How To Stop Windows 10 From Automatically Downloading & Installing Updates

Published on Aug 6, 2015 2,838,599 views

This tutorial will show you two setting changes that you can make to Microsoft Windows 10 to stop it from downloading and installing updates automatically.

  • The Merger Studios
    The Merger Studios 2 года назад 2:09 dont worry i'm never enabling it back...
  • LeMockus
    LeMockus Год назад Me too :D
  • Max Huisman
    Max Huisman Год назад Have a like
  • Info Slash
    Info Slash Год назад whats a matter with that ??
  • GEMiNi
    GEMiNi Год назад Mr.MeMe hahahahaaha
  • Nik Bay
    Nik Bay Год назад Mr.MeMe the updates are so fucking stupid ,im so angry.
  • that gayshithasmissed
    that gayshithasmissed Год назад Mr.MeMe Same
  • teamometeamo
    teamometeamo Год назад Same here!
  • JoyE Krrr
    JoyE Krrr Год назад yes ofc
  • hoodie
    hoodie Год назад mine wont stay disabled , its like they have a little tweek too turn it back on
  • Yolowazi YT
    Yolowazi YT Год назад ayy same
  • DigiTech TalK
    DigiTech TalK Год назад (изменено) Mr.MeMe don't say that coz update often comes with patches and bug fixed
  • superior shiw
    superior shiw Год назад AHHAHAHAH I FEEL YOU
  • Plasmancer
    Plasmancer Год назад preach, Windows 10; the worst operating system since chiselled stone slabs, oh wait, those still work better
  • mspixiedust100
    mspixiedust100 Год назад NEVERRR!!!!!!
    GLORYWINGS [POV] 11 месяцев назад (изменено) i am with you, fuck every time they get stupid and stupid then ever in every fucking update they do they fucked up my job
  • Ahmed hesham
    Ahmed hesham 11 месяцев назад hahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂
  • Raw.
    Raw. 11 месяцев назад hheheheh
  • Gilgamesh Gaming
    Gilgamesh Gaming 10 месяцев назад same. its sooo fucking annoying
  • King Musik
    King Musik 10 месяцев назад (изменено) same I will never enable It back :) oh....Microsoft updates & securitys protect your computer? my *ss it does all it does is slow down your computer I'm glad now I can ease at peace and not have to worrie about updates anymore :)
  • XBrendanTheTryHardX
    XBrendanTheTryHardX 10 месяцев назад Never enabling again I probably will forget about it :)
  • Love 80s.
    Love 80s. 9 месяцев назад Dude I swear I already disabled windows updates and when I go to restart or shut down it say update and shut down and update and restart how to get rid of it? I hate I updating this is the real reason why I always reset my pc everytime I wanna fix it for fucks sake you have to reply don't just ignore.
  • j.sandusky
    j.sandusky 9 месяцев назад Yeah I turned that bitch off even though it's not frequent the popup for the updates always just pissed me off and I kept delaying it until I basically had an hour countdown. The next update would take like 2 hours and it won't do it an night when I'm sleeping so fuck that shit
  • ishan parbhakar
    ishan parbhakar 8 месяцев назад U deserve a like Mann ki baat
  • ディン92
    ディン92 7 месяцев назад mostly new update make all game broken
  • Pilipinas Facts TV
    Pilipinas Facts TV 7 месяцев назад Yeah updates are stupid
  • steve Ford
    steve Ford 7 месяцев назад I fixed it coming back on by setting the status thing to disabled BEFORE disabling the service.
  • Sukhman Gill
    Sukhman Gill 7 месяцев назад I hate windows update
  • loopy Ruane
    loopy Ruane 7 месяцев назад if your PC looks & behaves like a smartphone, then get a smartphone.
  • Badhon
    Badhon 6 месяцев назад @hoodie same
  • Raheel Sajjad
    Raheel Sajjad 4 месяца назад lolz Me too
  • EdMcStinko
    EdMcStinko Год назад (изменено) Thanks man. This idiotic compulsory horseshit has pissed me off to an immense degree for YEARS
  • Jdburko Gaming
    Jdburko Gaming 6 месяцев назад (изменено) This is how it goes. 5:04 PM: would you like to update your pc? (I click wait an hour) 5:47 PM: would you like to update your pc? (I click wait an hour again) 6:23 PM: I leave to eat dinner. 6:55 PM: I come back to find that windows is updating. Frustrated, I leave to do something else. 8:14 PM: Downloading... 84%. 9:22 PM: Downloading... 84%. Next day, 6:35 AM: Restoring your previous version of Windows... 5 Page essay that should’ve took a few hours instead came in 1 week late. Failed thanks to Windows being incompetent.
