A Look at Linux Lite OS 3.2

Published on Mar 18, 2017 69,492 views

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Time to check in with the Linux Lite project and see what's new with their fantastic lightweight OS.


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  • MegaManNeo
    MegaManNeo 2 года назад (изменено) xfce is a lovely desktop. Admitted, I'd still take MATE over xfce myself since I got used to Gnome2.32 as far as gtk based desktop environments go BUT nonetheless xfce runs smooth, can still look good AND in case of Linux Lite, apparently even Arc-Dark is installed by default which is my favorite color scheme on any DE on any operating system. Speaking of the lite aspect on the hardware, Clementine loads up qt libs inside a gtk based system, they were better off shipping gmusicbrowser by default.
  • Luredreier
    Luredreier 2 года назад Yeah, been using Linux Mint Mate myself. But both are good. =)
  • aFaceInside
    aFaceInside 2 года назад Din din, din. de-nin dinin din din din ne nin nin ne-nin ne nin neh nin nin nin ni nin neh nin ne nin nin de neh ne neh neh ne nin...
  • Station Plaza
    Station Plaza 2 года назад Thanks so much, for taking the time to show us about Linux Lite OS. I'm still using Windows XP quite happily on my old 32 bit Dell Dimension 4500. But my patch which enables my system to get security updates will expire in 2019. Firefox is about due to follow Chrome and stop supporting XP...So now I'm looking around for something to run on my computer, that will still feel familiar to work with. This Linux Lite OS looks superb! Thanks again.
  • Dan Hardisty
    Dan Hardisty 2 года назад Thank you Joe. It was you that inspired me to install this on my very old desktop and it is working great!
  • Niketan Jha
    Niketan Jha 2 года назад I am using linux lite from last 1year and i fall in love with it. Its simply awesome. Thanks maker for this free awesome stuff. Really appreciate your work.
  • Linux Lite
    Linux Lite 2 года назад Niketan Jha you're welcome.
  • Truong Phuc Nguyen
    Truong Phuc Nguyen 3 месяца назад I am a linux beginner and this OS is doing well for me :) Thanks for your videos on bash commands.
  • Pyotr Leflegin
    Pyotr Leflegin 2 года назад A really nice write-up. Thank you, Joe.
  • Max Rex
    Max Rex Год назад thanks so very much my friend great tips now i know so much more,,i have Linux lite on my desktop and i love it so much so fast and smooth,,,,only one problem maybe you can help,,there is floppy disk icon on screen and i cannot remove it how do i do that please.thanks again ernie in holland Netherlands
  • Don Little
    Don Little 2 года назад I've got a fairly powerful system, and I've been using Ubuntu for quite a long time - since it began. I experimented with Mint a couple of times, but it seemed to me to be a poor cousin to Ubuntu, so I always went back to Ubuntu. I have to thank you, Joe, for introducing me to MATE. I've added it as a secondary desktop environment, and now I use it all the time. Maybe secretly, I've been pining for the old Gnome 2 that I really liked.
  • Haris Tsimsirlis
    Haris Tsimsirlis 2 года назад Drop a like on this video guys. It will help Joe who is helping us ! Do the right thing.
  • Vasanth Alapaty
    Vasanth Alapaty 2 года назад T Sh b
  • TSM
    TSM 2 года назад Always do. The man has taught me a lot.
  • Chriss RE
    Chriss RE 2 года назад I like the compact design. I would make Icons even simpler . Will try it out on my old laptop
  • Omelette Homme
    Omelette Homme 5 месяцев назад so, skype or other similar app (available on iOS) works?
  • Ben Goza
    Ben Goza 2 года назад The window handles on XFCE are very tiny, I use alt+right click (and drag) to resize the windows.
  • Not Public
    Not Public 2 года назад great video, thank you!
  • kaiju blue
    kaiju blue 2 года назад i use chalet, it's great. don't know why more people haven't jumped on it.
  • Les S
    Les S 2 года назад Ahhh....comment makes sense now :)
  • David's Tech
    David's Tech 2 года назад Nebbou. I should have put that in the start of my comment. My bad.
  • Les S
    Les S 2 года назад David's Tech umm....who are you replying too?
  • Les S
    Les S 2 года назад My Chalet refuses to update. Every time I attempt to it gives me "no connection available" even though my connection is fine. This is the ONLY distro I have tried that has done this to me. Looks like I may wipe that and toss Linux Lite on that machine.
  • Raymond Dean III
    Raymond Dean III 2 года назад 3 months? I run lubuntu on a 32gb Sandisk dial cruiser yet to crash had it for a year. Wanna wipe and reinstall eventually to get space back
  • Al Al
    Al Al 2 года назад Nebbou I use Ubunto on my PC and it runs VM's WAY WAY faster them I ran them on the same PC using WIndows 7 and it does everything else pretty fast. Go try some of the Linux distros out using Universal Usb Installer you can load your PC from a thumb drive USB and play with them without touchingyour hard drive. :)
  • 3D Tutorials In HD
    3D Tutorials In HD 2 года назад pllllz is this linux work for me i have hdd ..cpu intel and amd driver.?????? and is it fast then windows 10 ?
  • Shawn Kirk
    Shawn Kirk 2 года назад To be honest... I've never heard of Chalet. I will definitely take a look now. Thanks for mentioning it.
  • John Brown
    John Brown 2 года назад I've got Chalet and I like it too. I think I like it more than Mint maybe.
  • TSM
    TSM 2 года назад I agree. Used it for 3 months until an hdd crash.
  • Polish Bean
    Polish Bean Год назад My favourite distro since it revived my ancient Samsung nc10
  • Troubleware
    Troubleware 2 года назад Will you suggest me best freeware software for screen recording Thank you :)
  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins 2 года назад SimpleScreenRecorder is what I use. :)
  • DarkShroom
    DarkShroom 2 года назад i prefer slitaz :) i don't have enough space for a heavyweight linux like this
  • Finn Driver
    Finn Driver 2 года назад Its package manager is pretty swish too.
  • LaGaspa McDougle
    LaGaspa McDougle 2 года назад they have definitely come a long way in their software offerings
  • dean leland
    dean leland 2 года назад (изменено) Hi the installation went well, I've updated everything on a wire ethernet it found my wifi driver, I can connect with wifi it says I am connected after putting my wifi password but the internet doesn't work, it says page cannot display check your firewall setting ect... on firefox, I've tried many web-site, any solutions? it shows my wifi is connected 261 MB/s, it did worked on windows 7, but not on any linux lite
  • dean leland
    dean leland 2 года назад (изменено) No problems, next time i will be more specific and give more info if i end up having another problem! other than that my linuxlite OS works pretty good on my old laptop ! i can finally go outside on the internet !
  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins 2 года назад Awesome. I should have asked about drivers but I didn't think of it at the time. I'm glad you figured it out. :)
  • dean leland
    dean leland 2 года назад Hey update! I am wire free now! I figured out the problem! I done the firmware b43 update and removed the bcmwl kernel source than rebooted ! finally works!!
  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins 2 года назад Not sure what would cause that unless you have a firewall installed and it's set to deny everything... :)
  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 2 года назад How is it "lite" when it looks like Windows XP? :p
  • Zamundaaa
    Zamundaaa 2 года назад Kiwi it looks way cooler than windows xp