only big company that do not have high end products. Both JBL and Klipsch have high end products but not Edifier, they are the real winners if they support you, $25k is nothing to them.
  • Tim Schutte
    Tim Schutte 6 дней назад Albeshr , have you heard about the EDIFIER Airpulse speakers ? about $1,200 per pair and are a marvel of engineering !!!! incredible speakers
  • Albeshr
    Albeshr 6 дней назад @Tim Schutte yes I know, the high end speakers are known to be +$2k for the bookshelfs
  • Diatonic5th
    Diatonic5th 6 дней назад @Tim Schutte "Marvel of engineering"? Check this demo out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp7wwrKTw8E The JBL LSR305 sounds much better to my ears than the Edifier Airpulse. The Airpulse sounds way too bright to take seriously.
  • Ron La
    Ron La 6 дней назад JBL make pretty good budget speakers. The 305 are one of the best monitors and you can get a pair for around $220.
  • bassandtrebleclef
    bassandtrebleclef Неделю назад ZEOS, Effing brilliant idea. An idea whose time has come. Way to go Klipsch and JDS for being early helpers!
  • Joshua Flournoy
    Joshua Flournoy 6 дней назад (изменено) Looks like me and the Mrs. are taking a vacation in September to Colorado. Edit: Zeosfest needs to happen.
  • Ecchi-BANZAII!!!
    Ecchi-BANZAII!!! Неделю назад Zeus vs Paul McGowan Fight!
  • isoertz
    isoertz Неделю назад This just made me feel so good. You deserve it. You go baby! Im not coming though. Im from Europe.
  • Ryan Walter
    Ryan Walter Неделю назад (изменено) You should definitely reach out to Emotiva because I bet they would be willing to send some of their home theater speakers (which are mind blowing for the price btw)
  • Gary M
    Gary M Неделю назад How many setups can you actually have in one room, though?
  • Z Reviews
    Z Reviews Неделю назад Have you seen my apartment?
  • Ron's
    Ron's 2 дня назад gonna need a bigger room
  • Adam Kycia
    Adam Kycia 6 дней назад Let's do this! Just donated and am now planning to come out to RMAF this year!