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Most easy trick for arabic shade mehndi | How to apply arabic shade mehndi with finger |

MUSIC CREDIT: You tube library. #mehndi #hennadesign #easymehndi Made with Kinemaster product link : SINGH Satrang Mehandi Cone 12 PES PAK Natural Mehendi :(Buy here) Kaveri Natural Herbal Henna Cones:

YOU WILL NEVER Throw away Banana Peels after watching this!

Uses of Banana peels, Don't just throw away they are very useful in our daily life at home; They can be used as Fertilizer in our gardens. A banana peels, also called banana skin in British English, is the outer covering of the banana fruit. Banana peels are used as food for animals, in water purification, for manufacturing of several biochemical products as well as for jokes and comical situations. Here are 16 Ingenious Ways To Use Banana Peels ✔ Compost - Probably the most popular and easiest use for banana peels is to mix them into the compost pile. Peels add potassium and phosphorus to compost which promote root development and overall plant health when incorporated into garden soil. ✔ Compost Tea ✔ Feed Your Seedlings ✔ Dried Peel Fertilizer -One final tip for using banana peels as fertilizer is to dry them completely then grind the peels and incorporate them into the soil in your garden. This will have a similar effect as composting and burying the ripe peels, but without the danger of burning your plants. This and the previous three techniques may be used on just about all of the plants in your garden to boost their growth and overall health. ✔ Deter Aphids Bury a few small pieces of ripe banana peel just under the surface of the soil around garden plants which are prone to aphids. ✔ Shine Up Houseplants Rub the soft fleshy side of a banana peels on the leaves of your houseplants to clean off and dust or debris and give them a healthy glow. ✔ Livestock Feed ✔ Soothe Skin Irritations - Rub moist banana peels on bug bites, stings, and other skin irritations. The fruit acids, vitamins, and minerals will not only help to soothe away pain and itching. They’re also great for your skin! ✔ Improve Your Complexion ✔ Remove Warts ✔ Shine Your Shoes ✔ Polish Silver ✔ Whiten Teeth ✔ Make Vinegar ✔ Tenderize Meat ✔ Banana Peel Juice - By now it’s no secret that there are a lot of vitamins and nutrients in the peel of a banana. Take advantage of all of that extra nutritional value by juicing your peels.

easy latest mehndi design for hands - simple mehndi design with the help of kitchen utensile

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How to: Quick & Easy Eyebrows [Sadé Ogun]

Heyyy Everyone, I'm back!! So I know there are about a million of these eyebrow tutorials out there already, but I get asked about my brows on a daily basis and folks are usually pretty surprised when I tell them that all the products used are non-name brand. Yup, all BSS products (beauty supply store), at least on my eyebrows! Check them out below... 1] Eyebrow comb & brush combo (generic) 2] Ruby Kisses Automatic Eye/Lip Liner (dark brown) 3] Angled Eyebrow Brush (generic) 4] NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jars (in color CJ06 for under the brow. Since its a few shades lighter than my complexion, it's perfect for highlighting.. and CJ07 on top of the brow. This color is closer to my skin shade which is easier to blend out and prevent that ridiculous halo look lol) 5] Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge Other make-up products... Foundation: Covergirl (Queen's Collection) 3 in 1 Liquid Foundation Lipstick: Russian Red (Matte) Lipstick by Mac Feel free to leave suggestions, requests and further questions down in the comments! Muah!!! -Sade Ogun

Latest Arabic Design | 2018 |

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Simple Mehndi Design | 2018 |

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