The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds

Published on May 3, 2016 2,160,982 views

Linus Torvalds transformed technology twice — first with the Linux kernel, which helps power the Internet, and again with Git, the source code management system used by developers worldwide. In a rare interview with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Torvalds discusses with remarkable openness the personality traits that prompted his unique philosophy of work, engineering and life. "I am not a visionary, I'm an engineer," Torvalds says. "I'm perfectly happy with all the people who are walking around and just staring at the clouds ... but I'm looking at the ground, and I want to fix the pothole that's right in front of me before I fall in."

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  • Flavio Poletti
    Flavio Poletti Год назад If they ever do a movie on Linus Torvalds, Steve Carell is going to nail it.
  • Moortayeh
    Moortayeh 3 дня назад Tbh they rly should
  • glytzhkof
    glytzhkof Неделю назад Steve Buscemi.
  • Sundar Subramaniyan
    Sundar Subramaniyan 2 недели назад I was about to write this comment and just saw yours.
  • Gaurav poudel
    Gaurav poudel 2 недели назад epic. I was also thinking he looked a lot like him :D
  • Freddy James k
    Freddy James k 3 недели назад OH man You are Damn right
  • nathan wake
    nathan wake 3 недели назад Linus looks like a combo of Steve Carell and Dustin Hoffman
  • Critstix Darkspear
    Critstix Darkspear 3 недели назад This needs crowd funding right now
  • Andres Leon Rangel
    Andres Leon Rangel 1 месяц назад no wonder why the suicide rate is so high in that area!
  • Damian Reloaded
    Damian Reloaded 1 месяц назад This needs to happen. I can totally imagine Steve throwing a tantrum while writing heated comments in newsgroups. The cat watching it all XD
  • Keyproco
    Keyproco 2 месяца назад HAT OFF
  • Jatin Batra
    Jatin Batra 2 месяца назад ❤❤
  • Luis Ochoa
    Luis Ochoa 2 месяца назад Duuuuuuuuuuuude, he is Steve Carell
  • Brennan Hanlon
    Brennan Hanlon 3 месяца назад @j1mmyZeta Exactly what I was thinking
  • Maximilian
    Maximilian 3 месяца назад so so so so true
  • Michał Ślęzak
    Michał Ślęzak 3 месяца назад Yea :D That would be awesome
  • j1mmyZeta
    j1mmyZeta 3 месяца назад Ricky Gervais as the guy interviewing him here
  • ChrisBowen
    ChrisBowen 4 месяца назад YES!
  • saultube44
    saultube44 4 месяца назад Oh yeah!
  • hmmm
    hmmm 4 месяца назад spot on
  • Levi G.
  • ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ
    ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ 2 года назад (изменено) Webservers, supercomputers, industrial robotics, driverless cars, smartphones, stock exchanges (NASDAQ/NYSE/CMX/DBG), the international space station, etc. are all running some form of the Linux kernel. A Finnish nerd has taken over the world.
  • Nild Malindi
    Nild Malindi 4 дня назад @Lets be human Lol that has nothing to do with this video, like at all. And by the way, the H1-B visa was the only tool the US had to gather the worlds brain in its territory, it wasnt illegal immigration. Most migrants are not highly skilled workers with amazing degrees, they're poor and most of them have no bachelors/masters/phds and work experience in fields that are not specialized. That visa was reformed starting in 2004, and two more times in 2008 and 2009. So if you wanna blame someone for sort of "pushing" the brain out of the country you might wanna consider Bush for starters and Obama which was the guy who closed the lid on this.
  • Swerrow
    Swerrow 6 дней назад yah chl7 wld bladi☺️
  • sweetberries
    sweetberries 2 месяца назад @Ken Meade They aren't ripped off, it was probably intended as open source version of unix
  • Ken Meade
    Ken Meade 2 месяца назад @sweetberries Eh? Unix is a entire operating system, that linux ripped off.
