Threading and Loaders. (Android Performance Patterns Season 5, Ep. 8)

Published on Apr 12, 2016 54,689 views

Let’s say you’ve got some 20 bitmaps being decoded on a worker thread. Well, what happens if your activity is destroyed before that work completes?

In this video Doug Stevenson explains Loaders. A super-helpful class that can give you insight into how the activity lifecycle is changing, so that you can better understand how to address threaded work that might be in flight.

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  • i81u812
    i81u812 2 года назад I can't stop looking at your chin
  • Doug Stevenson
    Doug Stevenson 2 года назад +i81u812 lol! I have a blend of light and dark facial hair (due to alopecia, and it changes slightly over time) and I was surprised to see that the video camera totally exaggerates the contrast. It is kind of distracting here, sorry about that!
  • YoupSolo
    YoupSolo 8 месяцев назад you can apply this style to fix it <style name="chin"> <item name="android:layout_width">wrap_content</item> <item name="android:gravity">center_horizontal</item> </style>
  • amicloud
    amicloud 2 года назад Honestly, this video should just be a link to RxJava's github
  • Yusuf Kabbara
    Yusuf Kabbara 10 месяцев назад Thanks for the good work, I think we have a broken link in the sample code link :(
  • maslada
    maslada 2 года назад There should've been a video on this long before asynctask imo.
  • Kasper Finne Nielsen
    Kasper Finne Nielsen 2 года назад I think many of the solutions including rxJava or loaders tends to be very complicated. Especially when you want to be able to handle orientation changes. I think the far simplest way is to use IntentService with LocalBroadcastManager. What do you think about that? What are the advantages of using loaders instead of IntentService with LocalBroadcastManager?
  • Juil
    Juil 2 года назад Any updates to you questions?
  • azzum waqar
    azzum waqar 11 месяцев назад why do developers have to do so much work lol :(
  • Brian Chu
    Brian Chu 9 месяцев назад Shouldn't Loader be obsoleted now given that we have LiveData and ViewModel now?
  • Sajjad Khan
    Sajjad Khan 1 месяц назад sample code link is broken
  • Romina V.
    Romina V. 5 месяцев назад The links in the video are broken.
  • Kaushik N. Sanji
    Kaushik N. Sanji Год назад What if I use AsyncTask in a Fragment, having interface callbacks to the Activity. Will this cause memory leaks too during configuration changes?
  • Jens Buysse
    Jens Buysse 2 года назад can you provide scenario's where async is best and loaders are best?
  • Doug Stevenson
    Doug Stevenson 2 года назад +Jens Buysse To put it briefly, I would not use AsyncTask for anything that could block indefinitely (network), could run for a long time, or should not be repeated. Loaders are better for those things, IMO. AsyncTask is better for short bursts of CPU-oriented work that would cause jank or delays on the main thread, like parsing some JSON, maybe a quick db lookup, or decoding a bitmap. Of course, there are a lot of ways to get things done, and it's a matter of opinion what's best in some cases.
  • Jens Buysse
    Jens Buysse 2 года назад Thanks for the comment!
  • TheCsabi86
    TheCsabi86 2 года назад Why isn't the CC available? :-(
  • Sebouh Aguehian
    Sebouh Aguehian 2 года назад RxJava or an event bus is much simpler and cleaner.
  • Reem Hazzaa
    Reem Hazzaa 2 месяца назад I would like to thank all developers in the comment section because i get to know so much info just by reading your comments. You guide me into my learning journey so thank you :)
  • Абакумов Андрей
    Абакумов Андрей 2 года назад Don't ever use Loaders! I said enough
  • Nick Ra
    Nick Ra 2 года назад +Абакумов Андрей Please elaborate.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova
    Anastasiya Ivanova Год назад Thank you! Your link for the sample code does not work.
  • Pedro Varela
    Pedro Varela 8 месяцев назад old framework stuff, move to live data people
  • doom77777
    doom77777 2 месяца назад What?
  • mr vrctt
    mr vrctt Год назад Code link is not working.
  • Joseph Ralph
    Joseph Ralph Год назад How does LoaderManager handle the orientation change? Does it call onStopLoading() and onStartLoading() ? As per my sample program, no Loader life cycle method was called. Does LoaderMnagaer caches the data delivered by the Loader and it calls the onLoadFinished() with the cached data?
  • Stephen Rose
    Stephen Rose 2 года назад is this new? how did I never hear about this?
  • Viktor Yakunin
    Viktor Yakunin 2 года назад +Stephen Rose It's there since android 3 - Honeycomb
  • Akhil Gada
    Akhil Gada 9 месяцев назад I think probably the documention for loaders came latter.