Chris Home Alone Part Deux: Air Conditioner Water Fix

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How to clean window AC unit

This AC unit was not cooling and all it needed was cleaning

How to fix a "spitting' or "raining" window air conditioner that is leaking water in your home.

Obviously do all the normal checks. Make sure the air con in tilted outward, seal the cracks around the unit, and make sure the condensation drain hole isn't plugged. This video is a possible fix for a "spitting', 'raining', or sometimes even a constant small stream of water coming from the window air conditioner into your room.


How to install an air conditioner or ac installation depending on how you were brought up. Some people prefer to say air conditioner installation. ***If you live in a home built before 1978 please read this information Your home may have lead paint and you don't want to create dust while working. A household vacuum cleaner shouldn't be used to clean the windowsill like I did in this video. Use wet cleaning methods to minimize lead dust created.

How To Turn Your Fan Into An Airconditioner AC - Easy DIY

Step By Step -Homemade Air Conditioner simple DIY ! How to Make an Air Cooler at Home.The "Copper Coil" Air Cooler! how to make a non-compressor ased DIY air conditioner using a box fan and copper coil ★ VideoBox thanks for watching video!★ Please subscribe,LIKE & check out my other videos :

proper angle to drain window air conditioner water outside

Given the instructions that came with my LG window AC, I'm calculating 3.62° tilt downward (outside) to achieve correct drainage. It's important to angle your window air conditioner outside so the water drains outside, and does not flood the air conditioner, creating stagnant water and black or green mold.

How to remove excess water from your window air conditioner without using tools or risking damage to your unit!

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