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age: 13
bday: october 2, 2005
what do i film with: iphone Xs
what do i edit with: imovie: phone and computer
how do i make my thumbnails: phonto

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  • Isabel Machado
    Isabel Machado 1 месяц назад Love your makeup collection😻
  • Eliza Bigonette
    Eliza Bigonette 1 месяц назад i love your nails and i love your collection
  • Luna S
    Luna S 1 месяц назад Am I the only one who found it funny when she didn't want to say the name of the nars blush? 😂😂
  • Lina Alhasan
    Lina Alhasan 1 месяц назад Luna S why didn't she?
  • Õd
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    PUGICORN ._. 3 недели назад Brooke Robins What? She just asked
  • chlo - ify
    chlo - ify 1 месяц назад (изменено) Ahhh ur bday is a day before mine!! Also I like ur makeup collection 💞
  • Chloe Eliza
    Chloe Eliza 1 месяц назад You are 13? Wow you seem so much older! I loved his video and your collection is amazing
  • Shister G
    Shister G 1 месяц назад Love the vid!😘😋
  • Kayjahe Warren
    Kayjahe Warren 3 недели назад Do a video where you do your own acrylics!! Loved this video Wish my collection was this massive
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    Do not go¡¡¡¡¡ 4 недели назад New subscriber🤗
  • Oreayooluwa Joseph
    Oreayooluwa Joseph 1 месяц назад Hi Where did you get ur makeup organizer from??
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    Sabrina Singer 1 месяц назад I’m just a few months older lol!!😂 Btw new subscriber!!!!! 😊❤️
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    Jenni Nichols 3 недели назад (изменено) we have the same name 😂
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    Haylee’s Hue 4 недели назад Can you please go in depth about your eyeshadow palettes
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    Bernadett Németh 1 месяц назад Aww you’re so cute, I love your mu collection!! 💕💕 I’d love to see your eyeshadow drawer 😇
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