LiveGlam x Les Do Makeup Palette Launch Party | Dhar and Laura

Published on Apr 17, 2019 80,020 views

The Les Do Makeup x LiveGlam Eyeshadow Palette Launch Party was LITTT!!! 🔥 We both couldn't believe... is this real life!? 😢

You can feel the energy in the room just by watching the video. We're so excited about the launch of our palette with our babygirl BFF Leslie and Alex... we had such a blast with everyone that showed up and showed out!!! The palette launches on 4/23/19 at 10AM PST get yours at http://bit.ly/LesDoMakeupPalette


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    Leslie Valtierrez Lazcano 1 месяц назад Dhar and Laura you guys are amazing!!! the event looked so beautiful!
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    Jessica Gamez 1 месяц назад I hit that subscribe button since your first vlog went up. 😉 Turned on the notifications too. Love you both! ❤
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    Maria Mora 1 месяц назад You two are the best I swear and so happy that you made les her dream come true I can’t freaking wait for her palette 🎨 big congratulations to y’all but mostly to our baby girl Les we fucking love you baby girl ♥️🥰😭🎉🤩🙏🏻
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    Thali Vargas 1 месяц назад The way laura looks at Dhar 😍
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    Damaris Mata 1 месяц назад (изменено) Love!!! Obsessed with liveglam thanks to LES!!! Cant wait!!!! For the palette
  • Rosa Montanez
    Rosa Montanez 1 месяц назад Like I snapped Laura that night, you guys did such an amazing job at planning the party. Honestly one of the best launch parties I’ve seen from any make up artist!! El Paso my hometown never fails to impress, that energy and love and support we give each other is amazing! Les congratulations this is just the beginning of so many great things and Laura and Dhar see your potential❤️❤️ couldn’t be a better team than you 4 😍
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    Kim Harpel 1 месяц назад Already done babygirl ❤️
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    Brenda Vargas 1 месяц назад Dhar and Laura you guys are so humble!! Love you guys for everything you guys have done for bbg les and Alex!!! Come to Chicago 💚💚 ps to my wedding it would be the best gift❤️😭
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    Debora Lopez 1 месяц назад You guys did such an amazing job with this event it looked AMAZING!!!! 😍😍😍 love you guys and of course Les and Alex ♥️
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    Celeste Gonzalez 1 месяц назад You guys are super cute together😭❤️
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    Cori Bonner 1 месяц назад You guys are so very talented in EVERYTHING yall set yalls mind to. I have subscribed and have my 🛎 turned on every time yall unload a new video!!! I absolutely can not wait to see what else yall have in store for all us bby girls! ❤❤❤
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    Joanna Olmos 1 месяц назад Everything looked amazing and beautiful, Congratulations to Les on her callab pallete with liveglam, Alex for always being supportive, and liveglam for believing in such talented people like Les.😍❤😊
  • Amber Lucero
    Amber Lucero 1 месяц назад Dhar and Laura this is sooo AMAZING!!! I’m seriously sooo happy for les she is AMAZING AND DESERVES IT ALL!!! 🤗🤗💕💕
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    Tanya Hofstra 1 месяц назад I subscribed and hit the bell button since the first video💕
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    Rosanne Romero 1 месяц назад Beautiful Latina ladies
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    Rosanne Romero 1 месяц назад Im so happy you liked my comments
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    nancy campos 4 недели назад I just subscribed to the lippies and the shadowme next will be the brushes!!! I’m soo excited!!!
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    Brittany Rivera 3 недели назад This is my absolute favorite video from you all! You all did an amazing job putting this party together! Congratulations on all of your success & much more to come! 💖
  • JaCky Gonzalez
    JaCky Gonzalez 3 недели назад Shared video =) love you guys! Really enjoy watching your videos. In you Bali video you asked what we would like to see more of. For me personaly I have no specific choice on the topic just keep it real.
