how to sew peter pan collar cutting and stitching easy
length back--2''inch
length- In front of 3.25 ''
width-2.5'' inch one side
The Peter Pan collar is a form of flat collar, one of the three basic collar types along with stand and roll collars. It is cut to fit around the neckline, following the curve, and to lie flat upon the torso.
Peter Panel Collar is a style of refrigerator in design with circular corners. This name is named after Adam Pan's attire in 1905.
Peter Panel Collar is a flat collar of three basic call models along with Standard and Roll Caller. The neck is wrapped, followed by the curve and lying on the skin is cut down. It is made in the front-facing bodys or part of the front to maintain the front of the front.
It is very beautiful in children's clothes
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