Tabbed Activity: Android Studio - Customize Pages

Published on Dec 16, 2017 16,363 views

Tabbed Activity: Android Studio - Customize Pages with Fragments and Activities in View Pager Container
How to create swipe or slide tabs in android studio like twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.

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  • Vaishvik Satyam
    Vaishvik Satyam Год назад You initialised rootview with "v" small. But in the case statement "v" is capital :-) That was the problem. It was not Android Studio's Problem.
  • Ryan G
    Ryan G Год назад You made it look so simple, i was adding things I didn't even need . Thanks !
  • TechBrah
    TechBrah Год назад Thank you! Good luck!
  • CA Saurabh Khatri
    CA Saurabh Khatri Год назад Save my day!!!!!!
  • JJ SK8S
    JJ SK8S 11 месяцев назад Awesome video man, this really helped me.
  • Mehedi Rahman
    Mehedi Rahman 10 месяцев назад Bro you did great. thanks
  • Marcus Olivieri
    Marcus Olivieri Год назад thanks a lot. Im recommending this as the answer to my question on stack
  • Lukman Hakim
    Lukman Hakim 7 месяцев назад Hi, i have any question ! I have success followed the guidelines from you, but my application is always force close and previously there was a note "Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details." How do I solve it? thank you :)
  • Vaishvik Satyam
    Vaishvik Satyam Год назад Thank You for this video.
  • tech at view
    tech at view 8 месяцев назад how can we make different java files for different fragments?
  • GG WP
    GG WP Год назад hello dudee thank you <3. One question how can i customize a single fragment, for example wanna add a listview in the fragment of the second session
  • John Public
    John Public 3 месяца назад thx man
  • Casa Xtreme
    Casa Xtreme Год назад By the way the problem with rootview was that you spelled one "rootview" and the other one "rootView" with a capital "V".
  • Azem Zejnilovic
    Azem Zejnilovic 11 месяцев назад thank you for not having to listen some Indian rumbling
  • بشير منافيخي - Bashir Manafikhi
    بشير منافيخي - Bashir Manafikhi Год назад Big Thank You :)
  • Nikhilk Kolte
    Nikhilk Kolte 11 месяцев назад Lol probably some android studio thing 😂😂 its all coding rules , no android studio thinga 😂 your variable was incorrect... plus you can completely delete the Sectionpager class to make it easier if you are not using the index for page
    AWAIS CHAUDARY 10 месяцев назад Brother i got Rendering error android..viewPager. kindly suggest solution.
  • Farid Wajdi
    Farid Wajdi 10 месяцев назад I tell u the problem, rootView rootview lol
  • Ashish Yadhuvanshi
    Ashish Yadhuvanshi Год назад thanks alot man ....
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  • Çağlar Keskin
    Çağlar Keskin 8 месяцев назад Thanks for video. I have an issue bruh. When i want to get data from firebase realtime database in my fragment , it does not work. When i try in my mainactivity.java it works but in examplefragment.java it doesn't work...
  • Wayne Vlog957
    Wayne Vlog957 5 месяцев назад this is way better than codingwithbitch