  • Hanro50
    Hanro50 3 месяца назад @Asia Acuna The Linux kernel is its own entity that shares design aspects with the Unix kernel. Its more accurate to say its Unix inspired then built from the Unix kernel's source code. While both will run similar programs, that's more because they share the same middleware rather than being binnery compatible.
  • Asia Acuna
    Asia Acuna 3 месяца назад You mean the UNIX kernel, Linux kernel is a form of UNIX kernel
  • Hanro50
    Hanro50 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Papasani Mohansrinivas Pretty sure he edited the original post...I think the original text had some kind of grammatical error. Edit: thus that first reply is out of context.
  • Papasani Mohansrinivas
    Papasani Mohansrinivas 3 месяца назад @VtochkaGtochka it may not be superior , but it is very competitive compared to windows / Oracle is or anything out there and free open source !
  • Papasani Mohansrinivas
    Papasani Mohansrinivas 3 месяца назад @Hanro50 no it is actually real , Linux is practically everywhere , so it isn't weird
  • Headcrab
    Headcrab 3 месяца назад @sweetberries I need to read up before I comment. You are right.
  • Krummi
    Krummi 3 месяца назад @Lets be human He doesn't and keep your petty politics for twitter
  • Jouko Markula
    Jouko Markula 3 месяца назад @Lets be human in this case, it wouldnt change much, cause how Linus works, it doesnt need to be available in a country.. Thats how Internet works. but USA has never said no for good brainworks eather, so.. thats not gonna happen in silicon valley
  • sweetberries
    sweetberries 3 месяца назад @Headcrab Unix is a specification, not kernel.
  • pigeonshouse
    pigeonshouse 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Ramon Gomes @nowayjose I guess I've learned a bit.
  • Ramon Gomes
    Ramon Gomes 5 месяцев назад @pigeonshouse MAC OS is based on Free BSD
  • TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha
    TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha 5 месяцев назад VtochkaGtochka they're running it because it's superior as well. Or would they've gone the windows way? Good luck for that then 😏
  • TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha
    TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha 5 месяцев назад ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ and the most faszinating thing: He want it to succeed for itself not for himself.
  • Jim Mooney
    Jim Mooney 5 месяцев назад @pigeonshouse Or, God forbid, that pile of crap called Windows.
  • nowayjose
    nowayjose 5 месяцев назад @pigeonshouse macOS is not based on Linux.
  • yato boi
    yato boi 7 месяцев назад @pigeonshouse macos is actually built on FreeBSD, XNU (the codebase of it and the open-source part of it), but most particularly, it stems directly from Unix, via BSD. Linux is meant to be a free clone of Unix.
  • Gecko Lia
    Gecko Lia 7 месяцев назад For me the whole point of Linux is that it's a cooperative thing. Not one guy alone made it this big (and growing) and powerful but a community of passionate people.
  • pigeonshouse
    pigeonshouse 8 месяцев назад (изменено) "They are running it because it's free, not because it's superior." Ok then, perhaps they should have used..... Solaris? Oh it's dead NeXTSTEP? Oh it's dead BSD? Only usefulness for this is running apache Microsoft? Imagine having one of their 2-hour long software updates before you got into your driverless car, or one of the business-critical applications listed above. MAC OS? Oh it's based on LINUX!!!!
  • Joseph Barros
    Joseph Barros 8 месяцев назад because its cheap
  • Pedro Sousa
    Pedro Sousa 8 месяцев назад And space. Praise the man!
  • Reonero
    Reonero 8 месяцев назад Wow
  • Lets be human
    Lets be human 9 месяцев назад And trump want to send back all international people back to their homes. hmm, let me think.
  • EldunMcLayan
    EldunMcLayan 9 месяцев назад You're absolutely right. If the companies would only go for the most advanced and technical superior product, the chances are high that most of them would be made proprietary. But they don't, the care about the software being free, alowing them to openly coloborate, adjust things as they need it and share their achievements with others. Being Free is the most important attribute in nowaday's UNIX world. Richard Stallman did important work for the community to realize that.
