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How Microsoft Saved Apple (And Why They Did It)

Try Dashlane here: (Plus, you can use businesscasual as a promo code too!) Support me on Patreon to get early access to my future videos: Join me at BC's subreddit and on social media: Reddit: Facebook: Twitter: 50th video of the Behind the Business Series. Today Apple is the most profitable company in the world and it very recently became the first trillion-dollar publicly-traded company in America. And yet just two decades ago Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy; surprisingly, it wasn't Steve Jobs that saved them, but their biggest rival at the time: Microsoft. Throughout the 1990s Microsoft was expanding aggressively, achieving a staggering 90% market share in the personal computer market. Apple, meanwhile, was in rapid decline: developers were making fewer and fewer applications for the Macintosh, while Apple's license for Microsoft Office was expiring. Things were looking grim, until at Apple's yearly conference, Steve Jobs made a very surprising announcement. Steve Jobs announced Microsoft would be one of Apple's key strategic partners. Microsoft would invest $150 million into Apple in exchange for non-voting shares and in exchange would license Microsoft Office to Apple for another 5 years. The audience reaction was mixed, but ultimately this proved to be the saving grace for Apple. Without this capital infusion from Microsoft, Apple would've gone bankrupt in less than 90 days. So why did Bill Gates do it? Why did he save Apple? In truth, he wasn't doing it out of the kindness of his heart. Instead, he noticed the looming threat of anti-trust regulations. He knew the Department of Justice was getting ready to break up Microsoft on monopoly grounds, so he did his best to prop-up his competition. Essentially, he saved Apple to save Microsoft. When the anti-trust threat had been resolved in 2001, Bill Gates sold his stake in Apple and moved on. Of course, as we now know today, Apple eclipsed Microsoft (and every other tech company) and Bill Gates' original $150 million stake would've been worth over $50 billion today. He missed out on quite some gains! Under the kind patronage of Nagabhushanam Peddi, Dan Supernault, Samuel Patterson, James Gallagher & Brett Gmoser.

How to install Window using Pendrive | Make Pendrive Bootable kaise banaye in hindi

in this video i will show you step by step tutorial to install window on computer laptop using pendrive or a storage device, you will also learn how to make pendrive bootable, you can install window xp , window 7 ,window 8 , window 10 using a bootable pendrive, if your cd dvd drive is not working then you can use your pendrive as a cd dvd drive to install window on a computer system also you can make a pendrive bootable to install window ,hard disk not detected during windows installation, Blog padh : Video: WIndow Kaise install kare : is video me maine aapko bataya hai ki kaise aapka bina kisi dvd drive ke computerya fir laptop system me window install kar sakte hai , agar aapka dvd drive kharab ho gaya hai ya work nahi kar raha hai to aap aasani se pendrive ko bootable bana ke window ko install kar sakte ho apne computer ya fir laptop system me mene aapko ye bhi bataya haI ki kaise aap apne pendrive ko bootable bana sakte ho ,aap window 7 ko pendrive me bootable bana sakte hai aap apne pendrive me window 8 ko bootable bana sakte aur install kar sakte hai aap apne pendrive me window 10 ko bootable bana sakte hai aur fir ise install kar sakte hai apme computer ya fir laptop system me bindi cd rom ke window kaise install kare. बिना सीडी रोम के विंडो कैसे इनस्टॉल करे, विंडो इनस्टॉल कैसे करे पेनड्राइव से अपने लैपटॉप या फिर कंप्यूटर में , पेनड्राइव को बूटेबल कैसे बनाये , कई बार हमर विंडो करप्ट हो जाता है या फिर ख़राब हो जाता तो हमें विंडो फॉर्मेट मारना पद जाता है तो ऐसे में कई बार हमारे पास विंडो सीडी नहीं होता जिसे वजह से हम कंप्यूटर में विंडो नहीं डाल पाते तो कैसे बिना विंडो सीडी के कंप्यूटर में विंडो इनस्टॉल करे. Like Our Facebook Page Follow Me on Twitter 👉 follow me on instagram👉 : visit website : Equipment used : Camera Used : lens used : Mic Used : Laptop Used : Subscribe Our Channel For More Videos New Videos Check This internet tips & Tricks Videos Computer Tips & Tricks Web Tutorial Android Mobile Tips & Tricks Technology Gyan All Videos in Technology Gyan(हिंदी में) You will learn all The Technology Gyan in your own language hindi. We Provide Allll How To Tips for computer,internet,mobile etc. अगर आप को कुछ भी problem हो जैसे की computer की Problem या फिर Mobile की Problem या फिर internet के किसी भी परकार का प्रॉब्लम हो हमे Comment करके बताये हम आप की पूरी Help करेंगे Free Free मे ! So देर किस बात की हमसे जुड़े रहने के लिए अभी subscribe button पे click करे.

Why Microsoft Allows PIRACY in INDIA | Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 Pirated Versions Explained in HINDI

Hey Guys, In this video i will explain you why microsoft allows people to do piracy of their windows operating system in india & all over the world. You'll get to know the truth about Windows Piracy & why Bill Gates are not stopping people for using their operating system free of cost. Although about 3 million computers get sold every year in China, people don't pay for the software. Someday they will, though. And as long as they're going to steal it, we want them to steal ours. They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade. -- Bill Gates, 1996 Queries Solved: 1) Why Microsoft Allows PIRACY ? 2) Reason of PIRACY in INDIA 3) Why is Microsoft providing a free upgrade to Windows 10 ? 4) Why is Microsoft still allowing us to use pirated versions of its software ? 5) Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Pirated Version Details in Hindi. 6) Can Microsoft track usage of pirated version of windows ? 7) How do Microsoft earn though most of the people use pirates version of the windows. Social Links: [FOLLOW] Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: PS: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE SidTalk for more Trusted & Awesome videos.

Assembling the Cabinet of a CPU (Hindi) (हिन्दी)

In this video, you will learn how to assemble a CPU Cabinet. इस पाठ में आप सीपीयू (CPU) कैबिनेट को जोड़ने का तरीखा जानेंगे!

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