BACKYARD MAKEOVER! (The Honey-Do List Ep. 1)

Published on Sep 17, 2017 1,637,472 views

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Welcome to our backyard and the very first episode of The Honey-Do List - a new series of videos where we tackle some of the more complicated jobs that need to be done around the CMS HQ (our home).

In this video, Chad completes an DIY backyard makeover for Melissa's birthday patio party!

COMMENT QUESTION: What Makeover or Renovation Should We Do Next?

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A video by Chad Reynolds

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    xmindxlessxnessx Год назад 2) home office!!! Also, I loved this video! I was dying laughing at the part where he sat in the tipped over chair. Haha.
  • Charlotte Sayles
    Charlotte Sayles Год назад Uh, can I say, MY basement? Could that be choice #4? Lol its supposed to be a craft room, but... I have too many crafts and too many things "I might use". Anyway, can't wait to see what you and the hubby do next.
  • Melissa Arkell
    Melissa Arkell Год назад Basement then home office then nursery because once Bub is here time is limited lol (I have 4 sons 8,7,5,5)
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    Patricia DELANY Год назад I am inspired by this video! I pick basement for the next project.
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    MommaLife Год назад Clean My Space basement :)
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    mistral 111 Год назад (изменено) Thank you Chad. Loved your vidéo. Let me tell you, you have good taste. Cant wait to se more from you. How about basement next?
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    Ely Год назад Clean My Space nursery!
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    Alex Musso Год назад Nursery!!! Also, just letting you know the plants withthe U haped leaves are weed so take them out as soon as possible!
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    svioletf Год назад The Basement! That's next on our list so are collecting hints and tips now!
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    Alexandra McCombs Год назад Either Basement, Nursery, Office Or Nursery, Basement, Office
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    Amy Dasset Год назад Basement, Office and Nursery!!
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    Chelsea Musgrove Год назад I think you should wait to know what your having first and then tackle the nursery
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    MeteoricMarlin Год назад Clean My Space basement next plz
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    Theresa Vandendriesche Год назад - Home Office I loved this video! I loved it when he said the backyard was a cesspool of neglect. I can relate! lol
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    Linda Год назад Nursery, Basement and then Home Office.
  • Stephanie Bogart
    Stephanie Bogart Год назад 3!
  • Jennifer Reid
    Jennifer Reid 10 месяцев назад But can we take a moment to appreciate how well he edited the music beats with dropping the soil bags onto the flower beds. 😂😂😂💯💯💯💯
  • LiveBarbieslife
    LiveBarbieslife 1 месяц назад dude, I so picked up on that like, whoa!
  • CS/solo
    CS/solo 1 месяц назад Lol notice that with the couch movement at the begining👍😂
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    Nina Gezellie 1 месяц назад Yeahhhh😁
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    Clean My Space 10 месяцев назад Thanks for noticing, Jennifer :)
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    Kitty Clark 2 месяца назад I'm impressed but not by the transformation. I'm impressed that #1 u listened to ur wife's wish for a party #2 u cared enough to make it happen. Fellows... Pay attention. This is what a girl wants! Beautiful job all around 👍
  • Holly Young
    Holly Young 1 месяц назад men like to be listened to and cared about too :) Should be a lesson to all of us,,,,men, and us women too :) But your point is well taken :)
  • Avileña Avileña
    Avileña Avileña 2 месяца назад I've been waiting for my husband to change a light bulb, for a couple of years 🙄🙄🙄🙄
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    ツchristian 2 дня назад how come you don’t do it lazy ahh
  • 7yorker7
    7yorker7 Неделю назад @Gaga Vibes you would think...🙄 however guys are very good in avoiding home tasks and chores and that is why I wrote my previous comment. Obviously, she doesn't have to ask him - she can do it herself, divorce him because he's lazy, pick up a fight, etc. Everyone shapes their lives and relationships as they want. 😉
  • Gaga Vibes
    Gaga Vibes Неделю назад @7yorker7 Why asking him? He is her husband, they live in the same place, so he should be able to see what needs to be fixed and done. He lazy.
  • 7yorker7
    7yorker7 1 месяц назад don't wait, ask him politely :-)
  • Dimple Girl
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  • Steve D
    Steve D 1 месяц назад Don't rush him. You don't want a botched job.
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    Ray Blazejko 1 месяц назад After being married a few years I checked the marriage vows For better or worse For richer or pooer For fucks sake I don't do nothing outside
  • Ray Blazejko
    Ray Blazejko 1 месяц назад Call 911
  • A
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    pippylunalove 11 месяцев назад (изменено) My grandma classifies weeds as native plants growing where you don't want them to. So if you didn't like roses they could be weeds. If you like the plants keep them. This doesn't apply for bind weed that murderous bastard.
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