00:07 Empty makeup hacks
03:34 Quick makeup tips for urgent situations
07:05 Makeup brushes case
07:26 Traveling makeup ideas
08:53 Genius Makeup Hacks

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  • Divya Kakhani
    Divya Kakhani 1 месяц назад Please try something new stop uploading old vedio n hacks
  • Purple gamingz
    Purple gamingz 3 недели назад (изменено) It's Soo obvious that it's makeup And why is it 5 minutes craft Family isn't it supposed to be 5 minutes craft Girly?
  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 3 недели назад Outstanding video 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆
  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 3 недели назад Outstanding video 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆
  • Reshma Ansari
    Reshma Ansari 3 недели назад I am sorry to say☹️ but 5-minute crafts family why are you repeating those makeup hacks which I watched many times😭who are with me please like 😇 I also love 5-minute crafts all channel
  • Reshma Ansari
    Reshma Ansari Неделю назад I also love ❤️ five minutes crafts but 😭
  • Sarah Vaughn
    Sarah Vaughn 1 день назад Yes bro I'm so with u on that
    IRFAN K 1 день назад Me too
  • Mounika Sai
    Mounika Sai 1 месяц назад Always uploading old video clips try something new
  • Pushpa Panwar
    Pushpa Panwar 1 месяц назад yaah
  • Lia Nazaire
    Lia Nazaire 2 недели назад I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!
  • palakh khanna
    palakh khanna 1 месяц назад Who watches but never tries!!😂😂
  • Jungkook 1846
    Jungkook 1846 3 недели назад Me hahahhahahaah
  • Premila Varsani
    Premila Varsani 2 недели назад Mee
  • Эмилия Жемчужная
    Эмилия Жемчужная 2 недели назад Вы русские
  • Hira Gohar
    Hira Gohar 1 месяц назад I don't understand First 5 min craft Then 5 min craft girly , 5 min craft teen, 5 min craft kids and now 5 min craft family. 5 min crafts grandparents and 5 min crafts pets coming soon.
  • Carla Mouhanna
    Carla Mouhanna 2 недели назад It's probably so they can make more money
  • Anik Islam
    Anik Islam 3 недели назад Amazing💑👭👸😸😘
    DEEPMALA RAI 3 недели назад Uploading same hacks thousand of times in different channels
  • karbhari gore
    karbhari gore 2 недели назад u r right
  • Kamiyah Lenoir
    Kamiyah Lenoir 2 недели назад Girls don't need makeup or anything. Your perfect just the way u are
  • Tha Miff
    Tha Miff 2 недели назад Yoooooossssssssssssss I 💯 agree with you yooooooosss!!!
  • Sima Ghosh
    Sima Ghosh 3 недели назад Stop uploading old videos
  • Anil gupta
    Anil gupta 1 месяц назад Who is scolling down the comments while watching I am the first one
  • Random Jazzy
    Random Jazzy 1 месяц назад Me
  • Yaqin Khusnul
    Yaqin Khusnul 3 недели назад @Random Jazzy 😉€_%1€¥÷
    BILLIE ELLISH 2 недели назад me
  • APA Mayne _
    APA Mayne _ 2 недели назад Me
  • Amit Mishra
    Amit Mishra 2 недели назад Anushka
  • Yashpal chaursiya
    Yashpal chaursiya 4 дня назад @BILLIE ELLISH hjljjjhhmm not
  • Lydia Jared
    Lydia Jared 2 недели назад Wonder how many lighters they have ruined in the time that they've had their channel
  • Babita Soni
    Babita Soni 2 недели назад They don't have a new ideas , just repeating a same Hacks👿👿👿👿👿👹😾
  • Iman Amran
    Iman Amran 6 дней назад And though they don't even work the hacks don't work innit
  • Just Shyanne
    Just Shyanne 2 недели назад 9:00 more like party makeup hacks XD genius
  • Милана Велитченко
    Милана Велитченко 4 дня назад ohhh yes
  • Javiera Saavedra
    Javiera Saavedra 3 недели назад Fabio repentino minuto 6:06 y 6 :12
  • Sara Beall
    Sara Beall 2 недели назад (изменено) i’ve seen alllllll of these i stg. either stop uploading the same stuff or make new “hacks”
  • Hemlata Sharama
    Hemlata Sharama 3 недели назад Aapne is video mein jo Foundation use ke wo kaun si company ka hai