Change Default Program Files Installation Directory Location

Published on Mar 4, 2016 378,971 views

Change Default Program Files Installation Directory Location

If you have a SSD or small Hard Drive with very little space and you want to install your programs to another Hard Drive, then watch my video on how to do this., its simple and easy to do and will install all your programs to another hard drive of your choice.

I will be in Changing the Default Program Files Installation Directory Location in Windows 10. But this works in any Microsoft operating system.
We will be editing the registry and ProgramFilesDir, so its a good idea to make a backup of your data and registry before you begin.

Open Regedit and navigate to the following key:


On the right pane window, look for the value ProgramFilesDir and ProgramFilesDir (x86) these two option are for Windows 32-bit or 64-bit.

Now click on ProgramFilesDir and change the Value data to what ever you new drive letter is. Example: C:\Program Files and change to D:\Program Files.

Click Ok. Exit. job done.

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    MuchDarkInside Год назад If ur doing it, just stop at the system registry so you won't make shit.
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    Ken Ward 3 года назад Brilliant. Just what I needed after SSD update. Thanks.
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    lhernana2j 1 месяц назад I have done this, changed the Chrome download to D and the windows storage all to D. It still downloads to C without giving me the option to pick a drive. Help?
  • Brian Naranjo
    Brian Naranjo 1 месяц назад This works fine btw, however for windows updates you are gonna have to temp change it back to C, or else it wont update.
  • Henry Chanblfjejejrj
    Henry Chanblfjejejrj 5 месяцев назад If you are not tech savvy, or have any critical information stored on your PC, do not follow this guide, or any guide that asks you to type, "regedit". The registry editor is some dangerous stuff! If you want it back, follow the same tutorial but set the drive to C:\ again. If you don't know what doing "regedit" does or is, you are not tech savvy enough. It seems like some people don't know this.... (look down) | | | V
  • Kolade
    Kolade 10 месяцев назад So I had the same issue most people had here. DESKTOP =D DRIVE. SOLUTION Right click on the D drive, Properties, Location, Restore to default--- Pop up about transfer files, Click NO..... This worked for me.
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    Orca? 2 года назад Fucked Up Alot Of My Files And Had To Re-Set Their Paths And Really Fucked Me Over! Thanks Man, Just Wish I Read The Comments First
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    Pixelina Год назад Yo, fuck off, that's how its meant to be done, YES, you need to reset their paths, oh well. BTW, Stop Typing Every Fucking Word With The First Letter Capitalized. Learn proper grammar, holy shit, it's 2017..
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    ForeskinJohn 2 года назад great now my desktop is drive d and i cant switch it back
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    MagicCSGO 2 года назад Same problem
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    God Church 2 года назад Did you find a solution. This happend to me 2 :P
  • ForeskinJohn
    ForeskinJohn 2 года назад Leonidas The Mighty I had to wipe my hard drive and start over, i bet there is a right way to do it but I was wanting to start new anyways, i wipe my hard drive every year or so unless decide I wanna keep all my junk
  • God Church
    God Church 2 года назад (изменено) @LowEndPCGamer100 Yes well that's what I'm planing to do 2. My dad has a few 500gb external drives. Can I just store all files there and then completely reset the computer. After that you plug in the drives like ssd and hdd and then transfer the files i had on my ssd and hdd before the reset?
  • MagicCSGO
    MagicCSGO 2 года назад You can reset the computer because you cant execute windows administrations, to fix this make a new account on your computer and change this to administrator (Host) then restart and reset your pc :)
  • God Church
    God Church 2 года назад @Smurfy So will all my files be deleted?
  • MagicCSGO
    MagicCSGO 2 года назад after you reset it yes, but you can send your files to a usb or something after you made a new administration acc
  • ForeskinJohn
    ForeskinJohn 2 года назад yea but itl take a wile depending on how much space is moved
  • God Church
    God Church 2 года назад @LowEndPCGamer100 Hi!, I saved all my files on my big drive (1tb), plugged it out of the computer, reset it and now i am currently putting the files where they belong again. This saved me alot of space. I'll just make sure to save programs on the big drive so that i will save space on the SSD (small drive)
  • Rocky Shocky
    Rocky Shocky 2 года назад Smurfy It says there was a problem reseting your pc
  • mozzmann
    mozzmann Год назад Absolute rubbish , you can tell Windows where you wnat ANYTHING to be , some changes require more mucking about but , it is easy to reverse as well.
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    Mac West 10 месяцев назад then can you explain it
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    Kolade 10 месяцев назад Same here... I need help!!
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    Zertafy 4 месяца назад That happened to my Downloads folder, but unfortunately you have to Factory Reset to fix it.
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    Tammar Jan 6 месяцев назад Comments scared me:P But I love to try and tried, it's working guys
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    It'sScorpii 4 дня назад it still won't let me download my microsoft store game on my D drive :(
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    ranger9371 3 года назад Can you make a video on how to used WINTOFLASH booting multi iso
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    Naluskay 2 года назад failed by my windows are fine.. hopefully