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How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7 by AvoidErrors

How to Format and Reinstall Windows 7. Before you format and re-install windows 7 it is very important that you back up your personal files and folders. Change First Boot Device in BIOS to Boot From CD/DVD Backup and Restore Windows Hardware Drivers Backup and Restore Windows Activation Token

Double Your Internet Speed for Free

➤NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶ How to get a faster internet connection from your internet service provider using real science! This method will increase your internet speed for free by increasing the amount of data that can pass through your internet cable. This means you can download faster and upload faster as well. You won't even have to pay your internet company for a better internet speed plan!

Do we live in a computer generated simulation?

Could we be living inside a computer simulation or game? Compelling evidence supports scientists claims that we in fact live in a simulation. Futurist Elon Musk also believes that we do and many scientists have asserted that we do as well. For well over 40 years now well educated thinkers from all walks of life have raised the question. If we are living inside a matrix or computer generated reality, can we find the code and manipulate it to our advantage? What do you think? Support our channel and check out our cool, geek and pop culture T-shirt Designs at: NEW DESIGNS ADDED EVERY WEEK! Contact Us: PLEASE LIKE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT - Youtube has changed the way they promote videos with the algorithm heavily favoring videos with likes/dislikes and comments. So, please help us bring you more great comment by liking and commenting. Its free! Thank you! Please send us your photos, videos or any information you may have regarding Planet X, Nibiru, UFOs and Aliens. We will feature it on our channel and even interview folks who would like to tell us about the event. Send to: This community is only as strong as our members, so let's connect the dots and get the message out there so we can all make up our own minds and think for our selves. Freedom isn't free, we have to work for it. Thanks to all of our supporters. Support our channel and check out our cool, geek and pop culture T-shirt Designs at: From the outer reaches of our solar system comes a planet, dwarf star or both, carrying with them moons, space debris and enough electromagnetic energy to change the face of our planet. We discuss Planet X and many alternative phenomenon that isn't covered by the mainstream. We encourage individual thought and free discussion. Visit for daily news and updates and subscribe to our channel for the most compelling videos on the subject. The safety and security of you and your family is in your hands. Don't let that slip away without doing your own research. It could be the most important decision of your life!

window 7 installati step by step in hindi

is video se aap bina kisi ki help apne pc computer laptop me wondows 7,8,10 XP install kar sakte h wo bhi kuch hi minto me दुनिया में लोग अजीबोगरीब नौकरियां करते हैं इस होटल में निर्वस्त्र लड़कियों पर परोसा जाता है खाना ||अजब कहानी|| सनी लियोनी से भी आगे निकली ये लड़की इन वजहों से लड़कों को भाती हैं छोटे कद की लडकियाँ रात होते ही उतार देती हे महिलाये अपने सारे कपडे गंदी फिल्मों को ब्लू फिल्म क्यों कहा जाता है क्या स्तन छूने या दबाने से आकार बढ़ता हैं लड़कियां क्या सोचती है रात को सोते वक्त लडकिया,औरत अन्दर कुछ नहीं पहनती क्यों लड़की ने पहनी टाइट जीन्स, अस्पताल में भर्ती होना पड़ा! प्यूबिक एरिया में इस तरह बनाएं रखें सफाई

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how to install windows 7,windows vista , full tutorial...

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