  • KilLLaKilla Chad
    KilLLaKilla Chad 9 месяцев назад The worst version of windows, full of bloatware and garbage ffs
  • loopy Ruane
    loopy Ruane 7 месяцев назад NotLeviathan Yeet thousands like you bro, install disable & tweak.
  • Tim Second
    Tim Second 8 месяцев назад 709 Microsoft staff and Windows programmers disliked this.
  • Smith Technical Resources
    Smith Technical Resources 8 месяцев назад That we can definitely believe.
  • SWAT Express
    SWAT Express 8 месяцев назад Tim Second lololol
  • John B
    John B 8 месяцев назад Microsoft sucks ass period...they put a bunch of viruses and spyware on your computer for the govt to get into your computer...GAS MICROSOFT NOW!!
  • ディン92
    ディン92 7 месяцев назад John B  wow really bro?
  • Its Lazito
    Its Lazito 7 месяцев назад @John B what's your proofs?
  • Sukhman Gill
    Sukhman Gill 7 месяцев назад Yep bro
  • loopy Ruane
    loopy Ruane 7 месяцев назад Its Lazito millions of dis- satisfied users, do your homework.
  • loopy Ruane
    loopy Ruane 7 месяцев назад sloop John B let's hang the bastards for digital rape?
  • loopy Ruane
    loopy Ruane 7 месяцев назад john, it's a pretty good operating system once disabled & tweaked to your own requirements, not theirs.
  • Bench Salvador
    Bench Salvador 5 месяцев назад Not all.
  • Slim Gaming
    Slim Gaming 11 месяцев назад You know this is now out of date as periodically Microsoft will Re-Enable Windows update without the individuals permission and force install updates onto your PC. To date I haven't found a way to permenantly turn these off with SUCKS
  • Xeuik
    Xeuik 6 месяцев назад there's still a way to disable, wdym fam
  • Gagan Sayana
    Gagan Sayana 5 месяцев назад Put your wifi metered.
  • Cyan Redstoneer
    Cyan Redstoneer 4 месяца назад Yes update sucks sometimes they sometimes do the blue screen of death after they updated
    SILENT FLASH 4 месяца назад use simplewall it's an open source software that blocks access to the internet except what you whitelist. so basically youre forcing the windows service offline
  • Corey Anderson
    Corey Anderson 4 месяца назад Just followed his methods and my PC is still tryin to update
  • Vamsi
    Vamsi 4 месяца назад ​@Cyan Redstoneer ok delete windows update service once and for all first back up your system and use "sc delete wuauserv" and windows update gone forever there will be no harm to system but you can't install apps from store you have to sacrifice some things
  • Alpha Woman
    Alpha Woman 3 месяца назад Slim Gaming Agreed!
  • Lil Uzi Kurt
    Lil Uzi Kurt 3 месяца назад Cyan Redstoneer happened to me I had to reset from the cmd
  • Born DIY
    Born DIY 2 месяца назад I did this before and found Windows later updated my computer. They always mess up my wifi to my printer & connections. I did notice below the Windows Update there is a "Windows Medic Service". I tried to DISABLE this also but won't allow me. Windows Medic will 'eventually' RESTART your Windows10 Updates. Is there a FIX???
  • Hairy Neck
    Hairy Neck 10 месяцев назад I did this successfully for six months but yesterday Windows started upgrading again. I couldn't use my pc for 13hours.
  • Aj Jingco
    Aj Jingco 7 месяцев назад Hairy Neck Same
  • Feng Shui
    Feng Shui 6 месяцев назад Lol same problem to me..
  • Omar Camama
    Omar Camama 6 месяцев назад 13 hours is short. I haven't used mine for around 48 hours 'til now.
  • Yakumoki
    Yakumoki 6 месяцев назад Yep same, I have to sleep my computer so it doesn't update :(
  • Dimuth Malaka
    Dimuth Malaka 5 месяцев назад @Omar Camama lol
  • Alex Zetsu
    Alex Zetsu 5 месяцев назад This is out of date
  • DeapaS
    DeapaS 4 месяца назад It wont stop updates...
  • Aditya Dahiya
    Aditya Dahiya 4 месяца назад SEM problem
  • Donald Young
    Donald Young Год назад DOES NOT WORK, Keeps bugging me and updating and downloading.
  • VZ maker
    VZ maker 4 месяца назад Me too
  • Astral Auto Repairs
    Astral Auto Repairs 2 года назад THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Windows updates are HORRIBLE! Sometimes they interfere with other programs once it updates AND if you are running older programs, you are in for a huge headache.
