Color Theory in Men’s Fashion | How to Think About Color in an Outfit

Published on Jun 3, 2018 159,884 views

Colors in menswear can be a difficult topic. I’m hoping to offer you guys some inspiration when putting outfits together with these 7 concepts, as well as some general information on color, fabrics, and fashion.

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1. Your Natural Skin Undertone - 00:48
2. Achromatic Looks - 02:50
3. Differences in One Color - 03:52
4. Monochromatic Looks - 04:30
5. Combining 2 Colors - 05:55
6. Getting Inspired by One Piece - 06:44
7. Handling Colorful Pieces - 07:44
8. Using Color As A Statement - 08:36
9. Using Your Natural Colors -09:20

Hope you guys enjoyed, feel free to leave comments below, let’s start a conversation!

Brock's Skin Undertone Webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vRKF...

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