25 Home improvement ideas #2

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2018 DIY Creative Home Decorating Ideas

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25 Home improvement ideas #1

This is our 25 home improvement ideas#1 From number 1-12 Info:Press CC to turn on or off subtitle Part 2 of this video is Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7-slxD5q50 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. How to create wainscoting using frames from a craft store and paint them to match the wall. http://www.charmingzebra.com/2011/07/wainscoting-success-sort-of.html 2. Regrout that shower. DIY: http://thecouponproject.com/how-to-re-grout-re-caulk-a-shower/ Caulk tip: http://arlingtonheet.org/2011/04/using-a-caulk-gun-is-simple-right/#.V2sfSzYkrDc familyhandyman.com vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1C2sNBdfrQ How to caulk 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IKxUgyGVEg caulk saver: http://toolguyd.com/new-caulk-savers-bead-stix-finger-savers/ 3. Home repair using peel-and-stick tiles to cover up a leaked-on cabinet bottom. http://www.familyhandyman.com/bathroom/diy-bathroom-storage/view-all#step7 4. Give your living room sofa a little perk by re-stuffing the cushions. http://www.hometalk.com/3396574/renew-those-sagging-furniture-cushions 5 Hang Mugs and Tea Cups on Hooks http://www.thekitchn.com/under-cabinet-hooks-for-hanging-mugs-and-tea-cups-kitchen-inspiration-167895 6. Coat your new kitchen countertop to look like an expensive stone. http://www.charlesandhudson.com/kitchens/countertops/cheap-kitchen-countertop-design/ 7. Home maintenance by Turning your cheap dining room table into something straight out of a Restoration Hardware catalog. http://flutterflutter.ca/2013/10/28/before-after-table-chairs-makeover/ 8. Make new curtain rods out of copper pipes and fittings. http://www.thehandmadehome.net/2011/05/how-to-make-your-own-window-hardware/ 9. Replace your boring air grille with sheet metal you can buy at any hardware store (lowes). http://thefriendlyhome.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-better-looking-return-air-grille.html 10. Hide your knife rack under the cabinet https://localkitchenblog.com/2010/11/09/space-solutions-under-cabinet-knife-rack/ 11. Use kitchen cabinets and IKEA butcher block counter tops to fake the look of built-ins. http://www.thriftydecorchick.com/2013/07/dining-room-pretty-organization.html 12. Turn your blinds into Roman shades. http://www.domestically-speaking.com/2011/04/mini-blind-makeover.html ________________ Additional info: Opening footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lw44h8Ou8I Music; Youtube Audio library More content: www.simphome.com

10 Fun And Easy Home Renovations

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32 Cheap home decor DIY ideas [New V.O]