  • Headcrab
    Headcrab Год назад Unix kernel.
  • Hanro50
    Hanro50 Год назад ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ That is the strangest sentence I've read in my life
  • Ztech
    Ztech 9 месяцев назад (изменено) @ 17:08 "I’m perfectly happy with all the people who are walking around and just staring at the clouds and looking at the stars and saying, “I want to go there,” but I’m looking at the ground and I want to fix the pothole that’s right in front of me before I fall in. This is the kind of person I am" Aristotle gives his thanks.
  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman Год назад Linux is great, Git is fantastic, Linus is the man.
  • Rastopapola
    Rastopapola 2 года назад "I don't really like other people." - This is the most finnish thing he could have said :D plus he works in IT ^^
  • Sundar Subramaniyan
    Sundar Subramaniyan 2 недели назад I kind of see why Finland is one of the happiest countries in the world. Everybody hates everyone else. There wouldn’t be a reason to talk to another person in the first place.
  • Mrnetprophet
    Mrnetprophet 1 месяц назад love computers, dislike the people that use them@bdf2718
  • skogenburzum
    skogenburzum 1 месяц назад @Armel François I didn't know a floor existed between and desk and it's chair #planarfail ;-P
  • Pab xD
    Pab xD 1 месяц назад @Jonathan De Jesus u mean air?
  • Ken Meade
    Ken Meade 2 месяца назад @Niall Jones why, its a true statement
  • thefinn777
    thefinn777 2 месяца назад I want to move to Finland, so I can be among other people who don't like other people.
  • Evan490BC
    Evan490BC 2 месяца назад @bdf2718 Not necessarily in that order. (Just kidding.)
  • Ziggi Mon
    Ziggi Mon 3 месяца назад "I don't really like other people." -- this is absolutely normal for any geek. The reason people become are deeply involved in computing is because they like things more than people. Most highly talented programmers are loners, introverts, who's best friend is a dog or a cat. Most managers have no clue what makes a brilliant software developer tick, and bright creative people rarely succeed in a corporate environment. They are outcasts and often the first to be fired. And that's what amazing in this story that a prodigy like Linus Torvalds succeeded in his pursuits despite the adversarial environment. He surely didn't make billions of dollars like all those companies who used the results of his (and others like him) labors, but he is a happy man who is free to do what he likes.
  • cesar leon
    cesar leon 3 месяца назад not in real time, only by mail. lol.
  • Fin Dood
    Fin Dood 8 месяцев назад Ive found most "people" are npc's
  • Quandleberg Humpadick
    Quandleberg Humpadick 8 месяцев назад (изменено) hehehe
  • mnemosine itahncristos
    mnemosine itahncristos 8 месяцев назад i hate people, i love computers, and I do work in IT.
  • Niall Jones
    Niall Jones 9 месяцев назад Describing Linus Torvalds as working “in IT” makes me deeply upset...
  • Suvi-Tuuli Allan
    Suvi-Tuuli Allan 9 месяцев назад Barf
  • RC Ayers
    RC Ayers 11 месяцев назад He really was admiring the "people's contribution, not so much the social aspects of them. There's a huge difference meeting and discussing and emailing all the time.
  • Sagar Sagar
    Sagar Sagar 11 месяцев назад IT field is not bad..IT industry definitely is...
  • bdf2718
    bdf2718 2 года назад +Jonathan De Jesus PEBCAK error, also known as ID 10 T error. There are some days when I hate computers. The days that have a "y" in them.
  • Armel François
    Armel François 2 года назад @Jonathan De Jesus not the floor in between then :-P
  • Jonathan De Jesus
    Jonathan De Jesus 2 года назад The user...
  • Armel François
    Armel François 2 года назад Jonathan De Jesus do you mean the desk?
  • Jonathan De Jesus
    Jonathan De Jesus 2 года назад The most common computer problem is between the monitor and the chair...
