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Amazon Documentary - Tear Of The Girls In Amazon | 아마존의 눈물

Amazon Documentary - Tear Of The Girls In Amazon | 아마존의 눈물 #AmazonDocumentary #PrimitiveTechnology #TearOfTheAmazon Tears of the Amazon is a precious documentary about the vibrant life and culture of the Amazon. The film with beautiful natural scenery shows us some of the beauty and richness of Amazon tribes. The film also reflects on the pressing environmental issues, the economic development of many aspects of the Amazon. Aired in January 2009, Tears of the Amazon - a documentary rated as Korea's best documentary. The film also won the 46th Baeksang.


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How to nurse in a ring sling (Maya Wrap)

Tutorial on how to nurse your baby in a ring sling so you can have one hand free to do other activities. For how to nurse a newborn in a ring sling, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMeVPlU2Spk

How To Bathe a Newborn | BabyCenter

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Ireland Am invited us to come and talk about our family gap year.

Hello Zen Watchers!

Today's video was from August 10th 2018! and I was just basically chilling at home filling up my bottles full of breast milk! I will be exclusively breast feeding, and pumping out breast milk for my newborn and that's completely fine for me. I am truly blessed to be able to do this the second time around! I will do my best to upload as regular as possible so stay tuned!

Hope all is well and don't forget to hit that Like Button if you enjoy these kinds of videos!

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