TPLO recovery day 2

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TPLO Surgery Recovery - Day 2 (Journey's Journey)

TPLO Surgery Recovery - Day 2. This is Journey's 2nd surgery on his right hind leg. One year ago (September 2014), he originally had the surgery where a nylon suture is placed around the fabellar bone of the femur and looped through a hole which is drilled in the tibial tuberosity. That surgery failed for him as the nylon suture snapped. We found a highly recommended orthopaedic specialist/surgeon and he performed the TPLO surgery on Journey (September 1, 2015). Journey is a Boxer/Vizsla mix and is almost 6 years old here. Journey has lots of bruising around the incision site, and is tender to the touch. He is limping lots still, but randomly puts a small amount of weight on his leg. He goes for three 5minute walks per day, which gets him about 2-3 doors down from our own. He uses the brace sometimes, but like in this video, he fights to walk with it around his waist.

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TPLO recovery

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Jake had his TPLO surgery on the 31st of October. The surgery went great, and he came home on the 1st of November. He has been recovering and he is progressing well. He didn't progress so fast when he had his previous surgery, but I think that it is mainly because he suffered from having the cruciate in this leg completely ruptured. He spent 5 days with nothing stabilising the leg so now, after the surgery, his leg must feel better - not great, but better than it previously was. I am sure he will just go from strength to strength :) Song - 'Guardian Angel' Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

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