  • Rastopapola
    Rastopapola 2 года назад @bdf2718 Yes, I can agree!
  • bdf2718
    bdf2718 2 года назад If you work in IT support you rapidly come to hate both computers and people.
  • Tatu
    Tatu 2 года назад Finland is so great :D
  • epSos.de
    epSos.de Год назад He is the hero of our time ! Many IT fathers name their kids after him.
  • Deoxal
    Deoxal 2 недели назад Do we know he wasn't named after the peanuts character?
  • satoshi nakamoto
    satoshi nakamoto 2 недели назад @J R nobita
  • Nathan DeVane
    Nathan DeVane 2 недели назад @Lam Miles If there were a situation where Vista had to defuse a bomb and I was a hostage... "WE'RE GONNA DIE!" (Joke is credited to the TV show "The IT Crowd")
  • Joe Hoe
    Joe Hoe 3 недели назад I will name mine Microsoft, if i get one..........IF
  • p pang
    p pang 1 месяц назад i'll name my son "BUG"
  • stand alone
    stand alone 2 месяца назад So what?
  • Alonso Martii
    Alonso Martii 2 месяца назад @J R if it's a girl you can name her NVIDIA, boy Celeron. 👍
  • Paul Daniel
    Paul Daniel 3 месяца назад (изменено) Better to name your kid Dennis or Ken as the creation of Unix was a far larger and more significant accomplishment than anything Linus ever did.
  • Ken Meade
    Ken Meade 3 месяца назад is that because most it people have no brains or morals?
  • LOLmaker Oosoom
    LOLmaker Oosoom 3 месяца назад how about Roblox
  • Vivek Verma
    Vivek Verma 3 месяца назад @Musa Samwel it's depends on the father 😂😂😂lolzz
  • Strav9
    Strav9 4 месяца назад Noble Barrister If you ever get angry at him just calling by is full name “SUDO SU! Come downstairs right now!” Trust me. You won’t have to say his name again
  • 35p freddo
    35p freddo 4 месяца назад @Melvin 章猫文 wat insane
  • 35p freddo
    35p freddo 4 месяца назад Linus Sebastian
  • lamilumag
    lamilumag 4 месяца назад I named my Cat Linux when I was 18. I'm 35 now and it is still alive and lives with my parents. I still always get a giggle out of my mother calling "Linux! Linux!" through the neighborhood. nerdfactor over 9000 for mum :P
  • zedtix gaming
    zedtix gaming 4 месяца назад @J R nice
  • Peter Grahame
    Peter Grahame 4 месяца назад we have kids near us called iphone, google and even you tube, i'm not making this up!
  • David Schmitz
    David Schmitz 5 месяцев назад cringe^256
  • jenspen
    jenspen 5 месяцев назад I named my cat after him
  • Everything
    Everything 6 месяцев назад Gonna name my kid CSGO
  • Loganath Raja
    Loganath Raja 6 месяцев назад True.. He is the one who transformed technology without any fame..
  • David Cook-Burke
    David Cook-Burke 7 месяцев назад Linus Sebastion anyone?
  • uchihasurvival
    uchihasurvival 7 месяцев назад Lam Miles Or Windows 10
  • Rahell Hamarash
    Rahell Hamarash 8 месяцев назад I agree, without this man companies would have to implement really expensive OSs on their servers from big companies like Microsoft which of course require the same company to maintain and secure the servers which they would have to pay Microsoft insane amount of money eventually accessing Internet would have been really expensive to people
  • Quandleberg Humpadick
    Quandleberg Humpadick 8 месяцев назад @Musa Samwel littel torvie boi
  • Melvin 章猫文
    Melvin 章猫文 8 месяцев назад @HaakonHawk Funny you say that. The CEO of Nvidia and the CEO of AMD actually has a uncle/niece relationship. https://babeltechreviews.com/nvidias-ceo-is-the-uncle-of-amds-ceo/
    BILLY BUDDY 8 месяцев назад was*
  • Subhajit Sahu
    Subhajit Sahu 8 месяцев назад He is really such a modest person! I wonder how could he be hurting to anyone.
