Connecting the printer and a computer via USB (macOS) (G4010 series)

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Connecting to the network with a fixed IP address (WG7000 Series)

Connecting to a wireless LAN by selecting an access point Setting an IPv4 address Configuring DNS

Replacing ink tanks (WG7000 Series)

Turn the empty ink tank to the left, then pull it out straight. Then push the ink tank in until it stops at the back.

Resolving color misalignment (WG7000 Series)

If colors are misaligned in printed materials. The position of print head nozzles is adjusted.

Replacing the print head (WG7000 Series)

Replace the print head after you have prepared the required number of consumables. Pull out the print head disposal cap and lift the print head to remove. Push the print head in until the mark surfaces on the print head and machine are aligned.

Basic way to load paper/envelopes (WG7000 Series)

Load the paper sideways. Load the envelopes, not exceeding the load limit line.

Establish a USB connection.
Install the software.

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