How to Install Linux Lite using USB FLASH DRIVE

Published on Dec 12, 2013 27,693 views



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  • TuxTechTV
    TuxTechTV 5 лет назад mine tells me there's a DRM error,and needs a terminal command to continue.
  • PCTekSupport
    PCTekSupport 5 лет назад cool thx man!
  • vVTek
    vVTek 5 лет назад np any time
  • Nemesis861965
    Nemesis861965 4 года назад I'm beginning to think that Linux is, in reality, a Microsoft mole. If any of these programs would work like people say they should, Linux would be able to have Microsoft on it's knees in no time. The only Linux I've been able to actually load in my old machine is Ubuntu 14.4 which is every bit as big as Win 7 and sorta defeats the purpose. Yesterday I managed to load Linux Lucid Puppy on the very first time and was somewhat impressed by it. In the morning when I started it up, the cursor and monitor graphics were screwy. Within a few hours and several attempts at running other Linux versions, I ended up having to reformat the hard drive and install Win XP. I've followed this video step by step and it ended as most attempts to load Linux ends... "boot error."
  • Cornelius Sianturi
    Cornelius Sianturi Год назад Hey in the First June 2018, Linux lite will launce his new os, linux lite 4.0 diamond, and don't forget to overview the new linux lite version on 1 june 2018 ok bro : D
  • dhrdan
    dhrdan 3 года назад thanks, this helped me.
  • tjk 900
    tjk 900 5 лет назад thnx man really help.
  • vVTek
    vVTek 5 лет назад np I'm happy  I could help
  • Eric Borchardt
    Eric Borchardt 2 года назад I have been out of the linux scene for a while and needed to find a lightweight distro for an old laptop. Your recommendation is still good over 3 years later. Linux Lite was super easy to install and runs great on my laptop that is circa 2003.
  • omkar prabhu
    omkar prabhu 4 года назад Thanks mahn. I was about to sell my PC because I am having XP on it and its no longer supported by Microsoft. But now I wil use my old machine again with linux
  • 2029leandro
    2029leandro 3 года назад thanks mate
  • Miodrag J
    Miodrag J 3 года назад Could you help with a problem, please? My girlfriend bought a laptop a few days ago. It has a pre-installed Linux Linpus OS. I've downloaded a Linux Lite version because I assume it is much easier to work with because it has a GUI. I'm having some problems regarding installation of the OS on the laptop. I used the program as you've said but the USB can't be recognized when I insert it in the laptop (however, it is recognized when I insert it in my PC). When I turn the laptop on I have two options to choose before the boot proceeds : Linpus Linpux version that is installed and creating a bootable USB drive (which I am afraid to select because it says that it could severely damage my usb drive). In the boot menu I have several options : 1) USB HDD, 2) HDD : WDC WD5000LPVX-22VOTTO, 3) ATAPI CDROM, 4) USB FDD, 5) NETWORK BOOT-IPV4. 6) USB CDROM, NETWORK BOOT-IPV6. I assumed that USB HDD is actually my USB Flash drive, so I put it as a first priority regarding booting up. Boot mode is UEFI, Secure boot is enabled. When I put USB HDD as first priority for booting up I get something that is too long to type, so I'll send it in an email if there is an option like that?
  • JD in Hu
    JD in Hu 3 года назад 'so,,, yeah'
  • Pat A
    Pat A 5 лет назад Monitor is tripping out
  • Arif Mustaqim
    Arif Mustaqim 4 года назад Thanks
  • Pat A
    Pat A 5 лет назад I dont see the usb
  • Aaron Hughes
    Aaron Hughes 3 года назад is Linux specifically designed for hacking?
  • K S
    K S 3 года назад +gamenesia no
  • Aaron Hughes
    Aaron Hughes 3 года назад I thought it was designed for pentesting and bruteforcing information
  • K S
    K S 3 года назад I use it for everyday computing works like a charm don't no much about that other stuff though..
  • Randy
    Randy 2 года назад there are linix distributions that are eg. kali linux but this distro is designed to be realy "lite" and run well on older machines
  • Itz_ Matt
    Itz_ Matt 2 месяца назад nope its designed for internet providers etc
  • Brandyn Marlow
    Brandyn Marlow 5 лет назад I have the same dinosaur computer you do
  • Julitre
    Julitre Год назад thanks, my uncle gave me a computer that isn't running windows xp well and I didn't know what else to do
  • KRueg3r1
    KRueg3r1 4 года назад great walkthrough thanks!
  • Walt Benn
    Walt Benn 4 года назад Nice video.  Thanks so much.
  • George Smith
    George Smith 5 лет назад unitbootin didnt recognize my usb and it was formatted