  • viraj desai
    viraj desai 8 месяцев назад lets name the wife motherboard and kids Peripherals..:D
  • Leopold
    Leopold 9 месяцев назад This lol
  • cataria
    cataria 10 месяцев назад if gnu didn't take up the linux kernel, they would have created their own and all that would have happened is a delay in bringing gnu to the world. u know the gnu system, which is what people are actually talking about when they mention linux usually, with one of it's creators being richard stallman, who actually wants u to have libre/freedom software, that protects u the user and protects the software aswell, but assuring it's long life. this is not to take away form the linux kernel, but damn it, he's not the hero of our time or savior of freedom/libre computing, it's richard stallman and the whole team, that brought the gnu system to life! and that are still fighting for libre software and to inform the public about the dangers of proprietary software for example through the fsf (free software foundation)
  • Mr Dhungel
    Mr Dhungel 10 месяцев назад nice im gonna name mine "sudo"
  • LinusDev
    LinusDev 10 месяцев назад Hey, I am named after him and my father is a IT guy!
  • Paul Daniel
    Paul Daniel 11 месяцев назад Damn straight. The real groundbreaking work happened decades ago with the creation of Unix ,and those who used Unix well before Linux existed should speak up more about that.
  • Rush Smith
    Rush Smith 11 месяцев назад No Does he sit in front of a computer 23 hours of every day of his life also ?
  • Rush Smith
    Rush Smith 11 месяцев назад Sad bastards
  • ΛVM HΛ
    ΛVM HΛ 11 месяцев назад @Joao, I'd call my kid BSOD :)
  • lfrankow
    lfrankow 11 месяцев назад He got the comparison between Edison and Tesla wrong, but I have and always will respect him.
  • Chris Morey
    Chris Morey 11 месяцев назад Meet my son, WindowsXP..
  • Reya P
    Reya P 11 месяцев назад How about ExPee?
  • Indonesia
    Indonesia Год назад I'm still waiting for someone to name their kid "Kernel Panic"
  • Paper Bag Man
    Paper Bag Man Год назад I would.
  • KazzArie
    KazzArie Год назад Linus tech tips?
  • Musa Samwel
    Musa Samwel Год назад Which name do they name the children most, Linus or Torvalds?
  • Yalson Noorcahaya Pratama
    Yalson Noorcahaya Pratama Год назад (изменено) you should name your kid with Newell or Valve? . . . . . for get UNLIMITED FREE STEAM WALLET XD
  • Lam Miles
    Lam Miles Год назад Just don't name him/her Vista
  • HaakonHawk
    HaakonHawk Год назад Joao Rocha - If i were your neighbor i'd call my kid AMD just to see how that relationship turns out.
  • J R
    J R Год назад What? I'm going to name my kid Intel or Nvidia
  • Wallflower's Association
    Wallflower's Association 3 месяца назад (изменено) This guy is a saint. He built the best kernel in the world and made it free
  • Isaac H.
    Isaac H. 2 недели назад Linus made the kernel, not an "OS". GNU existed before the Linux kernel. It was a project to create an "OS" that was based on free software (not as price but as usage). The project was missing a kernel, a centeral way to manage the hardware and software. (Would look up definition of a kernel for better understanding). As a bad metaphor, Linus created the drive chain for a car that was already mostly built.
  • MemesTV
    MemesTV 3 недели назад os != kernel
  • xian li
    xian li 1 месяц назад and the git,so coool
  • Dagoth Ur
    Dagoth Ur 1 месяц назад kernel*
  • Uditsinghparihar
    Uditsinghparihar 10 месяцев назад (изменено) I can tell my kids that I live in the age of Linus Torvalds
  • BuzzedAldrin
    BuzzedAldrin Год назад He is one of those people who has actually influenced every single persons lives without the majority knowing it.