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    Antonia Valdez 3 недели назад Can't wait for your(our) next adventure!!❤❤❤
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    TheDrkfaery 3 недели назад What a wonderful event! Congratulations to you all!
  • Carmen Lady Cotto
    Carmen Lady Cotto 3 недели назад Great event!!! You guys killed that and I love 💕 the Les Do Make up palette!!! It’s gorgeous!!!!
  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 недели назад Done!
  • janet acosta
    janet acosta 1 месяц назад Dhar n laura u guys did a fabulous job I'm glad u guys met Les😍 n wow hope all of u 4 keep up that friendship 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
  • Hairstylist Yoceida7 Martinez
    Hairstylist Yoceida7 Martinez 3 недели назад Team Les Do Makeup ❤️❤️ & now Team Laura & Dhar
  • Elle
    Elle 1 месяц назад Thanks for supporting Les and Alex!!! They are the best! 😃❤️
  • martha avila
    martha avila 3 недели назад Omg...... you guys are so cute!!! I just came across your page and found out who you are!! May the Lord bless you both in all your work!!
  • desirae solano
    desirae solano 3 недели назад Omg so proud of les!! Yall did amazing with this launch party and her palette!!! ❤❤❤
  • Isela Vasquez
    Isela Vasquez 3 недели назад Love all you awesome videos!! But love what you guys have turned liveglam into!! Amazing...can't wait to see more videos!!
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    Liz Soto 2 недели назад I love this video because I love les !!! 💛💛💛 it felt like forever waiting to see this blog and when it came out I was so excited!! Y’all did a great job I love every single moment of this video!! Love u guys so much u guys are such a beautiful couple may god bless u guys with lots and lots of more success love and peace!! I will forever be a fan !!! 😘😘😘💛💛💛💛💛🙏🏼🙏🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
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    Linda Boylan 3 недели назад Thank you for coming to visting El Paso🤗
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    maria quiroz 2 недели назад Two of my favorite couples in this video love you guys❤️❤️❤️
  • Lydia Garcia
    Lydia Garcia 3 недели назад Yay! Love that this happened in my hometown of El Paso. Love Leslie and supporting her. I started watching her only bcuz she was from my hometown but now I just love her. Great things are happening for her and of course Live Glam. Good things happening to good people.
  • Jacelynn Trujillo
    Jacelynn Trujillo 3 недели назад Great video. The venue looked perfect 🖤 Love the collab with LesDoMakeup😭
  • Jay Menchaca
    Jay Menchaca 1 месяц назад Found y’all cause of Leslie,y’all seem chill ass ppl,girl you are gorgeous asfuck y’all make a beautiful couple much love from Fresno Ca. ...xoxo
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    XD gaming 1 месяц назад So awesome I love all four of you guys and I can't wait to get my hands on Les's pallette! ❤
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    lesly Zapata Serna 3 недели назад 15k subscribers ! Yay , muchas bendiciones 🥳🥳🥳
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    monii andrade 3 недели назад Everything looked AMAZING🌸 Liveglam got a new ShadowMe member, can't wait to receive Les palette 🙌🙌 God bless you Dhar & Laura🙏💙
  • Maritza A
    Maritza A 3 недели назад Love how all of you guys were matching at the party and just how cool your guy’s friendship feels, such a good vibe, congrats to Les and Liveglam 💕 so happy to see women uplift each other!
  • Cintya Ortiz
    Cintya Ortiz 3 недели назад This is by far my favorite video, I love you both so much! ♥️
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    Chela 323 1 месяц назад Watched the Liveglam vlog, now Laura & Dhars vlog, waiting on Les's and Alex vlog 🙌🙌Props to all 4, I wish my hubby and I had this type of friends! 😁
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    Are Gup 2 недели назад U can also select all ur vids to display on the bottom for viewers to see them instead of other peoples vids.. monetize ur vids u may want to start with two or three ads 👍🏽💜🙏🏽 also try to get different languages setting but get to know ur viewers first 😉💯