More detail related to our 32 cheap home decor DIY video, NOTE: Press CC to turn on/off Subtitles 1.►0:34|Paint your vinyl or linoleum flooring. http://designertrapped.com/2013/11/how-to-paint-your-linoleum-floors-yes.html 2.►0:43|Add cheap framed mirrors to closet doors. http://www.kevinandamanda.com/whatsnew/travel/where-ive-been-the-island-hotel-newport-beach.html 3.►0:51|Add tab curtains to cover up unsightly wire shelving. http://www.athoughtfulplaceblog.com/2011/04/spring-cleaning-part-2-garage.html 4.►1:10|Basket-weave your drapes. http://boston.houzz.com/ideabooks/24512909/list/Room-of-the-Day--Elegant-Transitional-Style-in-a-Traditional-Setting 5.►1:13|Add a simple hardware to your diy house projects curtain tie-backs. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 6.►1:21|Hide your television wires in a shower curtain rod. https://www.simphome.com/amp/home-decor-diy.html 7.►1:27|Use brackets to decorate a window that can't use curtains. http://thesteampunkhome.blogspot.com/2009/09/hook-lady.html?m=1 8.►1:31|Use napkin rings and ribbons to pretty up your shower curtain. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 9.►1:42|Mix and match your sheer curtains. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 10.►1:49|Know where to place your rug. But just give: https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 11.►2:37|Decorate your fridge with washi tape or spray paint. http://theeverygirl.com/ 12.►2:42|Paint faux windows on your garage door. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 13.►2:54|Frame your TV cool way. DIY:http://www.remodelaholic.com/2012/02/framing-in-a-wall-mount-television/ Info: http://www.decoratingyoursmallspace.com/diy-tv-frame-disguise-that-flat-screen/ 14.►4:20|Add some simple yarn tassels to pretty up your bedskirt. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 15.►4:58|Use a cake stand for your kitchen sink needs. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 16.►5:02|Cover up an unsightly air vent with a rubber doormat. http://www.curbalertblog.com/2011/11/return-air-vent-cover.html?&cuid=27e754b4df421813dd961d554f6f6e9c 17.►5:17|coat of spray paint to your old air vents. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 18.►5:27|Hang curtain rods to get a makeshift canopy bed. www.lonny.com / Via http://thefujifiles.com/2012/08/diy-file-curtain-rod-canopy-bed/ 19.►5:54|Accent ceilings to add new accent walls. http://www.remodelaholic.com/2010/05/add-character-to-your-ceilings-guest/ 20.►6:18|Inexpensive craft store frames around your light switch covers. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 21.►7:17|Decorative Punched Metal Ceiling Light Shade Read more at http://www.remodelaholic.com/2015/05/decorative-punched-metal-ceiling-light-shade/#Yp4fk8Z6SOaHArr8.99 22.►8:11|Take a curved shower curtain rod to improve your window look (bigger). https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 23.►8:20|Liquid stainless steel paint exists. https://www.simphome.com/home-decor-diy.html 24.►8:31|Half-painted walls give the illusion of a taller ceiling. http://www.athomeinlove.com/page/2/ 25.►8:36|If you're going for a rustic look, planking a wall is good option. http://foxhollowcottage.com/2014/06/fence-board-planked-wall-how-to.html 26.►9:17|This insanely simple window shade is magnetic, movable, and no-sew. 27.►10:04|Un-stain and re-stain your furniture. http://frugalflourish.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-to-strip-and-restain-dresser.html?m=1 28.►10:25|Framing your bathroom mirror will make it “sit” nicely with the rest of your decor. from craftsmandrive.com. DIY: http://www.lizmarieblog.com/2014/03/diy-framed-bathroom-mirrors/ 29.►10:40|using 3D gel-like tiles to update your kitchen backsplash. http://www.thesmarttiles.com/fr/murano-metalik/ 30.►10:49|Use suede cording to Cover your unsightly cords http://www.housetweaking.com/2014/02/26/diy-sueded-cord-cover/ 31.►11:07|Add a strip of trim to pretty up your baseboards. http://www.thehouseofsmiths.com/2009/10/first-big-reveal-yup-here-it-is-kitchen.html 32.►11:31|Add molding + shelving to the top of your kitchen cabinets. Directions here. http://bit.ly/how_to_add_shelves_above_kitchen_cabinets -------------- Music: Youtube Music library more home and decor ideas can be found below http://www.simphome.com/

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13.►0:17|Replace the rod in your coat closet with new hooks.

14.►0:42|How to Caulk Trim Molding

15.►1:16|Add vintage shutters to a bookcase.

16.►1:18|Use square molding to frame a mirror (no miter saw necessary).

17.►2:16|Or just glue tiles around the border.

18.►3:05|Make a classy gallery wall for $20 or less.

19.►3:38|Hang mirrors on your bifold closet doors.

20.►3:45|3 DIY Room Decor

21.►7:15|Use a bookcase as a headboard.

22.►7:23|Simple drinking spot for your balcony out of a piece of countertop and table legs.

23.►7:55|Use quarter-round molding for instant, to get easy glass shelving.

24.►8:12|Paneled antique doors you always wanted with molding.

25.►8:19|A shower like a window with two curtains/
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