  • Alex Kara
    Alex Kara Неделю назад who would have thought linus tovalds and genhis khan had so much in common
  • Aaron Caralho
    Aaron Caralho 3 года назад The first guy to not hold an imaginary box on TED
  • shovan shahi
    shovan shahi 2 месяца назад Think again 1:09
  • نيغا الساخن
    نيغا الساخن 2 месяца назад 7:37
  • Emmanuel Isanda
    Emmanuel Isanda 5 месяцев назад I see what you did there. If you guys don't get it just go to 16:00 and put the box there. It is there but you cant see it I promise ;)
    FREE VPS 7 месяцев назад kids after him
  • 1488 Rainman
    1488 Rainman 10 месяцев назад Aaron Caralho LOL
  • Natan Rocha Batista
    Natan Rocha Batista Год назад LOL
  • killax1000
    killax1000 2 года назад Cannot unsee! Thank you.
  • Uso Indevido
    Uso Indevido 2 года назад The first guy to not hold an imaginary Windows on TED ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • YeOldeScience
    YeOldeScience 2 года назад His imaginary box exists in code
  • Mike Crapse
    Mike Crapse 2 года назад Inname Of no, he's referring to the mannerisms many public speakers do. namely throw forth both their hands as if they are holding a box
  • Elfcheg
    Elfcheg 2 года назад You mean jam jar?
  • sneakeyboard
    sneakeyboard 2 года назад could mean multiple tings. I'm guessing the "anti-visionary" perspective. However, you could also be talking about not giving speeches with their hands... hahahaha.
  • Feather
    Feather 2 года назад I think that he was referring about the ideas behind the people who went in Ted. Most of them are utopias.
  • Cloud Atlas
    Cloud Atlas 3 года назад Haha! You were referring to the thumbnails for Ted videos? OK I'll check it out. Funny observation!
  • Cloud Atlas
    Cloud Atlas 3 года назад What do you mean?
  • GemoTourixFr
    GemoTourixFr 8 месяцев назад He hates giving talks but he's so good at it.
  • fulgor fulgor
    fulgor fulgor 2 дня назад I still like GNU_LINUX I discovered in 2002 and I use it a lot since 2002
  • Antanas Vasiliauskas
    Antanas Vasiliauskas Неделю назад Linus: 1000$ Ultimate Gaming PC | 2019 Apple: Hold my stand!
  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson Год назад I switched from windows to linux 8 years ago... now I cannot work without linux. Desktop enviroments are fast and you learn so much more when you start using the terminal. Just started programming two years ago and git is crucial 😊
  • A LeRoux
    A LeRoux 2 недели назад @m. azmi sudrajat Greatest reply ever
  • Steve Romain
    Steve Romain 2 месяца назад Probably just using it @shovan shahi . It is possible that a lot of us just use machines. Like driving a car without tweaking it for performance.
  • Márcio Amaral
    Márcio Amaral 2 месяца назад @shovan shahi Having fun without worrying about learn how to code
  • m. azmi sudrajat
    m. azmi sudrajat 2 месяца назад @shovan shahi youtub-ing
  • shovan shahi
    shovan shahi 2 месяца назад If you just started programming 2 yeara ago what were you doing for 6 years on linux?
  • Tom
    Tom 2 месяца назад But is your username Sexual Chocolate?
  • Bod
    Bod 8 месяцев назад Its great to hear that he is terrible at UI also :) But the sad thing is my code looks exactly like the bad example they show :(
  • c99kfm
    c99kfm 1 месяц назад "Good taste" in this way lies in the eye of the beholder, and that eye has been trained for different circumstances. In the kernel, performance is king, and avoiding a branch can save you precious nanoseconds. However, in your average software project, where coders come and go, maintaining a legible and easily understood codebase tends to trump minor performance gains. The comments help, of course, but the first example would be much easier to modify for someone new to the project or even the C language. Additionally, I'm a bit horrified at the lack of a halt condition if the list doesn't contain the element in question. Sure, if nobody ever misuses the function, that won't ever happen, and you shouldn't code for the lowest common denominator, but I much prefer belt and bracers. In this case, that might mean an additional branch PER ITERATION of the loop, which would be monstrous kernel-wise, but in most projects, easily catching that type of issue in the logs without too much debugging is really nice and cycles are cheap.