  • Digital Nomad
    Digital Nomad Год назад Well, they're probably as bad as you say, I don't have Windows 10 yet. But the killer for me is having Microsoft decide when I don't need my Internet bandwidth. A modern computer downloading an update can easily saturate a connection no faster than mine. Having the net go down arbitrarily in the middle of some handshaking, causing a timeout, can cause problems modern protocols have trouble handling, they assume dependable connections. If it is a financial transaction, this can cost me money. In a multiplayer game having my net go down when my teammates are counting on me is unacceptable. And how about this scenario? You hear a thunderstorm coming through so you opt to shut down immediately to protect your hardware, software, and data. But nope, Windows decides to do an update then and warns you "Do not turn off your computer". You can't pull the plug, because you risk crashing your systems OS, but if you don't you risk loosing your OS, your data, and your hardware. This behavior should be grounds for a class action suit.
  • Dr. Plague
    Dr. Plague Год назад So true my editing software vegas pro 15 won't open cause windows 10 latest update.
  • srinivas gongalla
    srinivas gongalla 11 месяцев назад Superb solution bro...:)
  • pbx music
    pbx music 11 месяцев назад FUCK WINDOWS != PS :I DID TYPE 10
  • 王力
    王力 7 месяцев назад I went back to windows 7 directly ! Feels like dating my first girlfriend, sweet as fxxk.
  • loopy Ruane
    loopy Ruane 7 месяцев назад 王力 7 is good, but a little old.
  • loopy Ruane
    loopy Ruane 7 месяцев назад so true, type in services scroll down to the culprit & dis-arm.
  • Pinco Del Pallino
    Pinco Del Pallino 6 месяцев назад Yeah I should done that before this windows upcraps screwed my graphic card, now every time I trying to play some games after a while I got blue screen of death, or I have to reboot by pressing the power button because my laptop remains freezing.
  • Xara Xristina
    Xara Xristina 5 месяцев назад Well, I can't download google chrome because it says that it isn't from the app store..please someone help
    Adriel Bryan ROBLOXIA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE 5 месяцев назад It takes hours to update. Luckily I can disable the update
  • Fariq D-zul
    Fariq D-zul 3 месяца назад What can I do if the startup type is disabled. Meaning it stay manual and I can't change it to disable and cannot stop if it running. The only way I stop the update right now is using metered connection. So I really need your help
  • King King
    King King 3 недели назад Unbelievable how YouTube know I want this video 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
  • Smith Technical Resources
    Smith Technical Resources 1 день назад It's all in the Algorithm. And it's getting more accurate as time progresses.
  • BaconMan
    BaconMan 3 месяца назад (изменено) Me: *Opens Computer* Computer: *Updating* Me:Oh No 1 Years Later Me:Finally It's Done. Ok Let Me Play A Few Moments Later Me:It's Time To Shut Down Me: *Sees A "Shut Down And Update"* Me:Oh My God
  • C m
    C m Год назад These damn updates make me so angry thank you so much! 😘
  • Niko Nikolov
    Niko Nikolov 3 месяца назад 2019 and it works on w10 pro.Thank you mate!
  • TheGamingBrothers
    TheGamingBrothers 4 месяца назад There is a much better way Step 1: make a shortcut for Windows 10-updateassistent. You can find it when pressing on the search icon and type that in. Step 2: run it as an administrator Step 3: On the left bottom of the screen, it says that you can stop it from happening. One you've done that. Click on the left bottom button again and u should be okey
  • Anusha K
    Anusha K 5 месяцев назад Thank you, this helped me.✌️
  • Nachiketa Thapliyal
    Nachiketa Thapliyal 3 месяца назад thanks a lot man ! :)
  • salvor1
    salvor1 3 года назад Had Microsoft been a male and my computer was a female, Microsoft would be charged with harassment, and if their advances were successful -rape. Since my computer is less than 18 years old they would also be charged with even more.
  • AllenCajah Playz
    AllenCajah Playz 3 года назад +salvor1 Considering MS is owned by a male, and my computer is owned by a female (over 60) the charges would be greater as I am a senior citizen. smh  Forget all the hackers and the people who put viruses on our computers, this forced acceptance by a major corporation should be just as illegal.
  • MOM
    MOM Год назад Molly Denam mines transgender
  • theawesomesausage
    theawesomesausage Год назад likewise if Microsoft were female and the computer were male and under 18.
  • rodrigo butete
    rodrigo butete Год назад lols
  • Infinity
    Infinity Год назад LOL! Too true though, brah.
  • Ewald Steyn
    Ewald Steyn Год назад Brilliant! Thanks, you comment made my evening, and I 100% agree with it!
  • May
    May 10 месяцев назад Yup...Microsoft is a rapist. Completely agree.
  • MollyTTree
    MollyTTree 10 месяцев назад Clever!
  • John B
  • loopy Ruane
    loopy Ruane 7 месяцев назад hang the bastards.
  • Yuva Sagar
    Yuva Sagar 5 месяцев назад Microsoft fucks the pc 😥
  • Popsicobolis
    Popsicobolis 5 месяцев назад daaang! now my internet's download speed wont suddenly drop... thanks man! :)