10 Reasons why Linux is Better Than MacOS or Windows

Published on Nov 22, 2016 1,054,694 views

There are many reasons to like Windows, MacOS or Linux, but which OS offers more potential for the user in the long run? Here’s 10 reasons why Linux is better than MacOS or Windows. This video is my opinion, enjoy!

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  • FastGadgets
    FastGadgets 2 года назад Hello all, I'm seeing many comments on which theme I use in Fedora. It's OSX Arc White with Flat Remix icons. https://www.gnome-look.org. Thank you for watching!
  • XAD222
    XAD222 2 месяца назад (изменено) I watched your video and I can conclude it that way; you; 'oh, linux have faster file system, updates faster, installs faster' me; I don't care! I want more open source software you CANNOT deliver to me AFTER 30 YEARS!!!!!!
  • Dream of the 90s
    Dream of the 90s 4 месяца назад holy crap, that is one beautiful distro/theme. runs off to switch to Fedora
  • Dhananjay Ghangale
    Dhananjay Ghangale 4 месяца назад what fonts are you using, they seem really great
  • CypElf
    CypElf 4 месяца назад Hello, I found the flat remix icon theme but I don't find the OSX arc white :/ do you have a a more precise link ?
    RAM VINOD SINGH 6 месяцев назад Sir u r using fedora in startig
  • Krishna Swaroop
    Krishna Swaroop 8 месяцев назад Which distro is this?
  • Echo Love
    Echo Love 8 месяцев назад starts video Me: there better be some reasons that involve allowing me to easily play the games I like without a bunch of emulation layers
  • Constructive Bytes
    Constructive Bytes 9 месяцев назад Maldditu Xavier Vista? Which alternative reality are you living? Vista is the child Microsoft never wanted where I come up.
  • xciteful
    xciteful 10 месяцев назад Was the view-grid icon changed with the icon theme or is that something entirely different?
  • Saumil sunil Shah
    Saumil sunil Shah Год назад I like arch and i use arch
  • charles neely
    charles neely Год назад FastGadgets which Linux are you using?
  • matt matthew
    matt matthew Год назад saumil sunil shah Honestley, its all about repositories/libraries, you can make any distro into what you want, with a commands/by adding what you want.
  • Saumil sunil Shah
    Saumil sunil Shah Год назад Is fedora more adjustable than linux mint