  • sweetberries
    sweetberries 3 месяца назад Linux is a kernel, not OS.
  • Photosounder
    Photosounder 5 месяцев назад The point of that example wasn't the style but the use of an exception (the if statement). Torvalds thought it much more elegant to use an algorithm that doesn't needed an exception for certain cases but rather works generally.
  • sylgeek hd
    sylgeek hd 5 дней назад It is funny to see the person who invented git also a committed person
  • Barney Stn
    Barney Stn 2 года назад Linus Torvalds>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Steve Jobs
  • Nathan DeVane
    Nathan DeVane 2 недели назад @Huu Phuc Nguyen Thanks for calling that dude out!
  • Hưng Bùi Ngọc
    Hưng Bùi Ngọc 1 месяц назад Barney Stn barney stinson?
  • skogenburzum
    skogenburzum 1 месяц назад @bits of wisdom Linux and the open source movement were founded under capitalist principles. It's why most hardcore Linux nerds get angry when you accuse the existence of Linux to Communism.
  • skogenburzum
    skogenburzum 1 месяц назад Steve Jobs actually met with him in the 90s when he was turning apple back around because he wanted Linux to be THE OS for the Mac, but Linus turned it down because he was bothered by what that would've meant for the fate of the open source movement.
  • Mr Turbo
    Mr Turbo 1 месяц назад Linus Torvalds != Steve Jobs
  • Po-Hsuan Huang
    Po-Hsuan Huang 1 месяц назад Who is Steve Jobs.
  • To Nature
    To Nature 2 месяца назад @Huu Phuc Nguyen Capitalist love Linux.
  • Hemendra Sahu
    Hemendra Sahu 2 месяца назад Both are important in their own ways.
  • AndroTech GR
    AndroTech GR 2 месяца назад Steve Jobs has left the chat.
  • Wallflower's Association
    Wallflower's Association 3 месяца назад Yes
  • bits of wisdom
    bits of wisdom 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Huu Phuc Nguyen some types of capitalism, like the crony type
  • Daniel Okey-Okoro
    Daniel Okey-Okoro 3 месяца назад wish I could upvote this twice
  • Eduardo Pereira
    Eduardo Pereira 3 месяца назад They're really completely different approaches on tech, I like both and there's no reason for this idealization of comparing and putting people on altars, just look at the best of both and I'm sure that you that you'll learn much more
  • Csr Hrm
    Csr Hrm 3 месяца назад @Huu Phuc Nguyen What does capitalism have to do with that?
  • Huu Phuc Nguyen
    Huu Phuc Nguyen 3 месяца назад Let me guess... You dislike capitalism, right?
  • rakothandroid
    rakothandroid 4 месяца назад Whoa. What a large right shift we have
  • ejaj ejsj
    ejaj ejsj Год назад simply write linus>1
  • Clark Alesna
    Clark Alesna 3 месяца назад The man who hates other people brought people closer together, just think about that.
  • Tri Murdani
    Tri Murdani 1 день назад Well, you can say it was a bug then became main feature
  • abdurrehman m
    abdurrehman m 3 месяца назад but his intention was not that... and even he did not want that as well... it happened somehow!! due to some "commercial people"
  • Eric Fernandes Ferreira
    Eric Fernandes Ferreira 1 месяц назад I lived in Linus Torvalds time. Thanks for that
  • adhitya sanjaya
    adhitya sanjaya 3 месяца назад Linus Torvalds, Thank you for Linux